Time – Chapter 1.4

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Chapter 1.4 – Caught His Eye

So she still chose to go to the market.

That day she just got to the exchange market, the world channel displayed: “Jun Lin Tian Xia Great Master is currently operating a stall?” “Really? Did you read it wrong? Didn’t this Great Master just say he was waiting on Purple Cloud Mountain for someone?” “ ID isn’t wrong, it is Jun Lin Tian Xia, operating a stall, selling weapons!” “Oh my god, World Clan’s clan leader is so rich, does he even need to sell weapons?!” “……” but this was not seen by Yao Yuan.

After Yao Yuan walked around for a while, she saw a group of people gathered around. Then she heard two people that walked past her say, “Great Master’s listing price is very high……. is he toying with us deliberately?”

Yao Yuan didn’t understand the severity so she walked over to see what was being sold. She wasn’t even able to clearly see what was being sold when the seller surrounded at the middle first said: “Ruo Wei Jun Gu, imperial soul sword, price: 1 gold coin. Do you want to buy?”

Imperial soul sword, mid high level item and in the game one gold coin is equivalent to one rabbit’s money, in short, it is super cheap.

Faced with these good things, Yao Yuan didn’t even think twice: “Buy!”

Transaction successful, and she also finally saw the seller’s ID: “Jun Lin Tian Xia.”

The crowd remarked: “Great Master is actually really toying with us…….”

Jun Lin Tian Xia closed the shop, and said to Yao Yuan: “I’m sorry, the price just then was wrong, it is 1000 gold coins, please pay remaining the 999 coins.”

Yao Yuan and the crowd: “……”

The price is wrong, how unscientific Great Master.

Of course you cannot deny that Yao Yuan received an advantage, she is an ethical person, “I don’t have that much money, can I return the imperial sword to you?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Annoying. Accompany me to Purple Cloud Mountain to do something?”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “What is it?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia didn’t reply, and just left. Yao Yuan irritatedly could only follow.

That day, on Purple Cloud Mountain, one famous swordsman and one unknown little swordsman were currently dueling, waited for an hour on top of the mountain under the shade of the plum tree, there was nothing to do, not even one piece of rabbit meat to catch.

But at this time, the chat group for Hundred Flower Hall that Yao Yuan was a member of was very lively.

Hundred Flower Hall was established by Yao Yuan’s cousin, Shui Shang Xian. It only had ten members. No great masters, just masters of gossip.

Ya Xi Ya (Asia): “I really want to see Sister Jun*. She is walking around with the legendary Jun Lin Tian Xia at one of the top ten place for dates in Golden Age, Purple Cloud Mountain.”

*Sister referring to Ruo Wei Jun Gu

Hundred Flower Hall’s only male gamer Ah Mi Jing Dao: “What? I asked Xiao Jun and she said she wouldn’t go? Xiao Jun lied to me!”

Ya Xi Ya: “Does Sister Jun really need to repay the Great Master with her body?”

Yao Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore and sent a bunch of ellipses. (ie.: ………..)

Duo La A Meng (Doraemon): “Sister Jun! Did you actually hook up with the Great Master, Jun Lin Tian Xia?! How did you hook up? I want details!”

How did we hook up?

Yao Yuan could only sigh, some things are just the stars aligning… rather the opposite of that.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: How do I put it, I just owed him money so I’m helping him do some tasks to repay him.

Ah Mi*: “What kind of tasks?”

*Short for Ah Mi Jing Dao

Yau Yuan look at the dignified and imposing Great Master. She thought, “Does accompanying him on walks count as a task?” Indeed, it is difficult for us mere mortals to understand the world of Great Masters.

Yao Yuan sighed as she replied vaguely: “Anyway, it’s not like what you all think.”

Ah Mi: “Oh, that’s good! Or else I won’t be able to sleep tonight!”

This time, Yao Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore and asked the Great Master: “Jun Lin Tian Xia clan leader, we have basically traveled through all of Purple Cloud Mountain. May I please ask, what are you looking for? If you tell me, I could help keep an eye out for it.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Tired of walking?”

Yao Yuan honestly replied: “A little.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Alright then, we’ll stop here today. We’ll change places next time.”

Yao Yuan was stunned: “Wait, Great Master! The 999 gold coins I owe you wasn’t offset after one time of me accompanying you?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia replied like this: “No.”

Yao Yuan: “…”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Add me as a friend.” Then, he added soon after, “so it would be more convenient to repay me.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Can I return your weapon?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “I already said that it’s troublesome.”

Isn’t it more troublesome for you to continue to demand payment like this every time?!

The other party sent a friend request and Yao Yuan was forced with no other choice, but to accept it. And so, Ruo Wei Jun Gu’s friend list had an additional gold coloured famous person’s screen name: Jun Lin Tian Xia.

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