ENL – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Five Ghosts Transportation

Ji Fengyan smiled brightly as she watched the manager who was kneeling in front of her, the expression on her face extremely kind and honest.

“Do you have any words that you want to say?” She asked.

The manager couldn’t speak and his body couldn’t move. Only his eyes could blink and as he heard Ji Fengyan’s words, he began to wildly blink his eyes.

“A pity that I don’t want to listen.” Ji Fengyan’s lips lifted slightly. Standing up, she directly walked passed the manager, heading towards that Elusive Dream Ore that was completely opened. This Elusive Dream was absolutely enormous, it entire body coiling with a thick spiritual energy. Just moving closer by a little bit made the shattered Inner Core inside Ji Fengyan begin to leap for joy.

Reaching out a hand, she stroked the smooth surface of that Elusive Dream Ore, scattering five little paper figures that she had already prepared before under it. Those little paper figures seemed as if they were alive, abruptly standing up from the ground and positioning themselves at five separate locations around the ore. Mechanically, the five of them directly lifted up that ridiculously heavy Elusive Dream Ore!

Five Ghosts Transportation. It was the name of one out of the many magical abilities that Ji Fengyan had learned. She had made a few changes to it; not to mention this heavy Elusive Dream Ore, even if it weighed ten times as much, just these five little paper figures alone could also easily move that amount.

The manager kneeling off to the side stared wide-eyed at the strange scene occurring in from of him, his eyes nearly bursting out!

Seeming to feel his gaze, Ji Fengyan slightly turned her head, revealing a strange smile. Soon afterwards, she flicked out with a finger and a fog enveloped the Elusive Dream Ore. In front of the manager’s very eyes, the entire Elusive Dream Ore along with those five little paper figures vanished without a trace.

The manager had already been scared to the point where his entire body trembled. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t control his body, perhaps he would have long since already been so frightened that both legs softened and fell to ground, unable to get up.

In the end, where did this monster of a girl come from?!

“Right now, this object has returned to its original owner. However… towards those who try to randomly poach my things, there still needs to be a little punishment.” Ji Fengyan said as she nonchalantly moved in front of the manager. His fleshy face had already lost all of its colour, flowing with cold sweat, those eyes full of nervousness and terror.

Patting his fat and greasy face, Ji Fengyan cheerfully laughed. “It would be wrong not to deal with this brain and leaving it is also useless, wouldn’t you agree?”

The manager was trembling to point of fainting, but he still couldn’t do anything.

He finally became conscious of what happened in the end when Su Lingsheng had suddenly knelt!

A pity that this world never had any medicine for regret.

Ji Fengyan’s hand landed on the manager’s head, her mouth spitting out an arcane and mysterious language. Abruptly shaking, the manager felt a hot energy being taken out from his head, his entire body suffering from an unspeakable uncomfortableness.

However, when Ji Fengyan retrieved her hand, there was nothing in it. She only smiled as she swept the manager an eye before walking out the door in big strides. What was strange was that those people busy outside the door seemed to not have felt anything, remaining engrossed in their own tasks. They didn’t even cast a glance at the manager.

He could only stare wide-eyed as he watched the door being closed in front of him bit by bit, a fear of complete death following it.


The large door completely closed.

After taking the Elusive Dream Ore, Ji Fengyan exited from the back courtyard. Like when she came in, no one had discovered any traces of her.

Everything seemed as if it had never happened…

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