The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques – 10

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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Ch10


Kaoru’s muscles ached as he rolled over and slowly opened his violet eyes. His limbs felt limp and the white blankets seemed to make him look like a fallen angel.

It seemed that he had a very sweet, passionate dream…he remembered that…Kaoru’s eyes suddenly widened and jerked up on the bed!

“You’re awake.”

Koizumi was sitting cross-legged on the bed with a sneaky grin, her evil eyes twinkling.

Kaoru gave her a scared look. “Koizumi, yesterday did I…”

Koizumi pretended to cry, “Uwah~~~You damn guy raped a chaste maiden~~~Uwah~~~~”

Kaoru blushed and caught her shoulder. “Sorry, I——I hurt you…”

Koizumi leaned against his shoulder and continued to act. “Uwah~~What are you going to do now?!”

Kaoru hugged her and solemnly replied, “Koizumi, let’s get married.”


Koizumi almost choked to death and started to cough, her cheeks bright red!

Kaoru quickly patted her on the back, but his heart slowly sank. He had done something wrong and had hurt her, so would she really forgive him? His face instantly began to pale at the thought and his limbs felt cold.

Koizumi could finally breathe. She jumped out of the bed and stood glaring at him. “What did you just say?!”

“Let’s get married.”

Her eyes were staring angrily at him as she thundered, “Kaoru! What the hell! You’ll just marry anyone you went to bed with? If you did it voluntarily, then there’s no problem, but you were drugged! Yeah, you’re a victim too, so how did you end up having to marry?!”

The way she accused him sent his head reeling.

He looked at her, confused.

Koizumi gritted her teeth. “If you didn’t do it with me yesterday, but you just pulled a random girl on to bed, would you just marry her?” She sneered, “If you got raped by that Akatsuki guy, would you have married him?”

Kaoru suddenly laughed.

She was even angrier. “Laugh! Laugh! You’re such an easy person to fool!”

Kaoru pulled her down by her hand and hugged her indignant, struggling body. He smiled, “How could I not be happy, being fooled by you?”

She stopped.

Kaoru gently continued, “You didn’t take me to hospital, wasn’t that because you wanted to monopolise me yourself? But you’re acting so jealous now, which is so very inconsistent with your imagine as Tangerine Weekly’s super reporter.”

She glanced at him, laughing. “What nonsense.”

Hey, he seemed a lot smarter.

She poked him in the chest and asked, “Hey, if you did it with someone else, what would you do?”

“Hm,” he thought for a moment, “I’d go die.”

Koizumi was so stunned that her hair stood on an end. “Oh come on! You sure! Go die?! When did such an antique like you first come out?! What sort of man would want to die over something like this?!”

Kaoru’s eyes were calm. “If my body was dirty, it wouldn’t be good enough for you. Rather than losing you, I’d rather die…”

She collapsed onto the bed, feeling feeble. “Never mind…I’m not gonna talk to you anymore…I’m so damn mad…”

Kaoru crawled over, his eyes as cute as daisies. “So——”

Koizumi listened.

“——You have to protect me, be my angel and never give me an opportunity to lose you and,” He kissed her lightly, “I’ll be the happiest person on earth.”

She sighed and kissed him back.

For her, she would be both the devil and the angel. As long as he was happy.

Of course——only he could be happy with her!

Hehe, that was very important!

During the kiss, Koizumi’s eyes glittered. Fire Witch’s Secret Sure-fire Technique——For love, any method is appropriate! But, beware: all methods must be grasped with a good sense of proportion.


Life sweetly continued on.

Kaoru felt that she was born to be Kaoru’s girlfriend!

This was because she and Kaoru were just——too similar!

There was no difference between work and entertainment.

A reporter was supposed to chase the footsteps of celebrities; therefore, she always had an excuse to appear in the same place as Kaoru. Having a special relationship with Kaoru made it easier to get exclusive news and insider information from Kaoru. Hehe, of course it was with his permission beforehand.

