The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques – 8

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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Ch08

Tsuka Sakura was wearing a crown with a light green veil attached to it. The gentle smile that played on her lips resembled the goddess of spring in the forest.

Her long fingers gently brushed against Senya Kaoru’s lips, as soft as a dream and holding countless meanings. She sank into his arms, emotions written all over her face as she went on her toes to wait for his loving kiss…all of the cameras and spotlights were aimed at the two——waiting——the reporters held onto their breaths——and waiting——for Senya Kaoru’s first kiss with another star!


The MV director, Makishin, waved his arms to stop the staff. He yelled at Senya Kaoru, “This is the kiss scene! Don’t just stand there! Hold her! Kiss her!”

Strange, it was obvious that Senya Kaoru was in a good mood, so they had specifically arranged the kissing scene into the schedule. They had thought that he’d be able to except it, but still, he refused.

Senya Kaoru pushed away Tsuka Sakura. “There was no kissing scene in the script.” If there was, he would never have come today. It was his principle to never shoot an intimate MV.

Makishin was frustrated. “Senya Kaoru, why can’t you understand? If you and the new singer, Tsuka Sakura feature a kissing scene in this MV, you’ll be more popular than ever!”

Senya Kaoru replied, “Never done it in an MV before and the sales were still pretty good.”

Makishin couldn’t retort anything back.

It was true that all of his previous albums were bland like that, but all of them were still top selling. Makishin thought that Senya Kaoru’s popularity in the entertainment circle was a miracle, one that only he could pull off.

“Please modify the scene.” After all, Makishin was a respectable director who didn’t always work according to ‘market needs’ so such changes had been allowed before.

Makishin sighed. It was unusual for Senya Kaoru to reject his idea so much. Never mind, he decided to cut the scene. He waved his hand to the assistant director, to negotiate changes to the program.

The corner was silent.

Tsuka Sakura bit her lip as she approached Senya Kaoru, “Why did you do that?”

Senya Kaoru leaned back on a couch, not saying anything.

“You knew this was a very important chance for me.” If she kissed Senya Kaoru, there’d be lots of news and she’d be in the centre of attention. If she could pull it off successfully, she’d be more popular than she ever wanted.

“Nothing to do with me.” His voice was cold.

Tsuka Sakura stomped her foot. “You know I like you, so why’s it nothing to do with you?” A lot of people wanted to be with a pretty girl like her, so he definitely had feelings for her too, but was just too shy to show it. She was sure of it.

Senya Kaoru stood up.

She refused to go, so he decided to go instead.

There was only a short break and Tsuka Sakura was determined to not waste any more time.

Tsuka Kaoru grabbed him and lovingly whispered, “Kaoru——”


Light flashed!

A red-haired girl popped out of view. “Cool! A romance between the megastar Senya Kaoru and the new artist Tsuka Sakura!”

Kaoru felt unspeakable joy at the sight of her.

Tsuka Sakura hesitated.

And then she puffed out her chest and smiled. “So what? Your reaction speed sure is fast, only you managed to take a photo out of all of these other reporters.” Hah, a scandal would finally be written about Senya Kaoru and her! Thank God the red-haired girl appeared in such a timely manner!

Koizumi put away her camera. “Can’t help it, this place is well-hidden, so only the genius reporter from Tangerine Weekly, Koizumi, is able to find it and capture this moment.”

“You’re that Fire Witch, Koizumi?!” She had long heard of the name and it was rumoured that there was nothing she couldn’t write about. Oh, so she was such an energetic teenage girl.

“Yeah!” Koizumi grinned. Hehe, it seemed that she was getting popular. No pain no gain.

Kaoru smiled slightly, “Why are you here?”

“Hehe.” Koizumi grinned back at him. “Something was delayed on my schedule. Anyway, anything valuable happening over here?” By ‘valuable’, she meant ‘newsworthy’.


Kaoru handed her a towel and she wiped her sweat away with it.

Tsuka Sakura eyed the two. “You know each other?”

The Senya Kaoru who was always as cold as a fridge would speak so nicely to a reporter?! Something strange was going on.

Koizumi pulled her face. “How can reporters not know stars?”

“I don’t think it’s like that.”

