World Record Chapter 5

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5. Overdye SRB

–What I expect in my high school life–Nagumo Iwato

What on earth is a shampoo?
Shampoo. Even if there are many types of shampoo, there are three types that comes into my mind which are [High quality alcohol shampoo], [Soap shampoo] and [Amino acid shampoo].
However, those shampoos were made before the Year of Disaster. As expected of the previous era to create such quality stuff. If I can time travel, I would like say that to the production company by all means.
Returning back to the subject.
Not long after the Wall was completed, a new era started with newly made shampoos such as [Botanical Unknown Shampoo], [Alpen Rubber Shampoo] and [World Tree’s drop Shampoo].
However, I purposely decided to not use those shampoos. If I were to say how I felt in doing so, it’s like hitting my stepsister with all my strength.
I who abandoned all of those shampoos, have a shampoo that I want to introduce to everyone. The [Overdye SRB].
[Overdye SRB] is a super high-performance shampoo that I developed on my own and sell out widely. There are three types of this shampoo which are [Normal Type], [“Dye your hair into black just like a person without power” Type], and [De-colorization Type].
The one that I recommend is the [“Dye your hair into black just like a person without power” Type] aka [Black Hair Type].
This [Black Hair Type] is more effect than the [Normal Type] and the [De-colorization Type]. In addition, it comes with a bonus called “Dye your hair black”.
Then, even a kid will know which one is a bargain.
By the way, I don’t mean to recommend this just because I’m the only one with black hair.
Absolutely not. You may feel relieved because I didn’t particularly cut corners to make the normal type.
In conclusion,
I want to present this [Overdye SRB] to my close friends in high school life.


※Note: The Overdye SRB is just 1,500 yen(tax included). For those who are interested, order it from Nagumo Iwato in the Class 1-3.




[Hey, why did you send such composition?]
[Won’t Nakajima-sensei be happy if I send the composition together with the “Overdye SRB”?]


Eita asked Iwato who reached the school in the morning.
This is because the deadline of the composition called [What I expect in my high school life] was a few days ago, and this composition will be post on the high school’s website. Unbelievably, this man called Nagumo Iwato, he promotes his handmade shampoo there.
It’s completely an annoying advertisement.
That’s why Eita asked him, but the reply was impossible to understand. Eita gave up in trying to understand him.

[Or rather, what’s this Overdye SRB? In the first place, what’s SRB?]
[Super Rare Black hair]
[Doesn’t this means that you’re selling it mainly as a black dye!?]


Eita was convinced that his brain is rotten.
When they were talking about such thing, a classmate came to speak to Iwato. Furthermore, it’s a girl.

[U-Umm, Nagumo-kun. The Overdye SRB….]
[Ah, you want to buy? If you buy it now, I will give you a special discount on the first purchase]
[Th-Thank you! Nagumo-kun!]


Eita became speechless when he saw the impossible reality.
The smile of the girl like a blossoming flower and Iwato who takes out a shampoo from his bag.

[H-Hey, did you heard it? It’s the Overdye SRB]
[Eh!? The Overdye SRB!?]
[Overdye SRB…. That Overdye]
[Th-That means it’s reselling?]
[Stupid! It’s obvious that Nagumo-kun is the one who made it]
[There’s a [Nagumo] mark written here!]
[A-Amazing! It’s the real thing!]


There was no longer the atmosphere of an eyesore, but the figures of comrades of shampoo there.
By the way, Eita didn’t know this, but the Overdye SRB is this era’s supernova in the shampoo world. It is the strongest black horse that appeared suddenly 3 years ago, and stole customers from other companies.
There’s even a TVCM about it.
However, seeing from Eita’s point of view, the sight is abnormal.

[I-Is there even a drug in the Overdye SRB?]


That mutter vanishes before the numerous customers.




[So, why was I called?]


Of course, Iwato was called by Nakajima-sensei after school. It’s obvious.
In an interview room in the staffroom. Iwato was facing Nakajima-sensei there.

