The Simple Life of Killing Demons – Volume 2 Chapter 12

Before returning to our normal release announcement, I would like to give special thanks to Hab Hak who has donated to the SLKD translation team.  Your donation has made a nice holiday present for us.   From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Also, to all of you who have been following the Simple Life of Killing Demons, I thank you for your support and for your patience!


Now, returning to your usual program of the slice of life story of a demon slayer – here is Chapter 12 of Volume 2, translated by yours truly, and edited by the dependable JC.  Of course, there is also our editor-in-chief, alyschu, who has put in quite a bit of encouragement and guidance to get us going with doing our very first release.

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5 Responses to The Simple Life of Killing Demons – Volume 2 Chapter 12

  1. habib says:

    Thanks for doing this Chapter ^.^

  2. Meach says:

    Can’t read, it keep sending me to a blank page!

  3. jasad says:

    i can’t seem to access the new chapter..
    is it just me or….

    • Valley Wulf says:

      Please take a look at my comments above.

      I don’t want to make the comment section too long by just copying and pasting my reply. 🙂

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