Moreover, Kaoru gradually became more open to reporters because of her convincing. He had become more open to admitting his private life and was a lot nicer in public. These changes greatly improved his appearance rate and earned the praise of the media. His popularity soared higher than ever.

Koizumi also got used to the different image Kaoru had on in front of others.

The dark and distant, black-eyed Kaoru was a public idol, while the amiable Kaoru with violet eyes and an innocent smile was her intimate boyfriend. Ah, she loved this feeling! Kaoru, the cute Kaoru, belonged to her only.

Koizumi comfortably lay on the living room couch, watching TV.

Kaoru’s voice came from the kitchen. “Koizumi, if you’re hungry, would you like some snacks?”

She switched channels and yelled back, “I’m not hungry. If you’re tired, I’ll cook for you today.”

This made Kaoru’s heart feel like honey and it felt that his hands softened too. “I’m not tired, I like cooking myself.”

Over there——Koizumi’s smile reached the tips of her ears. Hehe, he was really easy to please. (Because she was, in fact, somewhat lazy…)

The TV screen flashed.

Koizumi shook her head while she watched, for the entertainment circle hadn’t had any particularly explosive news. Most of it was about having cosmetic surgery, which celebrity might get married to who, which director was hitting on an actor and stuff like that, which wasn’t very interesting at all.

Ah, it seemed that when Koizumi was slacking off, the gossip world seemed very lonely.

She hid a smile and switched to Burst Company’s ‘Bursting Entertainment Road’ program.

The Burst Group and Tangerine Group were rivals as they had appeared in the media industry at about the same time. Bursting Road Entertainment and Freshest Tangerine News always competed and fought for the latest news. Burst Company had adopted the motto, ‘fierceless ruthlessness’ and ‘no smoke without fire’ and because of that, they had firmly occupied a seat as the top few media companies in the country.

The presenter of Bursting Road Entertainment, Mei, had a mysterious look on her face, earning Koizumi’s interest.

Some old photos.

Some old videos.

Koizumi sat up and stiffened.

In front of the camera, Mei’s beautiful face was filled with vicious sarcasm. She was pointing at the old newspapers…Koizumi held her breath.

She unwittingly looked towards the kitchen, where she could here Kaoru humming happily.

She turned the TV off with pop.

She sat there, dazed.

Kaoru could no longer hear movement in the living room and so he asked, “Koizumi, why aren’t you watching anymore? Are the programs boring?”

Koizumi tugged her red hair and bit her lip. What should she do? Everything had happened too fast, and her brain felt out of function.

That was when——the phone in the living room started to ring frantically!

Kaoru’s phone rang frantically!

The unexpected ringtones made the quiet room feel uncomfortably noisy!

Koizumi stood up and stripped the phone plug off the phone. She turned off his cell phone. Even her toes knew what the contents of the calls would be.

Kaoru looked at her strangely as he wiped his hands and came out of the kitchen. “Koizumi, what happened?”

She was acting very strangely.

Koizumi stood in the centre of the living room.

She glanced at Kaoru, her face full of determination. As this was something he couldn’t hide from, then she would face it with him!

She spoke up. “Kaoru, have you ever heard of the name, Chii Mori?”

Kaoru’s face paled.


A super popular program!

Burst Weekly’s exclusive headline——The Ridiculous Unknown Story of the Megastar, Senya Kaoru.

There was evidence proving that Senya Kaoru was the ‘illegitimate son’ of the president of the Chii company. That year, Chii Mori had been forced into admitting that he had a mistress and had caused a massive public outcry. Moreover, it was said that his mistress, Yanagihara, was an alcoholic and had already given birth to his son. The public had long been curious about the inheritance of the company, as Chii Mori’s wife had only given birth to a girl. The question of inheritance had been immediately put forth.

Back then, the reporters had used all sorts of methods to find out about Yanagihara’s past. During their digging process, a reporter suddenly uncovered that Yanagihara had a secret boyfriend called Ishiumi. It had become confusing as they realised that Yanagihara might have only pretended that Kaoru had Chii Mori’s blood to get money.

