Wife is Outrageous 151

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[151] I’m leaving!

“There’s no need to think it over!”

A crisp, clear voice echoed in the hall as Qi Luoer slowly got up.

She raised her head, “Since disciple’s aptitude is very bad and cannot enter the elder’s discerning eyes, there is no need for me to stay at Ziyun Mountain. Today, I’ll leave the mountain!”

Her words astonished everybody.

Ling Xuzi’s face changed, “Qi Luoer, you’ve already passed our entrance exam. Although you weren’t accepted as a disciple by the 8 great elders, there are 3000 disciples in Ziyun Sect, which isn’t a small number. There are many excellent members of the sect that you can take tutelage from and still become an immortal……”

He didn’t finish speaking when Qi Luoer sneered coldly, “Sect Master Ling, because of the thing with Bai Li, I know that you guys doubt my identity, but I always thought that you guys would understand. Yue Wushang sneaking into White Cloud Mountain, even you guys couldn’t tell, let alone me!

Also, I didn’t even want to share a bedroom with him! It was all arranged by your sect. Treating me like this now, is it fair?

Since you all don’t believe me, then there is no point for me to stay here. I’ll leave the mountain tonight. I do not believe that the world is so small that there is nowhere for I, Qi Luoer to stay!”

After her words, the hall filled with a melancholy air.

Without bothering to look at their faces, Qi Luoer directly turned around to leave!

Her steps were very fast. A white figure suddenly appeared in front of her, making her almost crash into it.

Someone supported her shoulder, “Where are you going?”

The voice was clear and cold, like the clattering of jade and stone.

Yun Hua!

Qi Luoer hurriedly stepped back and raised her head to see Yun Hua standing at the hall’s entrance.

His robes were still as white as snow, hair bound with a hairpin as his sleeves fluttered in the air.

He stood there calmly. Outside the door, drifting clouds filled the expansive sky.

He was like an ink painting, his whole body seeming to release a faint, soft halo.

All the disciples in the hall kneeled to pay respects, their faces filled with admiration and respect.

Ling Xuzi also got up, “Shidi, is the matter with the Moon Holding Grass done?”

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “I’ve already set up a demon subduing boundary. Even if its Yue Wushang, it won’t be easy to get in.”

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