ENL – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Kneel Well, Don’t Lie Down

Ji Fengyan slightly raised her brows. Completely ignoring the manager’s startled and terrified gaze, she turned her smiling eyes onto that bright, pure, and lustrous Elusive Dream Ore.

The manager noticed Ji Fengyan’s eyes. His mind crazily shook as he almost unconsciously moved in front of the Elusive Dream Ore, furrowing his brows in a bad mood. “Dear guest, this isn’t a place where you should be in. I request that you immediately leave, otherwise I won’t be polite.”

“Won’t be polite?” J Fengyan lightly laughed. Not only did she not have any intentions of leaving, she instead pulled over a chair and directly sat in front of the door. Crossing her legs and folding her arms over her chest, she calmly looked at the ashen-faced manager. “You took my raw stone, pulling some tricks during that gamble and you still say you won’t be polite? I really want to see if you have such capabilities.”

Ji Fengyan’s unrestrained and arrogant words made the manager’s face turn even more ugly. Looking over Ji Fengyan, he tried to measure her; the young girl in front of him had a petite body, wearing simple clothes. No matter how he looked at it, she didn’t seem to be someone who had any background. Suddenly, the fury in his heart became even deeper.

“This guest, you need evidence for your words and not just unfounded accusations. We opened our doors to do business here, how could we pull tricks during a gamble? If you continue to make such irresponsible remarks, I can only call someone over.” The manager said coldly.

Ji Fengyan slightly shrugged her shoulders. “Evidence, I don’t have. Although… with people like you, I have always disliked wasting my time with that.”

The manager furrowed his brows, feeling as if this girl was looking for trouble for no reason. Privately taking raw stones in his shop was a normal occurrence. No one dared to come knocking at his doors. Adding to the fact that Ji Fengyan had offended both Su Lingsheng and Lei Min, the manager essentially didn’t place her in his eyes. Immediately, he began to walked outside, preparing to call someone over to throw Ji Fengyan out.

However, just as the manager took two steps forward, Ji Fengyan simply smiled as she took out a little palm-sized paper figure. Before the manager could react, that thin little paper figure suddenly flew out from her hand, directly sticking onto his back.

In but an instant, the manager who had already reached the door suddenly stiffened in place. That slightly raised arm had frozen in mid-air, his eyes widened in disbelief. The way way he looked at Ji Fengyan was full of terror, unable to speak one word, as if his throat was clutched by someone.

Ji Fengyan lazily sat in the chair, her smile becoming even more radiant as she saw the manager stuck in place.

“I really am sorry. As a person, I have a… strange temperament. It’s fine if others don’t provoke me, but if they do, my heart is very narrow. Most of the time, I won’t use kindness to deal with it.” She said, smiling happily. Under the manager’s terrified and startled gaze, Ji Fengyan slightly raised her hand, that delicate fingertip making a turning motion. Immediately, the manager who had frozen in place began to move uncontrollably. Stiffly taking a few steps back, he directly knelt in front of Ji Fengyan with a “thump”!

This kneel, was extremely serious. The manager almost felt as if his knees were about to shatter!

Both astonished and in pain, bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down from the manager’s narrow forehead. An invisible feeling of terror enveloped his entire body. For some reason, his situation right now actually made him think of the scene where Su Lingsheng mysteriously knelt down in front of everyone!

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