Time – Chapter 1.3

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Chapter 1.3 – Caught His Eye

Flashback scene 3:

Just two days ago, Yao Yuan was doing quests and was lost in a maze and could not find the way out. In the moment of utter helplessness, a character appeared on the screen. The hovering ID was: Jun Lin Tian Xia. A handsome and suave swordsman, dressed in a dark gown, silver hair tied in the back, there are strands of hair scattered near the forehead, two hands were holding the two exquisitely crafted, highest quality weapons, one was a Barrier Sword, [1] the other was a Heng Dao  [2]. When he slowly walked towards her, the first feeling was: this is really Jun Lin Tian Xia. As well as, Golden Age’s artists are really great.

[1] Barrier Sword 障刀: a sword for protection, not for war  Ref
[2] Heng Dao 横刀: Saber, for soilders to carry  Ref

This was Yao Yuan’s first close encounter with this kind of great master.

Afterwards he said: “I’ll lead you out of here.”

Afterwards he led her out of there.

Afterwards Yao Yuan said: “Thank you.”

He replied: “No problem. I have something to do today, I will go offline first.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “…..Oh ok.”

End of flashbacks.

Therefore, where did “repay the debt with my body” come from?

Yao Yuan felt she and Jun Lin Tian Xia were not very close. They couldn’t even be considered as acquaintances, can only be considered as having a “fateful encounter”.

Therefore it must be a false rumour!

After Yao Yuan and Hua Kai concluded that everything was a false rumour, they saw that the noble and aloof Great Master had sent a message on the world chat: “Ruo Wei Jun Gu, come to the Purple Cloud Mountain.”

The sunset covered the peak of Purple Cloud Mountain. Jun Lin Tian Xia was leaning on a large towering tree, looking into the distance. There were a lot of legends about a great master like Jun Lin Tian Xia.

One legend claims, he played Golden Age for half a year and spent more than 200 thousand Yuan, a nouveau riche[3]!

[3]  土豪 is a rich but uncultured person, lacking good taste, manners, and sophistication. Ref

Second legend claims, he is actually the owner of Proserpous Century or the owner’s son, also a nouveau riche!

Third legend claims, he is a professional gamer and came to play online games just to pass time, a true expert!

Regardless, Jun Lin Tian Xia  is a great master, everyone knows that. This person’s terrible etiquette is also known by everyone.

It has been said he often dumps girls in the game. Each time after he dumps a girl, it is after knowing her for less than two days. He will give them money to send them away. What an extremely heartless playboy. The game always had more males than females, he really doesn’t cherish the girls he gets!

“The people say the players are so great!“ Cannot consider the females of the male gamer’s inner thoughts.

”Even though there are very few myths, but the people are not bad, at least the severance pay isn’t bad, I think I would not be able to forget him easily, if we have fate to meet again.” Some of the abandoned female gamer’s inner thoughts.

“He hasn’t even seen a photo of me. How does he know that I am not the person he is looking for. I am not going to believe in love anymore!” This is another group of female gamer’s inner thoughts.

Besides, the elusive Jun Lin Tian Xia, or to put it in a more exact manner,  the person controlling Jun Lin Tian Xia behind the scenes does not care about the gossip. He only cares about one thing.

Right now Yao Yuan is very afflicted. She finally understands what taking an arrow to the knee feels like.

As for Purple Cloud Mountain? She obviously didn’t go.

She should not get to know him, the rumours cannot make anything, they aren’t lovers or a Final Aeon[4].

[4] From Final Fanatasy, a Final Aeon shares a deep bond with the summoner

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