ENL – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Sky-High Priced Ore

Towards Ji Fengyan’s decision, even the shop’s manager secretly shook his head.

This stone had been in his shop for already more then a year and no had offered a price for it at all. The reason for this was because the stone was too big, making it so that no one could judge the ore’s properties. Su Lingsheng had looked it over before but in the end, she also couldn’t tell what ore was inside this stone, leading to it being shelved here.

In other peoples’ eyes, Ji Fengyan choosing this stone was simply making trouble.


Su Lingsheng was very happy about this. When Ji Fengyan finished her selection, Su Lingsheng then began to choose from amongst those stone. She had a natural uniquely keen perception towards them, thus the ones she chose was never wrong!

In the end, Su Lingsheng chose a stone the size of a palm, using a soft and delicate fingertip to lightly tap it and nonchalantly said, “I’ll choose this one.”

The shop’s manager prudently stepped forward and marked the stone Su Lingsheng chose in red.

“Since you chose first, then according to custom, I’ll open first.” Su Lingsheng stated.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders to show that she didn’t mind.

Immediately, the shop’s manager arranged for someone to open the stone Su Lingsheng chose. As the stone wasn’t that big and after being carved for a while, the corner of a dark gold ore quickly revealed itself before everyone.

The instant that ore was revealed, the entire store went into an uproar!

“Exquisite Gold Ore! ****! An Exquisite Gold Ore was actually opened!”

“My heavens, it’s been years since I last saw an Exquisite Gold Ore!”

The entire store turned cacophonous. No one would have thought that the stone that Su Lingsheng opened was an Exquisite Gold Ore!

Amongst the rare ores, Exquisite Gold Ore belonged to that of the highest grade. Throughout the entire empire, the annual output of Exquisite Gold Ore was at most half a cart big with the majority of that being supplied to members of the Imperial Family. Normally, if the market had one or two pieces of Exquisite Gold Ore flow into it, then the price it would sell for was astronomical!

In a place like Ji City, only three pieces of Exquisite Gold Ore had appeared during one hundred years, each piece selling for a sky-high price!

Even though the entire stone hadn’t been finished being opened yet, almost everyone had already determined that the winner of this bet must be Su Lingsheng!

Wanting to open an ore that was even more precious than Exquisite Gold Ore was almost a fantasy story.

Ji Fengyan will absolutely lose!

The piece of Exquisite Gold Ore Su Lingsheng opened wasn’t big, being about the size of a thumb. But just this piece of Exquisite Gold Ore was already worth at least ten thousand gold coins!

Bringing that opened Exquisite Gold Ore into his hands, the manager’s eyes almost seemed to burst with light. One had to know, that the price of this ore already exceeded that of his entire store.

“Young Lady Su, please take your Exquisite Gold Ore.” He trembled as he handed the ore to Su Lingsheng.

Casually holding that piece of Exquisite Gold Ore in her hand, Su Lingsheng provocatively looked at Ji Fengyan. Everyone’s shouts had already guaranteed her victory.

“Manager, I’ll have to trouble you to tell her the price of this Exquisite Gold Ore.” Su Lingsheng said proudly.

The manager swallowed. “This one doesn’t dare to be careless with the price of Young Lady Su’s Exquisite Gold Ore. I can only say that it’s around thirteen thousand gold coins.”

Thirteen thousand gold coins!

To a small place like Ji City, this was simply a astronomical amount!

Many people in their entire lives hadn’t seen that much money!

Satisfied, Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan. “Now, it’s your turn.”

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