[UPDATE] Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World: Chapters 2 to 8

Chapter 2 is here. Other chapters are up.

Before this story gets more translators, here’s the current update for now. These chapters were done over the past 3 days, and the first chapter was one of them as well. We were just testing the waters.

I cannot promise a fast and frequent update schedule, but I will try and do my best as Armored Raven as I live with my office job. As I said before, I need your support. Thanks for reading and please enjoy the chapters.

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14 Responses to [UPDATE] Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World: Chapters 2 to 8

  1. Weed says:

    Can you talk to the previous translator and ask him if you can start at 241? I don’t think lots of the readers are keen to start back at 1 sorry.

  2. Tnyhy says:

    Something went off with the link for the 1st chapter, it redirects to world pharmacy.

    Since its a re-translation (not MTL) I will wait some time to re-read this novel which to my surprise became one of my favorites. What I would love to see is more updates since the number of chapters of this novel is staggering.

    Good luck.

  3. Concer says:

    To be honest, if you had a way of separating your translations from the MTL ones on Novelupdates it would be a lot better. Going to be confusing to see updates from both and since they’ve been doing it before you it seems like it would be courtesy for you to do it.

  4. dezzter96 says:

    Please edit the first post about this about how MTLHex is dropping the translation of this and it’s not because of you. The post seems like you are poaching (they are MTL but it’s at a level most readers can understand and read if they like the story).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its already being translated though?

  6. Ship says:

    This novel is already being translated and is on chapter 240. Why are you redoing it? Poaching?

    • Inbetweenaction says:

      it has been addressed, across both comment sections and in latest post of MTL. But the tldr is the MTL was essentially for giving attention to this, in hope that someone like Raven would appear.

      Raven is mainly doing it since to be fair, the start was pretty badly translated and is better now.

  7. Master says:

    cool! thanks a lot for translating this

  8. Ramlo says:

    Why dont you translate something new. This story already has a decent translator and there are too many untranslated stories out there for there to be two different translators on the same story

  9. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot for translating this

  10. K says:

    Sir , Rather than Re Translate it , Why not join , or help The Current Translation of 240 , i am pretty sure when u reach 120++ , u will stop translating , because of Various Reason , So why not Just Join The shif translation , Or Help it?

  11. aligi05 says:

    you will not translate all the 6279 chapters but thanks anyway.
    and some news:
    “Yea, Shif and I are dropping BTFTLIAW. We just wanted to avoid whatever copyright problems after being contacted by the Qidian folks.

    Edit: This was discussed at the beginning of the week, so we didn’t drop it in response to Armored Raven’s chapter btw.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think you best thing you can do is also translate every 3rd chapter you do where Shif left off at. Just so the people who read the MTL can still be interested in this series. I say this because by the time you catch up, it will be a long time.

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