Finally, public opinion had unified under the conclusion that Yanagihara was a shameless woman who tried to use another man’s son to claim another’s inheritance. Chii Mori had just been manipulated by her.

Yanagihara had become the focus of much condemn and had committed suicide not long after. Kaoru was sent to an orphanage and after several twists and turns he disappeared from the rest of the world. No one had ever linked the little boy in that scandal to the extremely popular Senya Kaoru.

“Senya Kaoru!!”

“Senya Kaoru!!”

The parking lot was packed with reporters; some reporters had jumped onto the roofs of the nearby cars while others squeezed as much as they could to the front. Spotlights flashed like lightning at light, making people feel dizzy. Several cameras were only half a foot away from Kaoru’s face and the reporters’ words jabbed at him like crazy.

Burst Weekly’s Hirakawa yelled hoarsely. “Senya Kaoru, are you really the illegitimate son of Chii Mori?”

Senya Kaoru pushed him away and continued to walk forwards with an icy expression.

The reporters blocked his way as much as they could and fought back the security guards. They too, yelled, “Senya Kaoru! You should get a DNA check with Chii Mori!”

“You should charge Chii Mori for abandoning you!”

“If you were denied your relationship by Chii Mori, how would you feel?!”

“Do you want to inherit the Chii Company?”

“Will you and Chii Mori ever meet in court?”

…Senya Kaoru’s eyes raged with anger.

He clenched his fist and restrained himself…His security guards beat a clear path for him to walk and they finally reached his BMW.

Seeing Senya Kaoru leave meant that the siege was again without success, a new reporter could help ask, “Hey Senya Kaoru, your mother tried to get rich by shamelessly saying that you were the son of Chii Mori. Don’t you feel ashamed?!”

Those words.

The parking lot was eerily silent.

Senya Kaoru was frozen.

The reporter didn’t dare to breathe. They clutched onto their cameras, video cameras and microphones…Senya Kaoru slowly turned. His eyes were dark and bottomless.


His growl was like a roaring lion. He couldn’t care anymore as he whacked away the reporter’s hand, which hit her head.


The reporter covered her forehead and blood began to trickle from her fingers.


Her blood stained the cold ground.

The media reporters roared in delight.

The megastar Senya Kaoru had openly assaulted a reporter?!


It was getting late outside.

Kaoru leaned on the window, looking in the direction of the door.

Yoshisumeragi Company had let him stay at home to avoid the public outburst after the wounded reporter incident.

He had returned home early.

But she wasn’t there yet.

Kaoru gazed out of the window, his purple eyes full of sadness.

He knew that she was busy and wouldn’t return home until late but, he really wanted to see her. He wanted to hold her, no, he wanted her to hold and comfort him.

He wanted to see her.

His waiting heart was chaotic.

Koizumi, where was she?

Did she know that he was waiting for her?


Tangerine Company.

Koizumi thumped the table and glared at Shinyo Kane. “You have to help me!”

Shinyo Kane sneered and flickered through the things on her desk. “Koizumi, the same threat won’t work twice.”

Koizumi thought for a moment. “It’s not threatening, it’s because I trust you!”

Shinyo Kane thought she had heard the funniest joke in the world. “Huh, trust me? There’s nothing to trustworthy about me, nor is there any about you.”

“You’re not as mean as pretend to be,” Koizumi eyed her, “or you wouldn’t have that scar on your face.”

“You may leave.”

Koizumi was a little angry. “Oi, are you going to help or not?! How’s this going to harm you?! All of the newspapers and magazines are saying the same thing, so if Tangerine Weekly puts in different articles, wouldn’t sales increase?”

“Yes,” Shinyo Kane nodded, “but all of your reports were fabricated and if published, the company will get sued.”

Koizumi gritted her teeth. Oh gosh, her boss was really a bit too clever. Most people who looked at this medical report wouldn’t have found any flaws, but she…no——Koizumi blinked, “Why did you say it was fabricated?”

