The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques – 9

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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Ch09

Tangerine Company.

Shinyo Kane closed the files and eyed Koizumi, who had a strange expression on her face. “You’re on time.”

Yes, there was only fifteen more minutes left until the end of the three day deadline.

Koizumi sat down on a chair, her hands clutching to her huge bag. Her eyes flashed as she said, “Boss, if I plead you to not publish the photos of Kaoru’s everyday life, I’ll work harder than ever and find other valuable news…”

Shinyo Kane waved her hand, “Forget it.”

Koizumi shut up.

Shinyo Kane’s eyes were like ice. “I thought you’d become a distinguished reporter and that was your very last chance. I didn’t think that you’d just waste it.”

Koizumi clutched to her bag, tightly in helplessness.

Shinyo Kane stared, “Reporters must be ruthless. Friends do not exist in the eyes of reporters, only news can. The moment you started to have feelings for Senya Kaoru marked the beginning of your failure.”

“Failure?” Koizumi tilted her head and thought. “How is finding someone you like considered failure?”

“Women need a good career.”

Koizumi nodded, “That’s right. Women who do not have good careers don’t lead interesting lives and have no self-confidence. It’s that confidence that men appreciate.”

Shinyo Kane frowned.

As expected, girls in love always used words such as ‘like’ and ‘appreciate’.

Koizumi suddenly eyed Shinyo Kane and said, “Boss, you probably knew this but, you’ve been my idol for ages!”

Shinyo Kane’s brow furrowed.

Koizumi’s face was full of marvel. “Your parents died when you were nine years old and you had to sell discarded cigarette cases for a living. Then somehow, you managed to succeed in the media industry. You founded Tangerine Weekly and started a new era, reporting all sorts of dark and dirty secrets. You let everyone in the world see the ugly truth under the glossy surface. Such courage enabled Tangerine Weekly to thrive and since then, it has expanded at a rapid rate. I really admire your outstanding ability!”

Shinyo Kane gave her a cold look. “Don’t say so much, I just want to make money. I’ll definitely publish these photos of Senya Kaoru as front page news.”

Koizumi forced a bitter smile, “Please reconsider, ok?”


“Is there anything I can do to stop it?”

“You can go out.”

Shinyo Kane opened her file, as if Koizumi was made of air. Sunlight shone on the scar on the right side of her face.

Koizumi stared at her and carefully said, “I’ve always been curious about the scar on her face.”

Shinyo Kane didn’t look up.

“It might just be the gossiping nature of a reporter.” Koizumi laughed, “Then, one day, I happened to see a very similar scar, just a lot deeper than yours. That was when I had a strange thought.”

Shinyo Kane seemed to be listening.

Koizumi shook her head. “Theoretically speaking, he’s a delinquent from a yakuza, while you’re doing legitimate business. You two shouldn’t have any connections…but, I was very curious, so I did a bit of research and found…something amazing! I——!”

Shinyo Kane had stiffened and her glare was as sharp as knives!

Koizumi laughed in a low voice. “I found out that President Shinyo of Tangerine Weekly had an intricate relationship with Onido of Makino Yakuza.”

Shinyo Kane sneered, “You want to scare me, just by saying that?”

Koizumi smiled. “To write a popular article, speculation isn’t enough. But, hehe…”

She grabbed a few photocopied sheets and placed it in front of Shinyo Kane, with a strange smile on her face. “I wonder if these are enough. Hehe, don’t assume that these are the only ones…”

Shinyo Kane leafed through a few of the photocopies and she instantly paled. “Why do you…”

Koizumi’s smile was very embarrassed. “Hehe, I am the genius reporter you trained after all. There’s nothing I can’t find information about. Hah, who would have that the cold yet shrewd President Shinyo had…and has already…” She handed a slightly yellow picture to Shinyo Kane, “What a cute boy, I wonder what happened to his parents…”

The little boy in the photo had spiky brown hair and his lips were shit tightly.

Shinyo Kane accidentally shouted, “Where is he?!”

Koizumi was surprised at the tone of her voice, “So even the ruthless boss would take care of a child?”


