DKC – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – To search for hidden treasures (4)

With a barely perceivable movement of Su Luo’s hand, that dagger had already vanished into her sleeves.

All of Nen Lu’s attention was focused on finding 《Obscure Pill Recipes》, so she did not notice Su Luo’s covert movements.

“Where did it go? Why can’t I can’t find it?” Su Luo questioned with a puzzled look upon her face, firmly gripping the dagger in her sleeves as she stealthily approached Nen Lu.

“Was it because——” Nen Lu frowned. She was about to turn around when she noticed a shadow rapidly coming towards her. Nen Lu subconsciously tried to block the attack with her hand, tragically causing her right hand to be severed neatly at the wrist. The place of the cut was flat and smooth.

Immediately, blood wildly gushed out from the open wound as if it wasn’t vital to Nen Lu’s life!

“Ahhhhh——” Only after seeing the severed hand that had fallen on the ground did Nen Lu finally realize what had happened! She screamed out loud in agony.

Su Luo was equally unsatisfied with this result.

Originally, Su Luo had a well thought out plan: directly stab Nen Lu’s heart through her back. With Su Luo’s speed and accuracy, it wouldn’t be possible for Nen Lu to escape death. Still, who would have known that at the last moment Nen Lu would manage to retain her life.

If Nen Lu did an about face and ran right now, she would merely lose a hand but would preserve her life.

It’s a pity that Nen Lu was so blinded by her hatred of Su Luo at the moment so she was itching to make mincemeat out of Su Luo to appease the hatred in her heart. Consequently, Nen Lu didn’t even take the time to think before picking up the long sword that had fallen with her dismembered hand while ignoring the pain she felt. She directly charged at Su Luo with a murderous strike.

A cold smirk flashed across Su Luo’s eyes. She took out a book from her space and tossed it toward Nen Lu with a smile on her face. “Catch it! Don’t lose it again.”

“《Obscure Pill Recipes》?” Nen Lu’s eyes opened wide. She stared with stunned amazement at the 《Obscure Pill Recipes》that appeared in Su Luo’s hand from out of nowhere. Her attention was momentarily distracted.

However, this short split second of carelessness was enough for Su Luo!

Immediately after she threw the 《Obscure Pill Recipes》in Nen Lu’s direction, Su Luo had quickly shifted her body and arrived at Nen Lu’s back like a ghost. While Nen Lu’s attention was momentarily distracted, like a demon from hell, Su Luo raised the new dagger she had picked up and slashed Nen Lu’s neck——

Immediately, blood gushed forth!

Nen Lu was staring blankly at the 《Obscure Pill Recipes》in her hand. Her nails had whitened because she was ready to explode with rage.

However, Nen Lu could only watch the unstoppable blood pour out of her neck. She glared at Su Luo with an expression of having suddenly realized something. “Space, space….mage….”

Afterwards, with an unreconciled expression, Nen Lu fell backwards. Her eyes were wide open with malevolence. Even in death, they wouldn’t close due to residual resentment.

Su Luo grabbed the 《Obscure Pill Recipes》from Nen Lu’s clenched fingers, patted off the dust, and was all smiles as she said. “Correct, this young lady is a space mage. It’s a pity you only realized it as you were dying. It. Was. Too. Late!”

At this moment, Su Luo was very thankful for her space. In the beginning, she had felt that it was weak. Now, she had slowly discovered its exceptional qualities.

After eliminating Nen Lu, Su Luo started to look around for treasure.

She stood in front of the bookshelf. The shelves were full of advanced pharmacology books, many of which Su Luo couldn’t comprehend.

However, that didn’t matter. She will take all the books back and slowly study them. Su Luo did not grab the books one by one. Instead, she placed the entire bookshelf into her space.

Afterwards, Su Luo held her chin and started to circle around Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron. While circling, she took its measure by looking it up and down. She pondered this medicinal cauldron was nothing special but why was it so heavy?

Yes, it was definitely quite heavy. Su Luo had already tested its weight a moment ago.

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