ENL – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Deliberately Making Things Difficult

When it was Ji Fengyan’s turn, everyone gazes landed on her. Pair after pair of eyes, all of themfull of amusement, laughter, and disdain.

Throughout Ji City, there were very few rare ores that could compare with an Exquisite Gold Ore which was valued at thirteen thousand gold coins. Nobody would believe that the stone behind Ji Fengyan could open an even higher price.

The shop’s manager looked at Ji Fengyan. Different from how prudently he acted towards Su Lingsheng, his gaze was a bit casual as he faced her. “This guest, your stone’s minimum price is one hundred gold coins. According to our rules here, opening such a big stone costs three gold coins. Are you sure you want to open it?”

After he finished speaking, he sized up the plainly dressed Ji Fengyan with a deeper meaning in his gaze.

“Certain.” She said decisively.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you to pay first.” He responded impolitely.

Ji Fengyan slightly raised her brows and looked at the manager who was deliberately making things difficult. Her lips raised into a smiling but not smiling arc, “The money needs to be paid first? If I didn’t remember incorrectly, just a few moments ago, this Young Lady Su Lingsheng didn’t have to pay first.”

He looked at Ji Fengyan with a bit of impatience, “Young Lady Su is our store’s old customer and has a venerable status, naturally there is no possibility that she would avoid payment. However, this is your first time here. What’s more… Whether your are able to pay the one hundred and three gold coins is still up for discussion. We do not sell on credit, so I hope you will cooperate.”

Everyone was waiting to watch Ji Fengyan’s good show. If she couldn’t take out the money, then there was basically no way for her to gamble with Su Lingsheng. She would have to forfeit and directly lose the gamble.

Gazes with bad intentions watched Ji Fengyan from all directions, as if everybody was waiting for her to lose to Su Lingsheng and crawl a lap around the city.

Ji Fengyan’s lips lifted in a smile. She didn’t say anything about the boss deliberately making things difficult for her. Just as everybody thought that she would be forced to forfeit by the one hundred gold coins, she suddenly untied the money pouch at her waist and threw it on the table!

“Take it yourself!” Ji Fengyan gave the profiteering manager a glance. This money was what was left over from what Ling He and the others used yesterday. She just conveniently took a bit to bring along but never thought that she would actually have to use it.

The manager didn’t think that this unremarkably dressed and simple little girl could actually take out the money. Walking forward with suspicion, he untied the money pouch, dazzling everybody’s eyes with the bulging gold coins inside. A flash of astonished flashed in the depths of the manager’s gaze.

“Is this enough now?” Ji Fengyan asked emotionlessly.

He secretly swallowed. Originally, the manager wanted to lend a hand to Su Lingsheng but never thought that he would fail. Quietly taking those one hundred gold coins, he docilely moved to the side and let someone open the stone.

Su Lingsheng swept an eye over that money pouch, her lips moving in a careless sneer.

Slowly moving the large stone from it’s place, they began to carve it. Before the stone flake started to drift about, every bystander in the store didn’t have that many thoughts. They essentially didn’t believe that such a big stone could open any rare ores worth the money. Now, they waited, waiting for the final result where Ji Fengyan lost and had to kneel and crawl outside…

Not even bothering to look at that rock, Su Lingsheng instead arrogantly looked at Ji Fengyan. It was as if she had already won.

However, as that rock was carved a little bit at a time, all of the whispers in the shop instantly stopped! The store became so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Under the drifting stone dust, a dim blue-coloured seemed to flicker in the stone!

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