Shinyo Kane’s voice was dangerously low.

Koizumi laughed breezily. “If I use him as the topic of front page news, I wonder if I’ll be even more popular? Even if it’s not published in Tangerine Weekly, another competing media company would publish it right?”

“What do you want?”

“Being a reporter means being ruthless, please don’t blame me Boss. Reporting about other’s private life is fun, but reporting about your own life can be entertaining as well.” Koizumi breezily replied.

“State your conditions.”

Shinyo Kane’s eyes narrowed.

Koizumi clapped. “You’re the one who wanted me to state the conditions. Hehe, it’s very simple——”

She gazed at Shinyo Kane. “Protect Shinyo Kane! Stop all news and articles that might harm Kaoru! As long as you can do that, I swear on my life, that I’ll never give away your secret!”


“And so I succeeded!”

Koizumi was sitting inside the cold drinks store. She played with her cup of bubble tea, while proudly telling Ming Xiao Xi what had just happened.

“In other words, you threatened her?” Ming Xiao Xi scooped up her ice cream with a spoon.


Ming Xiao Xi smiled, but didn’t answer.

“Hey, I didn’t hurt her as I didn’t actually spill her secret!” Koizumi nervously shouted. “Look, I haven’t even told you the specifics of her secret. Therefore, I didn’t hurt her so don’t lose your trust in me!”

Ming Xiao Xi glared at her, “Keep your voice down, or others will think I’m bullying you.”

Koizumi covered her mouth.

“I didn’t say anything, no need to be so worried.” Ming Xiao Xi thought for a while. “Well done. If someone tries to harm a person you care about, you should fight them back! Who would wait until they were bullied? But, if Shinyo Kane had refused your conditions, would you have announced her secret?”

That…Koizumi rolled her eyes and smiled. “Geez, how could I let that happen? I strike fatally when I threaten. Besides, I have clues to the things she wants to know about the most, so how could she not agree to them?”

Ming Xiao Xi gave her a thumbs up and said, “Good!”

Koizumi gave her a smug smile. “The world’s one and only Ming Xiaoxi praised me. What a great honour!”

The two girls laughed hysterically.

After a while, Koizumi bit down on her straw. “Xiao Xi, please thank Hyogoku Hitomi for me. It’s all thanks to her.”


Ming Xiaoxi nodded. Although Hitomi was distant, but she was very nice to the two girls.

“Oh yeah, and thanks for helping me find a bodyguard.”

“I was kinda busy that day so I couldn’t go…How was it, Seiki was good right. He’s quiet but very skilful. Hitomi said that he’s the most reassuring of the Makino Yakuza…”

“Wait a sec!” Koizumi’s eyes widened, “What did you just say his name was?”

“Seiki.” Ming Xiao Xi was surprised.

Koizumi’s head began to buzz. “Crap, the person who came had a different name…”

Ming Xiao Xi’s mouth dropped open.

“He called himself——Rente.” Koizumi grabbed Ming Xiao Xi by the hand. “He couldn’t be a spy from the Nikko Yakuza, could he?!”

“Rente?” Something funny flashed in Ming Xiao Xi’s eyes. She sighed, “Him? Don’t worry, he’s not a spy, at the very most, he would be——”


“A hilarious idiot.” Rente messed around every day in the Makino yakuza doing nothing while yowling that he was bored. It was very likely that he had overheard someone and had decided to replace Seiki.

Koizumi was still worried, “Can an idiot protect Kaoru?”

Ming Xiao Xi apologised in shame. “I’m sorry, Koizumi. It was all my half-heartedness that allowed Rente to get messed into this.” Damn that Rente, she planned to punch him the next time she saw him! She felt more and more ashamed. Rente that idiot, what if…she fumbled for her phone, “I’ll give Rente a call!”

Koizumi collapsed onto the chair and stared blankly at the passing vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

An idiot?

A hilarious one too?

If Kaoru was protected by such a person, wasn’t he in even more danger? The worst thing was that she had actually believed Rente and had actually allowed him to go ahead.

Ahh, Kaoru…She was still worried——when a navy blue Mercedes-Benz drove passed her.

