What’s Your Gender, Princess? 3

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After relieving ourselves, we decided to take a bath. Prince Wumin taught me his normal manner of speaking and his posture. I more or less got it. Then, he hid in the back while I called a palace maid to prepare some water for the basin.

The so-called basin was exactly a place where you took a bath, and you had to prepare hot water, flower petals, and so on. Even though it felt a bit luxurious to me, Prince Wumin actually did not find it too odd. I assume he had already grown accustomed to it.

Prince Wumin’s palace maids were all of extraordinary quality. When they saw the blood on my head and my disheveled clothing, they didn’t dare to stare at it more. It must be because Prince Wumin was usually this nutty, and that no matter what kind of weird things he did, no one would dare say anything.

Only when everything was prepared, did I realize a frightening problem — how were we going to bathe?

We can’t be helping ourselves bathe, right…?

After I dismissed all the palace maids and told Prince Wumin to come out, he asked with suspicious: “What’s wrong?”

I said with difficulty: “How… are we going to bathe?”

“Oh… you’re saying…” He lowered his head, and looked at “my” body, “Rest assured, I won’t do anything bad to your body —— Truthfully speaking, Princess Changyi, how old are you this year? Why do I feel that your upper body is no different than mine…”

I gnashed my teeth: “Pervert!”

I thought about it, then I also lowered my head to his body, and said: “Prince Wumin, actually, I also think that there is no difference between our lower bodies…”

Prince Wumin actually laughed instead of getting angry: “If there’s a difference, you have the chance to find out.”


Being immoral also required a certain eloquence and skill. Even though it was obvious that I could not best him…

I said: “Th-there’s so many intimate places, how could I shamelessly touch them? I’m not willing to touch your things, but if you touch mine, I would lose my future innocence…”

Prince Wumin knitted his brows: “You’re going to marry me, why would you need something like innocence?”


“How about this,” Prince Wumin said, “You help me bathe, and I’ll help you bathe.”

“…You’re too shameless!”

“What’s wrong with you now!”

“Isn’t this still you touching me and me touching you?”

“…You’re such a troublesome woman, why do you have so many problems with so many things!”

Prince Wumin angrily said while using my face. My face even puffed up. Even though he pretended to be cute using my face, I seriously wanted to slap him with the palm of my hand, but I was incapable of doing so.

I said patiently: “No matter what happens, I just don’t want…”

Prince Wumin sighed: “Since that’s the case, you can let the palace maids come in to help. But if this happens, then help me fabricate my identity. Hrm, just say that I was a palace maid you came across last night.”

I looked at him with hatred: “So casual, looks like you also did not dally that little.”

Prince Wumin shot me a cheap smile but did not speak.

Since we agreed on it, I allowed Prince Wumin to undress first and enter the basin while constantly telling him to not open his eyes. Prince Wumin followed my instructions and said: “I said it before, there’s no difference in our upper bodies. Seeing your body is no different than seeing my own in the mirror after I return back to my body.”


I feel like pushing his head under the water…

Then, I also took off my clothes, and allowed the palace maids to enter. During this course of events, I also had my eyes practically closed. Even if they weren’t closed, I definitely wouldn’t look down.

After a few palace maids entered and saw Prince Wumin, they were somewhat shocked, but they still did not dare to speak due to the pressure of his long term abuse of authority. I indifferently instructed: “Help me and her wash our bodies.”

Prince Wumin and I occupied the large basin’s southeast corner and northwest corner. With our backs to each other, this must seem a bit weird because the few palace maids’ expressions all became quite hilarious. But they still lowered their heads and helped me bathe.

I’m not really used to being attended to, and felt that it was really weird. Honestly, I was worried that the pervert would open his eyes and peep at my body. Even if I did indeed do not have anything good to look at, I was still a bit worried…”

Who knew that an even bigger problem would come.

The few palace maids used a towel to help me wipe my body, and even skillfully washed the thing linked to the body. Even though I felt really uncomfortable, after I saw how naturally they did that, I was certain that Prince Wumin had been attended to like this before. Thus, I had no choice but to accept this. Not long after, that male region gradually began to react…

Inside the basin’s mist and delicate aroma, I was originally a bit faint. After sensing that place’s reaction, I felt all the blood in my body flush to my face. I yelled out loud, grabbed a white towel on the side and hit it — God knows that it was my subconscious action, and at that time, I only thought that the thing represented the perverted Prince Wumin. As a result, I hit it without hesitation…

Who knew that that place was that weak…

After hitting it, I was the one who suffered the pain. A violent pain extended outwards, and I didn’t even have the strength to say anything. I could only curl up and cringe. Not knowing what to do, the few palace maids withdrew with dumbstruck expressions. What was even more horrible was that the experienced Prince Wumin on the side immediately dashed over. Being inside the water was like standing on level ground. He used my girl voice to yell: “Yun Jiao, what did you do?!”

Fine, yell all you want, you even grabbed my arm and pulled my body over. Just lower your head and check the condition of the injury…

I felt that he was unexpectedly touching it carefully…

Ah, my hand………………

I wanted to kick him off, but I had no energy due to the pain in that area. On the other hand, that was my body, so I could not kick it.

The few palace maids on the side had long since turned pale in fright. The me, who was in a difficult position due to the extremely acute injury could still feebly say: “All of you, leave now…”

The few palace maids hurriedly left in haste.

After I slowly turned around with difficulty, I saw Prince Wumin facing me with crossed legs: “You crazy woman, your hand is too fierce! You actually hate me enough to want to snap off my bloodline…!”

I wanted to cry, but I had no tears: “Wear something first…”

Prince Wumin stared blankly and subconsciously looked down. I didn’t care any more and slapped him with my palm: “Pervert, you’re not allowed to lower your head!”

Then I saw a little lump slowly swell on my own face…

Prince Wumin let out a painful breath, but he still did not lower his head. He gritted his teeth and said: “Woman, you are just too crazy. Regardless of whether you are against yourself or your enemy, you show no mercy…”

Only after I finished hitting, did I experience heartache. Seeing that it was my own face, I said in a hurt voice: “You dare to even talk, who told you move your eyes elsewhere…”

We could only use “both sides suffering” to describe the first time we took a bath… His top hurts, my bottom hurts…


The later generations would call this kind of “both sides suffering”, a pain in the ass.

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