Wife is Outrageous 149

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[149] They- they really didn’t believe in her at all ah!

She released a slight, bitter laugh. Since it’s like this, just take any teacher, study the way of immortals, and try to find a way back home…….

She was in her thoughts and didn’t hear anything that Ling Xuzi had said earlier but some rules about Ziyun Sect, eliminating the demonic sects, and so on.

It was so long and wordy that Qi Luoer paid no attention.

After that, everybody went through the formalities and the disciple receiving ceremony was finally done.

The ceremony was actually very simple. Whoever was wanted as a disciple would just be called.

They would be ordered with a sentence to kowtow at the ancestor’s memorial tablet and go through the formal etiquettes to be accepted as a disciple. Then, it was finished.

Ling Xuzi had accepted Li Chongzi and Ye Lingfei as disciples, and they formally completed the ceremony.

Then was the 8 great elders’ turn to pick out a disciple, and they also called out 2 names each.
She watched as everybody left one by one until there was nobody else but her, as if she was completely forgotten.

Qi Luoer also didn’t expect that she’d receive such a cold treatment, her charming face turning slightly pale.

She inadvertently raised her head only to see Li Chongzi staring at her, a trace of pride and a feeling of ‘rejoicing in another’s misfortune’ in her eyes.

Qi Luoer’s heart slowly sunk.

They- they don’t believe in her at all, ah!

Her heart grew bitter and sour again as her hands slowly clenched into fists……

Ling Xuzi and the 8 great elders all chose disciples. There were still 6 disciples anxiously kneeling, not knowing if they could still pay respect to a master and enter Ziyun Sect.

Ling Xuzi looked at the remaining people and spoke warmly, “Although your natural talents are all very average, just remember these 4 words: diligence can fill dullness. As long as you all cultivate harder than everyone else, you won’t fall behind. Now you all can go back to the main hall, where all the other members of the sect are receiving disciples.”

Apart from Qi Luoer, all the other disciples truly did have only average talent.

They originally never held any hopes of being the disciples of the sect’s 8 great elders, so just already being accepted by Ziyun Sect was already very good.

They all assented as they stood up.

“Sect Master, this disciple wants to say something.” On the side, Li Yu could no longer bear it and stepped forward, kneeling on the floor.

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