The way the two looked and understood each other wasn’t as simple as that. Tsuka Sakura gave Koizumi a calculating look, but apart from her red hair, there was nothing else special about her.

Koizumi hated the look of contempt on her face. She waved and said, “Hey, would mind going out of the room for a while? I need to talk to Senya Kaoru.”

Tsuka Sakura’s nose shook so much that it looked crooked. “You want me to go?! Who the hell are you?!”

Kaoru wasn’t happy from what he heard. His eyes were as cold as daggers. “She’s a friend of mine.”

“A friend?!” Tsuka Sakura yowled in a funny way. “I bet she’s your secret lover. Senya Kaoru, you sure have a very, very weird taste in women!”

The way she yowled had attracted a few reporters.

Koizumi narrowed her eyes. “Are you going or not? If you say anymore, don’t blame me if I resort to nasty methods.”

“What! What can someone like you do?!”

Tsuka Sakura glared at her.

Koizumi laughed evilly, her voice full of menace. “I just took a photo, didn’t I? You want to be popular then I might as well publish you in a scandal!”

Tsuka Sakura’s eyes widened.

“Hehe, popular new female artist tried to seduce Senya Kaoru but failed…so, isn’t that great?”

Tsuka Sakura gaped at her, “You——you——”

Witch…She believed that Koizumi could do something like that but…

“As I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you off if you go.” Koizumi smiled, clearly pleased. “But remember, you mustn’t say anything and so won’t I.”

Tsuka Sakura disappeared like smoke.

Koizumi sat beside Kaoru, on the couch. She slouched on it wearily. “Geez, I’m exhausted from running around all day.”

Kaoru opened a can of iced drink and handed it to her.

She drank it and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she tilted her head and smiled at him. “Kaoru, was that a bit mean of me?”

“Threatening Tsuka Sakura?” He handed her another paper towel. She sweated too easily.


“She was harassing me in the first place, all you did was tell her to go away. Besides,” his eyes flashed, “you’re not as cruel as you think.”

Koizumi swallowed guiltily. “Hehe, oh really?” She wasn’t so sure though, as she had almost wanted to hit Tsuka Sakura when she had grabbed onto Kaoru’s arm.

Kaoru suddenly asked, “What are you working on?”

Koizumi hesitated then rolled her eyes. “Hehe…” It was probably better to not tell him yet, “Hehe…”

Kaoru smiled, “You don’t have to tell me if it’s too much of a problem, I just wanted to see if I could help you.”

Koizumi felt her emotions swell up and couldn’t help grab his hand. “Kaoru, you’re so nice to me.”

Kaoru hugged her.

“I haven’t done anything for you.”

Koizumi shook her head, “You care about me, worry about me and that makes me feel very happy!”

Kaoru eyed her, “Did no one care about you?”

“It’s not like that.” Koizumi smiled at him cutely, “When the person you like cares about you, you feel especially happy.”

Her words were like a knife that stabbed his chest.

A warm feeling surrounded him and couldn’t help take the back of her hand and kiss it.

It was a gentle kiss and a warm sweetness travelled from the hand to her heart.

It took a while for Koizumi to come back to her senses. She hurriedly took her hand away from him and cautioned, “You’re crazy, there are a lot of reporters here!””

Kaoru’s smile showed that he didn’t care about them. “I like you and that’s not illegal.” He liked her and even if everyone knew, he would still like her.

Koizumi didn’t know whether to smile or to laugh. “You’re a celebrity, a public figure. If everyone knows that you’ve got a girlfriend, your reputation will be ruined.”

“Then if I leave the entertainment circle,” Kaoru gazed at her, “would you still be with me?”

She was shocked.

Some time passed before she looked at the handsome Kaoru and asked, “You like singing right?”

Kaoru thought for a while, “Yeah.”


“If I could only choose one thing, I’d choose to be by your side.”

Koizumi’s heart was so touched and her eyes became as soft as a lake on a spring evening. “Kaoru, don’t worry, I’ll do everything to prevent you from ever needing to make that decision.”

She would protect him.

No one could stop the little witch from becoming an angel!


Cold drinks store.

Ming Xiao Xi placed a huge file on the table.

