DKC – Chapter 995

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Chapter 995 – Life hanging by a thread (2)

Fairy Yan Xia could only resort to using this life-saving trump card.

No matter how unreconciled she might be, there was no other method that would work.

However, what Fairy Yan Xia never expected was that even with this protective net, it was still unable to block all of the lightning ball’s might.

Fairy Yan Xia continuously ran, running non-stop!

Endless lightning the size of a country burst out like a flood, drowning Fairy Yan Xia in a flash.

Ultimately, she fainted.

She didn’t know how long she was unconscious for before slowly working up

When she opened her eyes, she discovered a person was by her side.

It was the back of a tall man who was currently making congee in this cave.

Fariy Yan Xia recognized this person at a glance.

Yun Qi turned around, his starlight filled eyes flashing slightly: “Master.”

No one would have imagined that Fairy Yan Xia was actually Yun Qi’s teacher.

But this was indeed the truth.

Otherwise, with Western Jin’s royal family’s resources, in just a few short years, how could they successfully train such a talented and handsome person like Ouyang Yunqi?

However, even the old emperor didn’t know that Ouyang Yunqi’s master was actually Fairy Yan Xia.

Fairy Yan Xia leaned against the cave wall, at the moment, her complexion was as pale as snow and her lips were chapped. She had on a dispirited expression.

Fairy Yan Xia circulated her spirit power to examine her own wounds.

This examination left her in despair.

Even though she didn’t die on the spot, but her entire body’s cultivation was mostly gone. At this moment, her cultivation was less than ten percent of her original cultivation.

So many years of unremitted perseverance in cultivation, she was about to set foot on the road to the peak of the strongest experts, in the end, it was ruined in a huge battle with a youngster from the younger generation.

Fairy Yan Xia couldn’t inhale a breath, it was stuck there, and her eyes opened wide until they were perfectly round.

“Master!” Yun Qi abandoned the congee that was in the pot and, with quick steps, walked to Fairy Yan Xia’s side.

Fairy Yan Xia’s complexion was very ugly, as if she would collapse in the next moment.

Yun Qi continuously patted Fairy Yan Xia’s back: “Master, don’t worry, don’t be anxious.”

Following Yun Qi’s words, Fairy Yan Xia abruptly spurted out a mouthful of blood.


This mouthful of blood went on for very long time, nearly spraying over the entire floor.

Fairy Yan Xia spit out her heart’s blood. She only felt limp, weak and powerless from head to toe, her breathing was very feeble.

She knew her time was limited.


Sinister and malicious rays of light appeared in Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes!

Her heart wasn’t resigned to this ending!

So many years of hard work was destroyed in the hands of a guy from the younger generation, how could she be resigned to this?

In addition, there was still Su Luo, that loathsome girl, she actually had that kind of male perfection that adored her. Her heart was not resigned ah!

Fairy Yan Xia dispiritedly leaned against the wall, her pair of eyes unwaveringly staring at Yun Qi. Her complexion was as pale as a ghost.

Yun Qi!

That’s right, she still had Yun Qi!

Even if she died, she absolutely wouldn’t let those people have an easy time.

Yun Qi’s blood ran cold from being stared at by Fairy Yan Xia, feeling his blood run cold, he slowly called out: “Master……”

“Kneel down!” In Fairy Yan Xia’s excitement, she once again started to cough up blood continuously.

Yun Qi silently knelt down.

“You want to obtain that loathsome girl?” Fairy Yan Xia’s sinister eyes stared unwaveringly at Yun Qi.

“Disciple doesn’t understand what Master is saying.” Yun Qi’s pair of hands clenched into fists.

However, the veins on the back of his hands protruded out, showing the stirred-up emotions in his heart.

Fairy Yan Xia coldly snorted: “You like Su Luo, that cheap girl, don’t believe Master doesn’t know!”

“……” Yun Qi used silence to answer her, therefore tacitly agreeing with her.

“Do you want to obtain her or not?” After she waited in silence for a very long time, Fairy Yan Xia suddenly asked.

“……Want.” How could he not want her? Luo Luo originally was his fiancee.

“Do you want to kill Nangong Liuyun?” Fairy Yan Xia shivered with excitement from head to foot.

Yun Qi’s eyes suddenly shone, then it once again darkened in a flash.

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