Wife is Outrageous 181

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[181] Girl, Give Grandpa a Smile


Qi Luoer couldn’t help but explode with that sentence, practically crying without tears.


My god, she still hasn’t lived long enough ok!?


With great difficulty, she had finally been able to get the man she liked to become her shifu but before she could do anything, she was seized by this guy again!


If he wanted to die, she wouldn’t stop him, but why did she have to drag her along too, ah?


They weren’t familiar at all!


Yue Wushang looked at her small face that was even darker than Lord Bao’s,and smiled even more brilliantly than the peach blossoms in March.

TL Note: Lord Bao was a renowned chinese official known for his honesty (999-1062) and was known for having a very dark face due to not washing. Although the meaning is different, Luoer’s being because she’s annoyed/frustrated etc… you get the point. Or maybe I’m interpreting this wrong?),


He shook his jade white finger: “Little Luoer, you’re too coarse. If you’re so crude, be careful about not being able to marry off later.”


Qi Luoer took in a deep breath and sneered, “Whether I can marry or not isn’t your concern! Who asked you to meddle in other people’s business?!”


Yue Wushang smiled: “How isn’t it my concern? If you can’t marry later, I’ll just have to reluctantly marry you.”


“Rubbish! Even if I’m never married in my entire life, I still wouldn’t marry a damn demon like you!”


Qi Luoer shouted hatefully. This guy was just born to make her furious; he wasn’t worth becoming more angry for.


Speaking of that, she was already a ghost. If she died again from anger, what would she become this time?  


The question suddenly flashed through Qi Luoer’s mind.


Oh, that’s right. Doesn’t everyone say ghosts floated instead of walked?


She subconsciously glanced at the soles of her feet.


A faint vapour hung underneath her feet. But from the sound of footsteps that sounded as she walked, she knew that she really was walking on rock!




Yue Wushang laughed loudly.


His finger hooked up her small face, doing the classic ‘girl, give grandpa a smile’ [footnote] like this XD. Text says “Girl! Give Grandpa a Smile! Ye (Grandpa) can also be an arrogant way to refer to oneself and is often seen in combination characters like Wangye or Laoye.  [/footnote] expression: “Little Luoer, I even died together with you for love. If I don’t marry you, who would I marry?”


Qi Luoer reached out and tore off the wolf claw on her face, her voice cold: “Yue Wushang, you still want to deceive me?! This place isn’t the netherworld and neither have I died!”


Yi, how did she find out? [footnote] yi= expression of surprise [/footnote]


Yue Wushang touched his nose. He was discovered, no fun!


He waved his sleeves. The black fog that had filled the whole sky scattered, once again revealing the clear and bright night sky.


Qi Luoer found that she had actually been standing on a large stone platform.


The stone platform seemed to be a sacrificial table with a complicated design engraved in the middle. It seemed to resemble the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes, yet also did not.

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