Shinyo Kane leaned against her chair, her body shrouded in darkness. She looked profoundly at Koizumi and it was some time before she said, “I once sent someone to study Ishiumi.”

“…?” Koizumi’s mouth opened.

Shinyo Kane’s laugh was very cold. “He was very problematic as no matter how much we threatened or tried to convince him, he was sure that Senya Kaoru was his son. However…”

Koizumi continued, “There are people who know that Ishiumi could never make a woman pregnant.” That was the most irritating point! Her intuition told her that someone had bribed Ishiumi, so that he would refuse DNA examinations and not tell the truth. Therefore, she had come up with this plan.

Shinyo Kane sneered. “Ishiumi would go with you to hospital to prove that his sperm is infertile? Ridiculous.”

Koizumi sighed in frustration. “Yes. This report isn’t Ishiumi’s.”

Shinyo Kane studied her.

This unscrupulous Koizumi resembled her when she was still young.

“But!” Koizumi puffed out her chest, “I didn’t decide to do this without considering the consequences. If Ishiumi wants to prove this report a fake, he’d have to use a recent report to overthrow it! But——”

Koizumi was smug. “Even if he does it a hundred times, the results will be exactly the same as this.”

Shinyo Kane raised an eyebrow.

Koizumi sat on her chair, her eyes twinkling. “I know that our plans to protect Kaoru mustn’t backfire! I’ve actually gotten two prostitutes to get Ishiumi’s semen their own way. I took the samples to a hospital to analyse and came up with this report.”

Shinyo Kane couldn’t help hide a smile. She whispered, “Koizumi, you really are clever at times!”

Koizumi stared.

The smiling Shinyo Kane seemed so young and beautiful. How old was she? Thinking again, oops, it seemed that she was only twenty-nine.

Koizumi shook her head and turned her thoughts back to the problem. “Boss, what do you think, can this be published?”

Shinyo Kane pondered over it.

Koizumi patted her chest. “Believe me! When have a failed you?! Just push all of the trouble on to me, if any!”

Shinyo Kane eyed her then finally smiled. “Fine, go ahead.”

Koizumi was so happy that she jumped up and waved her fists in the air. “Yeah! Victory!”

She was laughing as she rushed towards the office door!

When her hand was on the doorknob, Koizumi suddenly spun around and deeply bowed to Shinyo Kane. “Boss, thank you. Thank you for sending someone to study Ishiumi.”

Shinyo Kane waved her away.

She gazed at the closed door and lightly touched the scar on her cheek.

That energetic time of doing everything for your loved ones seemed so far away to her…


Deep into the night.

The curtains were raised by the wind.

Kaoru curled up against the windows. The purple in his eyes had gone bleak.

He had been waiting for her.

Yet she still hadn’t come back.

He was a bit flustered as he tried to convince himself that she wasn’t like others and wouldn’t laugh at him and find his origin such a nuisance. Yes, he didn’t know who his father was either. Back then, his mother had cried and cried because he had been such a loudmouth, but she had never said who his father was.

He didn’t want to know whether his real father was Chii Mori. He just wanted to let it go, let his dead mother rest in peace, so that he and Koizumi could live on calmly together.

But Koizumi hadn’t come over once in the last three days.

There was click at the door lock.

Kaoru held his breath!

There was the sound of the door opening, the sound of shoes and then, her voice!

“Kaoru——! You at home?”

Kaoru closed his eyes. She was back and the night air felt sweet and fresh.

Koizumi saw the childish Kaoru. She put down her things, sighing as she walked towards him. She patted him on the shoulder, “Why are you here? And you didn’t turn on the lights either.”

Kaoru stared at her. “You’re back.”

“What rubbish, why would I not come to see you?”

Koizumi studied him. Eh, he was acting very differently to usual. She rolled her eyes as she stretched her arms——“Kaoru, let me give you a hug, ok?”

Against the window.

She hugged him, lightly rocking in a strange rhythm.

