ENL – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – A Person That Doesn’t Want Face is Unrivalled Under the Heavens

Su Lingsheng tightly fixed her gaze on Ji Fengyan, the depths of her eyes filled with a cold light of disbelief.

No matter what, she never thought that Ji Fengyan’s luck would unexpectedly be so good as to open a Luminous Moon Ore that had never appeared in Ji City before!

What was even more ridiculous was that this Luminous Moon Ore was actually used by the store’s manager as a foot-cushion stone all along!

Even an idiot would also know about the price of a Luminous Moon Ore.

Any time that a Luminous Moon Ore appeared, it would startle the apothecaries from all directions into action. If it could be said that all of the previous ores were important to mages, then the Luminous Moon Ore that could increase the grade of a medication was a treasure that apothecaries dreamed about!

In the entire empire, the total amount of Luminous Moon Ores didn’t exceed ten. Each one’s bulk was pitifully small, but the price of every one… Was already not what gold coins could measure!

Today, those Luminous Moon Ore were already divided amongst several apothecaries. Even with Su Lingsheng’s status as the Eldest Princess’ attendant, it was only under certain coincidental circumstances had she seen one of them.

The appearance of a Luminous Moon Ore determined Su Lingsheng’s utter defeat.

This loss had absolutely no way to be disputed!

Su Lingsheng’s face was like cold ash, her arrogance and self-confidence completely shattered.

The manager off to the side trembled like a shaking sieve. This time, he already had no way to change the situation.

Throughout the entire store, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Everybody was very clear. This time’s gamble was won by Ji Fengyan. A win without any doubts, a completely crushing victory!

Ji Fengyan took her time as she appreciated Su Lingsheng and the manager’s unsightly expressions. Under the eyes of the crowd, she languidly took a stool from the side and sat down in front of Su Lingsheng with a bright smile.

“Then right now… Su Lingsheng, shouldn’t this be the time when you carry out our agreement?”

A brilliant smile bloomed on Ji Fengyan’s lips. However, in Su Lingsheng’s eyes, that smile was like the curse of a devil!

Su Lingsheng tightly fisted her hands, her entire body trembling from anger. Not even in her dreams had she ever thought that she would actually truly lose to this country bumpkin! It was also in the stone gambling that she was most confident in too!

The surroundings were extremely quiet. Nobody opened their mouths, the atmosphere so tense that it could make a person suffocate.

With a pale face, the manager looked at the expression of hatred on Su Lingsheng and his heart began to thump quickly. Suppressing the rapid beating of his heart with great difficulty, he swallowed as he pretended to be composed and took a step forward, his face forcing out a fake smile that only a businessman would have.

“This guest, is there a need to be so serious? Everybody is only fooling around. Stone gambling relies on luck, no one would truly use this that type of thing as a bet.”

After the manager spoke, the dumbfounded people off to the side immediately nodded their heads echoed him.

“Right! Isn’t this girl a little bit too serious? It was only a joke and she unexpectedly took it seriously.”

“Her heart is truly narrow. Does she really think that relying on good luck is enough to intimidate others?”

Voices of opposition rang out one after the other, all of them trying to reverse everything from before.

Ji Fengyan calmly watched them and suddenly… She laughed.

That clear and crisp laughter overwhelmed those voices of condemnation. Everyone closed their mouths as they looked at this girl who abruptly started laughing in confusion.

“What are you laughing for?” Su Lingsheng lightly furrowed her brows. She felt as if she was being ridiculed by Ji Fengyan’s laughter.

Laughing for a few moments before stopping, Ji Fengyan leaned back slightly. Slanting her head, she held her chin as she looked at Su Lingsheng. “Nothing. I Just feel as if all of you are really interesting. So, you aren’t going to acknowledge your loss for this wager?”

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

    Lol love this MC’s personality XD
    So now because they lost, they wont acknowledge their defeat but if the MC lost. They go as far as to humiliate, force, and shame the MC to accept defeat in front of them. Tsk tsk. Losers.

  2. ViviFreya says:

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  4. smile says:

    Kind of absurd really. She escalated to having run around naked around the town, and yet she won’t kowtow? It is clear that if we are calling for the skill of stone-gambling, MC is 2/2 and able to find the most expensive of ores.

  5. Taverius says:

    We are all unrivalled under the heavens it seems 😀

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