Koizumi’s eyes shone as she opened it. There were only a few pages and a single photo, but——it was enough!

She leaned back against her chair and relaxed. She grinned at Ming Xiao Xi, “Thanks.”

Ming Xiao Xi fiddled with the ice cubes in her orange juice. She eyed her warily, “Just what are you planning? You’ve been acting all suspicious since you asked me to get Hitomi to help you and wouldn’t tell me what it was for. You even wanted it to be passed around secretly, like a spy. Hey, don’t tell me you’re going to do something bad!”

Koizumi rolled her eyes. “Tch! I, Koizumi, have a huge sense of justice and I live by it. Action of this justice is the principle of my life!”

Ming Xiao Xi almost spat out all of her orange juice at this. She gave a crushing smile, “Is that really you, Koizumi, the reporter who doesn’t mind using heartless methods to dig out news?”

Koizumi was annoyed. “You always seem to remember my mistakes.”

“I’m so unlucky.” Ming Xiao Xi sighed, “I was betrayed numerous times, yet I can’t even complain a few times.”

Koizumi shook her. “Fine, fine. Ming Xiao Xi is the most generous person in this world, to forgive a certain someone who happened to make a little mistake.”

Ming Xiao Xi lazily took another sip of the orange juice, but she was still worried. “Would these things harm anyone?”

Koizumi lifted her right hand in despair. “I swear, if I use this information to harm others, then I——”

“Will lose trustworthiness for life.”

Ming Xiao Xi finished for her.

Koizumi blinked. “I thought you wanted me to say that we’ll stop being friends.”

Ming Xiao Xi smiled, “A friend one day is a friend for life.”

Koizumi smiled back.

In that moment, she realised that she was actually the happiest person in the world.

“One more thing.” Ming Xiao Xi gave her a solemn look, “Do you know you have any idea of why the yakuza have been targeting Senya Kaoru yet?”

Koizumi shook her head. “I’ve asked Kaoru heaps of times before, but he told me not to worry and wouldn’t tell me.”

Ming Xiao Xi nodded. “He probably doesn’t want to tell you because you’d worry and probably won’t be able to solve the problem anyway.”

“What is the problem?” Koizumi knew that her friend wouldn’t mention it without a reason.

Ming Xiao Xi looked at her. “Probably because the Nikko Yakuza want to get back, but because all of their territory and businesses have been taken away by the Makino Yakuza, so they decided to invest in the entertainment industry.”

Koizumi listened, breathlessly.

“Senya Kaoru is the most popular star at the moment and is sought by millions of people. The thing is, he has never done any major exposing filming.” Ming Xiao Xi hesitated before sighing. “Therefore, the yakuza thought that if Senya Kaoru starred in a pornographic film, huge profits were certain.”

“Pornographic film?!”

Koizumi collapsed. She believed that even if the Earth was going to explode in the next moment, Kaoru would never accept a film like that!

Ming Xiao Xi smiled bitterly. “Yep, that’s it.”

“That’s it?”

“Haha, I’m done speaking, but Nikko Yakuza sure aren’t.”

Koizumi was speechless.

Ming Xiao Xi studied the pale-faced her and sighed. “Get Senya Kaoru to be more careful.”


Senya Kaoru’s villa.

Long table with fine cuisine arranged neatly on it.

Flickering candlelight.

Romantic and warm.

There was a pot of blooming daisies, which smelled very nice.

Kaoru took out the last dish, roast chicken, from the kitchen and its golden colour made Koizumi drool.

He sat down at the other end of the table and smiled, “You can start.”

Kaoru had changed into a plain shirt. His hair was clean and fresh and his violet purple eyes danced like little daisies.

Koizumi wouldn’t budge. She shook her head, “No need.”

Kaoru was confused. Did she not like these dishes?

Koizumi pursed her lips. “We’re sitting at opposite ends of the table. We’re so far apart that I’m unhappy!” No matter how good the food was, there was no point in it unless Kaoru was closer.

Kaoru laughed, “That’s it?”

Koizumi grinned, while carrying a chair to his side and moving the dishes closer. She put the candles in front of the two. Her smile was like flowers, “Much better!”

He and she sat together, side by side. Two shadows were cast onto the floor by the soft yellow candlelight.

