ENL – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Luminous Moon Ore

“Oh my, you really are still confident.” Su Lingsheng sneered.

Ji Fengyan shrugged, too lazy to keep wasting her breath with Su Lingsheng. She turned towards the manager. “Okay, enough. Quickly open the stone.”

The shop’s manager disbelievingly twisted his mouth. Even if you beat him to death, he still wouldn’t believe that Ji Fengyan still had the possibility of turning the tables. Su Lingsheng had already created a stone gambling record in Ji City that this dead girl couldn’t win against even in her dreams!

Sneering in disdain, the manager casually threw that foot-cushion stone towards the stone opening man, who also casually took it into his hand. Completely without the prudence they had towards Su Lingsheng, he directly used began to work.

“Already to this point and she still hasn’t admitted her loss. It truly is the ignorant having no fear.”

“Perhaps this girl thinks that her luck will be extremely good and create a miracle.”

Throughout the entire store, the whispers began to gradually grow louder. Those ear-piercing jeers entered Ji Fengyan’s ears but they didn’t affect her in the slightest.

From the beginning to the end, her gaze never left that foot-cushion stone.

The foot-cushion stone was the size of a quail egg, its bulk pitifully small. As it was constantly carved and layer after layer of stone was shaved away, it became smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, there still wasn’t the least bit of the lustre of a rare ore.

Everybody was extremely clear. Ji Fengyan’s self-confidence would lead to a catastrophic loss. After all, how could a stone used to cushion a table’s foot open a rare ore?!

The raw stone was continuously carved until it was only the size of a little thumb. Just as everyone thought that they would be able to watch the amusement of Ji Fengyan crawling, the fingers of the man responsible for stone carving abruptly trembled. Suddenly, the entire carving process stopped!

“What’s wrong?” The manager furrowed his brows.

“This part… Can’t be cut.” He responded a bit stiffly. That piece of stone in his hand was too miniature and covered in a lot of dust, essentially causing people to be unable to see it clearly.

“What about it that can’t be cut? Add water!” The manager said carelessly.

A person off to the side holding a water bucket immediately came up and dumped water on it.

The fresh water water cleaned away the raw stone’s dust. Under the water’s glow, a luminous pearl colour was gradually revealed!

As it was washed, a small thumb-sized milky white ore appeared in front of everyone!

That ore was very small, but it was surrounded by a luminous pearl-like lustre.

In an instant, the entire stone became so silent that one would be hear a pin drop…

“How is this possible…” The manager’s gaze was tightly locked onto that ore surrounded by a luminous pearl-like colour, his eyes almost about to fall out!

Originally filled with pride for her success, all of the colour on Su Lingsheng’s face faded the instant she saw that ore. Suddenly a disbelieving paleness swam onto that beautiful face!

Luminous Moon Ore!

What joke was this?!

How could Ji City have Luminous Moon Ore?!

Su Lingsheng’s entire body stiffened in place. Almost in an instant, she looked at the shop’s manager. Feeling the sharpness of Su Lingsheng’s gaze, the manager’s neck unconsciously trembled.

Before the manager could take any actions, a soft and delicate hand instantly plucked that beautiful stone from his hand!

“Its really pretty, isn’t it?” Holding that extremely small stone, Ji Fengyan brightly smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng and the shop’s manager. At this moment, when her smile entered both of their eyes, it was the same as a nightmare that made people panic.

“I think that the results of this round should be quite clear, right? Young Lady Su Lingsheng.” Ji Fengyan looked at Su Lingsheng. Right now, the smile in the depths of her eyes was like a frozen blade that could cut someone!

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