There was a small crack on the window and she saw a flash of violet through it.

Koizumi thought that she was seeing illusions, because she suddenly felt Kaoru crying for her! But, she hadn’t heard anything! She didn’t see Kaoru either! She had only seen moving figures!

However, her anxiety increased and she unconsciously looked at its number plate——The last four numbers were 7474…

“What did you just say——!?” Ming Xiaoxi shouted into her phone——“Kidnapped!?”

Koizumi jumped up like a bullet, wide-eyed in surprise. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she stared at Ming Xiao Xi. Kidnapped?! Kaoru was kidnapped?! Her intuition was always so damn right! No! Intuition! That car! That flash of violet!

“A navy blue Benz?!” Ming Xiao Xi really wanted to crush the stammering Rente!

That moment——Koizumi sweated more than ever. She pulled Ming Xiao Xi’s arm towards the direction of the car that had just driven past!

Ming Xiao Xi ran while yelling into the phone, “Tell me its number plate! …7474?!”


The motorcycle roared!

Ming Xiao Xi put the engine on full throttle and Koizumi’s eyes couldn’t help squint in the blast of wind!

The motorcycle jumped onto the road as angry as a Tyrannosaurus!

Ming Xiao Xi had once been acknowledged by car racing teenagers. Now, she was racing in the wind, her heart in a mess! Because of her carelessness, she had let Rente intercept the protection ordered. Senya Kaoru was in danger and Koizumi was scared to death!

So——it was up to her to save everything!

Crossroads ahead!

Ming Xiao Xi’s palms sweated, where was she to go?!

Koizumi bit her lip, closed her eyes and shouted——“Left!”

The motorcycle flew to the left!

Flame Witch’s Super Sure-fire Technique——Intuition! At critical moments, this was an absolute must!


The outskirts of a secluded courtyard.

A navy-blue Benz with a number plate ending 7474 was quietly parked there.

Koizumi and Ming Xiao Xi exchanged looks.

“Should be here.”

Ming Xiao Xi took out her phone, “Call the police.”


Koizumi stopped her and took a deep breath. “Kaoru is a celebrity and if the police is informed, there’ll be a lot of after-effects, mostly scandals based on speculation that will undoubtedly hurt him.”

Ming Xiao Xi eyed her. “Up to you.”

A dark light flashed in Koizumi’s eyes. “The problems caused by the yakuza, should be solved by the yakuza.”

Ming Xiao Xi nodded.

For Koizumi, she would go to that person.

“Also,” Koizumi eyed Ming Xiao Xi, “I suspect they probably announced somewhere that Kaoru would be shooting nude today, so we must immediately go in to save him! But…it’ll be very dangerous…”

Ming Xiao Xi smiled, “Without my help, could you save him?” She started walking towards the building.

A slingshot.

Ming Xiao Xi took out a small but strong-looking slingshot and loaded it with some rocks. “Hurry, pick up as many as you can!”

Koizumi’s heart seemed to lower by several temperatures. “That’s your weapon? How pitiful!”

Ming Xiao Xi gave her a pointed look. “Don’t forget that I’m the invincible Ming Xiaoxi! If I can’t help you rescue Senya Kaoru, then I’ll find a huge block of tofu to crush myself to death in front of you!”

The burly men were grinning as they tore Kaoru’s clothes!

Senya Kaoru struggled to defend himself, but his opponents were still burly men, so his clothes were still torn apart, piece by piece!

A strange hotness emerged from his lower abdomen!

He felt his throat getting hot, his body getting hot. His limbs felt like they were melting, while his cheeks burned like a fire!

His eyes began to dim…He knew what they wanted to do! If they succeeded, he would live forever in humiliation!

The men were getting excited!

The usually distant megastar was now in front of them, blushing, eyes wet while struggling before them. They seemed to hear faint moans escape from his lips…all too sexy!

They itched to touch him!

They stared at the resisting Senya Kaoru, totally oblivious of their surroundings.

The curtains swung open with a boom.

The loaded slingshot stretched——whoosh——!



