Wife is Outrageous 150

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[150] Observe her for a bit.

“Sect Master, this disciple has something to say.”

On the side, Li Yu could no longer bear it and stepped forward, kneeling on the floor.

Ling Xuzi was startled. Li Yu was Yun Hua’s head disciple, and was second to only the two sect masters and the 8 great elders.

He was also a very influential person and Ling Xuzi had always regarded him as important.

Seeing him ignore proper etiquette and kneel down, Ling Xuzi hurriedly waved his hand, “Say what you want, there’s no harm in saying what you think.”

Li Yu glanced at Qi Luoer’s lowered head and stiff body as he spoke, “This disciple also wants to accept a disciple.” [footnote] Li Yu is addressing himself as 弟子 di zi which means a disciple/member of the sect, and the other ‘disciple’ is 徒弟 tu di, which is more like a personal disciple/apprintence. [/footnote]

Ling Xuzi frowned slightly, already having a faint guess on who Li Yu wanted as a disciple.

That girl really was a good seedling and he was originally very satisfied by her performance. He had even planned to accept her as his own disciple.

But after Bai Li’s fiasco, he hesitated.

He thought over the past and the future. After discussing with the 8 elders, they had finally agreed not to accept her as a disciple.

It’d be better for to just choose somebody from the sect as a master and observe her for a bit. If she really wasn’t a demonic sect spy, then it wouldn’t be too late to receive her as a disciple then.

But he didn’t expect that Li Yu would suddenly interrupt now. Seeing his meaningful glance, Ling Xuzi immediately knew who he wanted to take.

Ling Xuzi muttered to himself before speaking warmly, “Li Yu, you’ve just accepted a disciple the year before last year and still haven’t finished teaching. Moreover, you still have to help your Master with work so I’m worried that you won’t be able to handle everything and neglect the new disciple.”

He paused before speaking again, “It’d be better for your disciple or another disciple to accept them. They’ve been training for many years, so opening the door to accept a disciple would be good. If you’re idle, you can give pointers.”

Li Yu refused to leave and spoke, “Teacher, disciple and this child are kindered spirits, and she is also very intelligent so teaching her won’t be difficult. This disciple requests teacher will allow me to receive her as a disciple.”

He pointed directly at Qi Luoer.

The other disciples’ eyes were filled with envy. Although Li Yu’s seniority wasn’t very high, he was even more famous than the 8 great elders. Being able to become his disciple was a cultivator’s lifetime blessing.

Ling Xuzi didn’t expect for him to be so determined and muttered, “This——”

“There’s no need to think!” Qi Luoer slowly got up.

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