Wife is Outrageous 182

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[182] A hand looped around her waist.

The stone platform seemed to be a sacrificial table with a complicated design engraved in the middle. It seemed to resemble the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes, yet also did not.

On the sacrificial platform, there were 8 pillars and a very large copper cauldron.

Every component was engraved with complicated decorative designs. It was ancient yet unaffected by the passing of time.

At this time, the sky still wasn’t bright.

The crescent moon hung in the sky. It’s moonlight was like snow, quietly scattering on the sacrificial table’s decorative designs. It left behind an unmeasurable radiance.

She didn’t know why but this shabby sacrificial table made people feel an inexplicable sense of holiness.

The thousand mountain peaks seemed to form waves. The whole scene was completely silent.

Looking up at the serene skies and down at the vast earth, Qi Luoer couldn’t help but feel awed.

Her heart was secretly amazed: “Where exactly is this place? It’s so weird! That sacrificial table actually seemed just like an in-game transporter.”

Yue Wushang also restrained his normally indolent attitude and swiped his finger up in a gliding motion, suddenly waving outwards.

A beam of fire flew out from his sleeve and looped around each pillar. The flames flickered, half of the tall stone pillars completely engulfed in blazes.

The flames weren’t an ordinary bright red, but rather a sort of dim bluish green color, eerie and filled with boundless demonic qi.

Yue Wushang raised his head and made a high whistle. The whistling sound was clear and melodious, like it was a song.

The flames seemed to have been influenced by it as they swayed, jumping up.

The shadows on the ground seemed to stretch in every direction as the sky once again filled with black clouds.

Hiding away the heavenly moon.

Chilly winds blew, entangling indescribably to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. It was enough to make one terrified.

The shadows of the flames condensed in the middle,[footnote] remember that the flames wrapped up the 4 pillars so the shadows are condensed in the middle [/footnote] gradually solidifying into the shape of a lightning bolt.

QI Luoer was just about to lean over to examine it when she suddenly suddenly something tighten around her waist. She turned her head questioningly.

Who knew when Yue Wushang had taken advantage of her but it was unexpectedly his arm looped around her waist.

He laughed next to her ear: “Little Luoer, let’s go home!”

He brought her into a hug and jumped into the lightning shaped shadow.

Qi Luoer felt her whole body suddenly heat up as brilliant rays of light lit up around her, leaving her unexpectedly unable to open her eyes.

Her body was completely unable to resist, similar to if she was falling down rapidly.

It was an indescribable feeling, as if she was flying.

The pleasure was unexpressible.

It felt like a long time had passed, but it also seemed no longer than a flash.

Finally, Qi Luoer felt both feet touch the floor.

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