All three shots respectively knocked down three of the burly men!

Thump! Thump! Thump! …Three of the burly men fell with a crash!

Everything happened so suddenly!

The other burly men had no time to react, before they too, were shot down!


The fourth man fell down!

“Outta the way!”

Akatsuki, one of the men shouted. The remaining three men spread apart and angrily stared in the direction of their attackers!

They saw two girls at the window.

One of them had bright red hair, her hands full of rocks, as she looked anxiously at Senya Kaoru.

The other one had a slingshot in her hand. There was a small smile on her face, but it did little to conceal her regret. She shouted towards one of them, “Yo Akatsuki, long time no see.”

Akatsuki glared at the girl. “Ming. Xiao. Xi?” He knew her; she had once single-handedly destroyed his success!

Ming Xiao Xi lifted her face proudly. Pretending to be astonished, she said, “Oh, you remember me! Great memory! As we used to know each other, I guess I’ll let you off this time!”

Akatsuki was furious. “You came here to die, so don’t be so cocky! My brothers, let’s get her!”

He waved his hand and more burly men came from all three directions!

Ming Xiao Xi put away her slingshot, warmed up her knuckles and laughed dismissively. “Then come on, don’t forget that I gave you a chance!”


A fight began.

Koizumi stayed by Kaoru and helped him up, feeling the weight of his body as he leaned on her.

“Kaoru! Kaoru!”

She shook him.

Kaoru thought he felt the earth shake, like a volcano was about to collapse. He felt uncomfortable but then he heard a familiar voice——“Kaoru! What’s wrong? I’m Koizumi!”

Koizumi…Kaoru forced open his eyes and saw her flaming red hair, her concerned eyes. It was his Koizumi, she had come. His heart slowly relaxed and his body didn’t feel as upset as it had been.

His purple eyes were as touching as a dream. “Koizumi…”

Just saying her filled his chest with joy.

Koizumi continued to shake Kaoru, who was in a sleepwalking-like state. “Tell me, what did they do to you?! Did they shoot any nude photos of you or force you to do anything unbearable?!”

“No.” Kaoru said with some difficulty. He felt hot.

Koizumi studied him. His clothes had been torn in several places but he was still wearing them and it seemed that he had no physically injuries. The two had appeared before it was too late at least.

Kaoru wheezed, “Koizumi, I…”

Koizumi smiled. “Your clothes are tattered so you’re embarrassed because I happen to see you in this state? Don’t worry, I’m not embarrassed myself!”

Just then, the curtain flew towards her!

Ming Xiao Xi punched a burly man straight in the face and shouted at Koizumi. “Perverted girl, hurry up and cover him up! Otherwise, my eyes will fall out!”

Koizumi stared at her.

Mean Xiao Xi, how could she look at her and Kaoru while fighting?!

She quickly wrapped Kaoru up in the curtain. Kaoru was hers; no one else was to look!

Kaoru breathed uncomfortably and the air he blew out seemed to be hot. “Koizumi, I…”

“What’s wrong?” Koizumi had finally begun to think something was seriously strange about him.

“I…” Kaoru blushed like smoke, “I was fed…”

“Medicine?” Koizumi asked quizzically.

“It was…that…” Kaoru moaned.

Koizumi thought and thought and then her face suddenly flushed. “Are you saying——that?!”


Kaoru clenched his teeth. He was in pain.

Koizumi felt helpless. Crap, what was she supposed to do? Those shameless scum! Despicable scum! But what was she supposed to do now?!

“Take me…to hospital…”

Kaoru was in her arms and as red as a freshly cooked shrimp.


What could the hospital do about him?

That aside, Ming Xiao Xi had finished fighting.

She patted her hands and proudly looked at all of the burly men lying on the floor. Akatsuki had been beaten up the most and there were five huge, shiny lumps on his head. The ones who had been taken down by the slingshot had much lighter injuries. Hah, it couldn’t be helped as she had given them a chance. They were the ones who didn’t know how to appreciate it, right?

She was so proud.

The door broke open!

A beautiful teenage boy dressed in black came in, followed by a dozen men, all clothed in black. A very guilty-looking Rente was with them!

