Wife is Outrageous 96

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96. How can I be husband and wife with Bai Li?

Qi Luoer’s chin nearly dropped to the floor!

Didn’t it say that its master was her future husband?

How could it be her?

Too weird!

Could it be that she was destined to be a lesbian?


No! She liked handsome men!

Yet Bai Li laughed like a fox that had stolen a fish as she grabbed the little yellow Jigglypuff and narrowed her eyes: “This lord will also give you a name. Your husband is Dou Ding, so you’ll be Dou Bao.”

Dou Bao? Dou Bao (steamed bun with bean paste)?!

Dispirited, Dou Bao’s ears also drooped down.

Its master seemed to be even weirder than Qi Luoer!

She randomly gave her such a lousy name!

Qi Luoer grabbed Dou Ding up: “Your wife said that your fated masters are also husband and wife, who said this? How can we two be husband and wife? We’re both girls!”

Dou Ding shook its ears, its eyes spinning round and round, as if it was also somewhat puzzled: “It should be like that, what went wrong this time? My grandpa grandma, father and mother were all like this, why did it turn out this way for us?”

Qi Luoer was stunned. She fiercely grabbed Dou Ding’s body: “You said that your grandparents and parents are also like this. Then what about others like you? What’s the percentage of this happening?”

Dou Ding was grabbed to the point where it almost fainted as its eyes became spirals.

Before it had time to answer, Dou Bao had already yelled out: “We’re the only divine treasures in the world, how can there be others like us. Since the beginning of time, there are only six of us in the world. Our grandparents, parents, and us…”

So they’re all one family!

“Hmph, then this might just be a coincidence. You can’t calculate with such a small number!

Qi Luoer let out a breath of relief. She’d already said so, right? She wasn’t a lesbian, how can she be a married couple with Bai Li?!

The one she liked right now was the aloof Yun Hua, she swore to get ahold of Yun Hua.

Bai Li, being sisters is okay.

Being husband and wife is too scary!

She picked up Dou Ding, put it on her bed, and yawned: “All right, I’m your master now. I’m sleepy, so stand vigil for me, wake me up at around 5-7 am…”

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