“Hm, you’re really good!”

Koizumi had no complaints.

Kaoru smiled as he lowered his head. He was happy to cook for her whole life.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Koizumi turned towards him, smiling.

Kaoru put a piece of the golden chicken onto her plate. His smile was somewhat shy, “I like listening to you speak.”

Kaoru stared at him, “I like listening to you speak too.”


Koizumi put down her knife and fork. “Tell me about those people threatening you into starring in a pornographic film.”

Kaoru stiffened.

He studied her. “You know everything?”

Koizumi nodded.

“You really are amazing,””he laughed briefly, “only a few people know.” No one else should have known, apart from Kamiki and himself.

“How are they threatening you?” she interrupted.


“Tell me!”

Kaoru took a deep breath. “They said that if I didn’t agree, they’d beat me up until I was disfigured and disabled. They said they’d make me do it even if I don’t want to.”

Koizumi shivered!

She seized him, “What did you say?”

“I told them to piss off.”

Koizumi stared at him.

“That’s all?”

Kaoru smiled, “I’m not afraid of them.”

Koizumi leaned limply against the table. Oh my, was Kaoru just ignorant or simply fearless?!


The angelic teenager, with golden curls, sea-blue eyes and two lovely dimples, was smiling and looking at Kaoru and Koizumi.

Koizumi eyed him from top to bottom. “That’s you?”

The teenager looked up, “Yeah, that’s me.”

To ensure Kaoru’s safety, she had asked Xiao Xi to find a clever bodyguard with extraordinary skills. Xiao Xi had quickly found a suitable one and had made appointment to meet up.

But——would this teenager be alright?

It was hard to distinguish whether this person was male or female, but Koizumi was pretty sure he was male. His appearance was very worrying though, for he was very thin.

“I’m Rente.” The teenager introduced himself.

Koizumi was still suspicious. “Did Xiao Xi get you to come? Do you know what you’re supposed to do?”

Rente grinned, “Yep, my task is to protect Senya Kaoru so he will not be threatened and get hurt.”

Koizumi frowned. For some reason, she still wasn’t convinced.

“What can you do?”

Rente muttered darkly. Animals from the same species stay together and people were no exception. That hateful Ming Xiao Xi’s friends were troublesome indeed.

He put on a confident smile, “You should know about the Makino Yakuza’s Onido.”

“Yeah.” Onido was said to be the best fighter in the Makino Yakuza.

“My rank is the same as his.”

Koizumi’s eyes flashed, “You?”

Rente secretly gritted his teeth. This damn red-haired brat dared to underestimate him. But, for the plan…so he smiled, “Even if you don’t believe me, at least believe in Ming Xiao Xi. She got me to come here.”

That was true——Koizumi hesitated.

Ming Xiao Xi never made any major mistakes so maybe this Rente was better than he looked.

Kaoru finally spoke up. “Koizumi, there’s no need to get anyone to protect me, the company has professional security.”

Koizumi sighed, “But even so, you wouldn’t be followed around twenty-four hours a day would you? There are so many opportunities to attack you.”

“They were just threatening, no need to make a fuss.”

“I’m just afraid what if it did happen.”

Kaoru smiled sarcastically. “So you’d rather Rente stay by my side all day?”

Rente laughed while interrupting, “I’ll be careful not to appear when there’s no danger.” Hehe, He’d go out to play. “I’ll go out when Koizumi comes to see you.” It’d be nauseating with her there.

Koizumi glanced at him, “You’re quite the clever little boy.”

Rente grinned from ear to ear. “That goes without saying!” Then his face crumpled and he shouted, “I am not a little boy!”

At this point, Koizumi had already pulled Kaoru far away and could barely hear her distant, bored voice. “I know…little girl…”

Rente couldn’t help stand her foot, blush and yell out from the top of his lungs——“I am not a little girl! I’m as old as Makino!”

That hateful woman!

No wonder she was a good friend of Ming Xiao Xi!

Far away.

Koizumi couldn’t be bothered about Rente.

She looked at the happily smiling Kaoru by her side. His face crumpled——A childish bodyguard…was a problem.

“What’s wrong? Koizumi.” Kaoru looked at her.


She casually smiled, as if nothing was wrong.

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