The Makino Yakuza had arrived!

Ming Xiao Xi blinked. Why did the support team always arrive after the hero had already finished fighting? Hm, maybe it was to give the hero a chance to brag.

Makino Ryuho stood before her, with a gloomy look in his eyes.

“Are you injured?”

He looked at her, like he wanted to swallow her, so that he would never leave her again.

Ming Xiao Xi glanced the other way. She couldn’t look at him, for his expression would shatter her heart. She stared at the blushing Koizumi and laughed, “How could I get hurt? I’m the invinci…”

She couldn’t go on.

The invincible Ming Xiao Xi was the biggest joke to Makino Ryuho. She knew that she was really stupid and was just a clumsy ostrich who liked to bury its head in the sand.

Koizumi helped Kaoru up. She approached Ming Xiao Xi and Makino Ryuho, gratefully saying, “Makino-senpai, thanks for coming!”

Makino-senpai continued to stare at Ming Xiao Xi.

In his world, there was never a second person.

Koizumi had long gotten used to Makino Ryuho’s lack of speech. She smiled at Ming Xiao Xi, “Xiao Xi, I have to leave first, so please handle the rest.”


Ming Xiao Xi replied.


Rente blocked Koizumi and Kaoru, his blue eyes flashing.

Koizumi and Ming Xiao Xi gave him a dangerous glare!

He was the root of this trouble!

Rente pouted. “Please don’t look at me like that! I know that it was my fault and I will pay the price.”

The moment he said this——Slam!

He punched himself in the nose and blood slowly trickled…Rente looked at Ming Xiao Xi and grumbled, “You always hit me on the nose, so I’m sure you’ll be happy at this.”

Ming Xiao Xi and Koizumi turned away simultaneously.

That naive kid.

So annoying!


A romantic sunset sprinkled in from the villa’s windows.

Koizumi’s head was too bright in the dwindling light.

Kaoru lay on the bed with white sheets, his pink face sweating. His teeth left white marks on his lips while he continued to moan.

His slender body was full of energy and excited, as he crumpled the blankets.

What a seductive teenager——Koizumi was captivated!

She inched towards the top of his head and softly called, “Kaoru…Kaoru…”

Kaoru’s eyes were as moist as a fallen angel. “Ahh——”

Koizumi touched his lips. “Do you know who I am?”


He groaned again, “Koizumi…”

Koizumi smiled mischievously, “And what is the relationship between you and Koizumi?”


Kaoru’s smile came from the bottom of his heart. Because of the thing he had forcedly taken, all of his defences and restraints were gone. He now looked at her, moaning. “Koizumi is a bad girl…”

Koizumi pulled a face!

“But…” Kaoru continued to smile, “…I still love her so much…”

Koizumi was dazed.

“…I love her…even if she sends me to hell…as long as she’s by my side…I feel happy…”

Warmth punctured her heart.

“What do you love about her?”

She gently asked.

Kaoru’s pain was like struggling with fire. “…love her…only love her…love her…can only love her…and happy…”

Koizumi’s chest melted.

She leaned on him and gently hugged him. She kissed his neck, kissed his earlobe and whispered, “Let me tell you a secret.”

Kaoru could no longer restrain himself after being kissed by her. He grabbed her closer. The heat he was feeling was driving him crazy!

Koizumi unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his burning chest. “I love you.”

Kaoru heard her, despite his consciousness had slowly begun to drift away. The happiness he felt made him get on top of her. “Koizumi…”

Koizumi threw her arms over her neck and kissed his burning mouth! Her strength, enthusiasm was like one burning fire, completely destroying Kaoru!

Sentimental passion and lingering…The two young teenagers was about to give their first time to each other, in the last few rays of sunlight.

A splendid passion…Kaoru growled and threw his head back as extreme pain and pleasure swept through his every cell!

On the white pillow, Koizumi opened her eyes. She had never known that another’s happiness could make her reach heaven…

That sunset.

Kaoru——because of Koizumi, became a man.

Koizumi——because of Kaoru, became a woman.

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