Triple farm update (chapter 24, 243, 244)

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Someone asked me in the previous update, about why Laura was calling Zhao Hai ‘Hai-bro’ and why I had to translate it that way. For some reason, in China, a girlfriend referring to their older boyfriends as ‘big brother’ is a form of intimacy…. as I was told.

But seriously? As a Chinese descendant myself, I wasn’t taught by my parents that all Chinese people have an imouto fetish or onii-chan fetish.

As someone who had read ahead for a couple thousand chapters, in order to both cut down the burden on my fingers, and to portray the realistic nature of the fiance-fiancee relationship, I decided to go for ‘Hai-bro’. This is because (kinda spoiler) the protagonist adopts a pretty respectful approach towards his lovers, as he actually prefers to let them become as self sufficient as possible, despite being a help to him from the sidelines more than directly.

And in order to reduce confusion, I’m going to rectify some of the faulty names used in the MTL, starting with Laura’s family.

Laura Magidell, and Magidell family. Her father is NOT Kevin, but Crune. The current background antagonist that forced the main characters to be on the run was Southern King Boritch. Of course, in chinese, the words ‘race’ and ‘tribe’ are shared, so don’t be surprised if the tribes are races, and the races are divided into tribes, and they end up meaning the same thing ^^

As always, enjoy the chapters, and happy reading!

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2 Responses to Triple farm update (chapter 24, 243, 244)

  1. Tinchen says:

    dat was… high level spoiling for those that read only from the start xD
    could you try to seperate these infotmations in the chapters?
    because with the chapter notices, most of the time, the translaters are giving some words to the readers so we read em
    and if you translate front and back at the same time its going to be… well you know

    ty for consideration and thanks for the chaps
    as always chinese novels are slow but nice thing to read

  2. GonZ says:

    New Year bun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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