In her arms, Kaoru felt sleepy.

“You lost your temper today and hit a reporter.” Koizumi laughed then sighed. “You really are troublesome. The Chii Mori problem hasn’t been solved yet and then you hit someone.”

Kaoru’s voice was harsh. “Are you criticising me?”

Koizumi hugged him tighter and laughed softly. “Yeah, you’re a load of trouble.”

He struggled to push her away.

She leaned towards his ear and grinned, “But, I like that.”

He was puzzled.

“The more difficult the problem, the more I can show off the potential of Fire Witch!” She kissed his earlobe and laughed. “Besides, the more it shows you how important I am to you and how nice I am.”

Kaoru moaned, “Koizumi…”

She kissed his neck. “Kaoru, if Chii Mori really was your father, what would you do?”

“I don’t need a father; I’ve been living without one for several years already.” He took her hand in his, “My father is nothing to me, but to my mother, he was her life.”

Koizumi nodded.

Kaoru gazed at her, “You, are my life.”

Koizumi shook her head, “I am the witch who protects the angel.”

“Can the angel kiss the witch?”



“Because the witch is hungry.”

“I’ll go cook!” Kaoru jumped up.

Kaoru pulled him down.

“The witch wants to ‘eat’ the angel.”

Kaoru blushed.

Koizumi jumped over and forced him down onto the floor!

Ahem, let’s skip the indecent assault for now…


The next day.

The Tangerine Weekly finally published an article on the Chii Mori’s mistress scandal, which included a medical report of Ishiumi that proved that he was born infertile. Rumours that Senya Kaoru was Ishiumi’s son was instantly given up on.

Ishiumi angrily threatened to sue Tangerine Weekly for publishing such private details without his permission but he soon gave up for some unknown reason. According to the analysis of informants, he had chose silence after private discussions with the Tangerine Weekly magazine.

The incident of Senya Kaoru injuring the reporter also caused uproar, but began to die away as time passed.

Later, Senya Kaoru paid for the injured reporter’s medical fees and explained that he had been in a very bad mood at the time. He gave the reporter’s magazine the rights to receive first-hand information on his next MV. Everything had been solved ‘reasonably’ well.

Koizumi put down her phone and eyed Kaoru, who was playing the guitar. “Do you know who just called?”

Kaoru chuckled. That person had sent messengers asking to see him many times before and he had declined it every time.

“Chii Mori would like to see you.”

“Get him to open the TV.”

Koizumi laughed. “Hey, are you really going to ignore him?”

Kaoru fiddled with its strings. “Ishiumi may not be related to me, but that doesn’t mean he’s my father either.”

“He wants a DNA check to prove it.”

“Get him to do it alone.”

Koizumi gave him a thumbs up. “Good! Kaoru is so cool!”

That was how it should be. Back then, he had abandoned Kaoru and his mother in that troublesome time without a second thought, which caused Kaoru to grow up at an orphanage. Now that he realised that Kaoru could be his long-lost son, he decided to shamelessly claim his back. So cheap.

The night sky was studded with stars.

Kaoru’s eyes were the brightest purple stars.

He played the guitar and gently told Koizumi, “There is a song I would like to sing for you.”

She ran over and lay in his lap.

I am a person who walks in the night
No star, no lights, no one understands
The coldness in my expression
Oh, I’m really lookin’ for the direction
To guide me in your eyes

I want to be the child by your side
Laughin’ with you, cryin’ for ya and sleepin’
By your side without the blankets
When ya tuck me in bed
I want to be a bad kid and
Get ya to scold me but nah
You can’t do anything ’bout me

I wanna be a child by your side
Listening to ya say ya love me
Never leavin’ me behind
No, please don’t leave me
I don’t wanna be a person
Who walks in the night

His singing was wonderful.

A wonderful song.

A wonderful night sky.

And a wonderful Kaoru.

Koizumi smiled as she fell asleep…She blushed in Kaoru’s lap. Her eyes were dazzling and bright, with something that resembled a true angel…


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