[You should know it well. Are you underestimating the school by selling shampoos–]
[Come to think of it, the shampoo that I gave you–]
[Sorry! So please lower your voice]


Instant kill. She has already lost at the point when she accepted the shampoo.
Iwato grins and Nakajima-sensei sighs. Then, she opened her mouth to talk.

[As expected, it’s also my fault. You have to take responsibility. As expected, I can’t talk directly to the principal]
[That’s why, I’m asking “Why was I called?”]


When she heard that, she opened her eyes wide and such words leaked from her mouth unintentionally.

[You…..are sharp as usual]
[Are you underestimating me? I will tell everyone, you know?]
[Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean that…]


Nakajima-sensei thought that Iwato’s brain is full of shampoos.
That’s why, she was surprised by his words, and she unintentionally said those words. Well, it’s normal.
Thereupon, she coughs a few times, and changed her expression completely and opened her mouth to talk.

[Actually, there’s an international student in the Force Academy in one of the six major cities, Sendai. That student will be coming here as an exchange student. Because that person is a first year, we are supposed to pick our first year for guidance and home stay purpose… Get what I mean?]


Exchange student system.
The six major cities. Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. Each has its own Force Academy. It’s a system which exchange a student temporarily to another city.
Nakajima-sensei implied that the student’s home stay destination is Iwato’s house. No matter how many weakness he holds, he can’t do anything if it’s the principal’s decision. In other words, he had no choice but to nod if he doesn’t want get into a troublesome situation.
On top of that–it may be the start of [youth] for Iwato.

[Okay, I understand. So, what kind of person is it?]


Then, Nakajima-sensei felt relieved by the reply, and she turns the handout on her hand.

[16 years old. Apparently, the superpower’s crest is on the back of the left hand. Taijutsu is B rank, superpower is the lowest rank which is G, and ability name is [Weak Water]. Seems to be an ability that creates water. Not much information is written in it, but if it’s a G rank, it will be either brown hair or navy blue hair.]


Iwato opened his eyes wide after hearing those words.
Not because the fact that the person is G rank which in other words, a dropout similar as him.

[….16 years old with B rank taijutsu? Is that information reliable?]


That’s right, he was surprised at that part.
To be honest, a first year high school student who has B rank taijutsu is a prodigy even if you might think that there’s also Iwato himself and his stepsister, Tsumugu.
Originally, in order to reach A or B rank, a person must be an adult and must train enough until mastering the techniques. It is said that within the 3 years in high school, even a prodigy can only reach B rank. By the way, S rank and above is legitimately inhuman.
To reach B rank as a first year and in addition, not even a week has passed since the entrance….
It’s something unbelievable.

[As you can see it, this is the information sent by the government]


Nakajima-sensei says so and picks up the envelope that contains those documents. The documents had the Japanese Government seal on it, and it proves that the information is reliable.
In short,

[My same kind, huh?]
[To be precise, a deteriorated version. That’s why, the government also gave you the information, isn’t it?]


Iwato was convinced that it’s probably true.
The Japanese Government knows that Iwato’s close combat ability is outstanding. Well, they originally knew it through the connections of superpowers.

[A person who can’t use superpowers and a prodigy who has the weakest superpower. Isn’t that a good combination?]
[Isn’t the former a super-small fry?]


Iwato replied and both of them had a wry smile, and they stand up from the sofa.

[The exchange student will arrive tomorrow or the day after that which means it’s either Saturday or Sunday. From what I heard, the exchange student will arrive by an airplane guarded by the A rank members]
[Then, is it okay that I assume that the exchange student will start living in my house from Monday?]
[Ah, the exchange student will stay in the hotel till then. Because the exchange student will be staying for one week, make sure you buy enough food, okay?]


Nakajima-sensei said so and turns back to her seat, and Iwato also left the staffroom in haste.
Exchange student.
To be honest, I don’t know whether the exchange student will be a male or female.
But, that might be something that I wished for. Although I don’t know what’s going to happen, that is an entertainment.

Iwato thinks that way in his mind and smiles while walking along the corridor.

[Un….I need to do some shopping]


While muttering those words.

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