DKC – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – To search for hidden treasures (3)

Including Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron, these were all treasures that Apothecaries would yearn for in their dreams.

Countless experts on the continent have sought this《Obscure Pill Recipes》in order to curry favors with Apothecaries. However after having flipped over the entire continent in their search, no one was able to find it. Yet, she would never have imagined that in her hunt for Su Luo she had unexpectedly lucked out. She found 《Obscure Pill Recipes》, and even Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron.

At this moment, Nen Lu almost went mad with joy!

She trembled with jubilation and extreme excitement. She almost jumped up for joy in her elation .

She reached out for the《Obscure Pill Recipes》, but very quickly she withdrew her hand.

She didn’t dare, she was afraid of death.

This was because the corpses lying haphazardly on the floor told her that Elder Zi Huo was definitely a poison expert. His belongings definitely could not be encroached upon by just anyone.

“You, come here!” Nen Lu raised her long sword to Su Luo’s neck, coldly glaring at her as if looking at a dead man.

“You want to kill me to silence me?” Su Luo lifted the corner of her lips in a slight smile that was not truly a smile.

“Kill you to silence you?” Nen Lu laughed out loud. “I definitely will kill you to silence you. Otherwise, if even half a word of what happened here were to spread from your lips, great trouble will befall our Jade Lake Palace. Therefore, you must die.”

“Really?” Su Luo faintly smiled. Just great, she too had a similar notion.

“But right now, you can’t die yet.” Nen Lu used the long sword to threaten Su Luo and bellowed, “Bring that《Obscure Pill Recipes》over here.”

Nen Lu wanted to appropriate everything here for herself, but she would not even dare to touch them.

Obviously, she was being used as a lab rat! Su Luo felt a chill flashed across her heart; her gaze fell upon the corpses on the floor, one had a dagger stabbed into it.

Icy-cold light reflected off the dagger.

“Fine.” Su Luo did not refuse. She walked over step by step, with a harmless smile on her face.

“Quickly pick it up!” Nen Lu coldly commanded.

She wanted to use Su Luo to test for poison, to see if this《Obscure Pill Recipes》had any poison on it.

Right now, at this crucial moment, she must not die. Discovering Elder Zi Huo’s cave, what other achievement could compare to it? Having this achievement, in the future, even Qing Ning that bitch, would be beneath her.

Perhaps, she could take those things and escape to faraway places. This also was not a bad idea, such thoughts quickly flashed through Nen Lu’s mind.

Su Luo watched Nen Lu’s constantly changing expressions, and a hint of sneer appeared in her eyes.

An inexperienced naive idiot.

But the expression on Su Luo’s face remained unchanged, and when her hand touched the book, she silently mouthed, “Collect.”

Suddenly, in an instant, the book vanished from the bookshelf.

“Huh— what happened? Where’s the book?” Su Luo pretended to be surprised, and with a expression of having lost her head out of fear, she screamed out loud.

Nen Lu’s whole face had a look of utter disbelief.

She had kept a very close eye on it just now. Her line of sight never once leaving Su Luo’s hand, yet she could only helplessly watch as that book, in an instant, vanished without a trace.

What actually happened? The book was fine, how could it just disappear?

This time, I must have seen a ghost!

Nen Lu could confirm that during such a short time, Su Luo had no chance to pull off any tricks. It was a pity that no matter how much she speculates, she could never have guessed that Su Luo was unexpectedly a space mage, with her body carrying a portable space.

That was why, Nen Lu’s first reaction was to leap to the bookshelf and search for it continuously.

At this time, Su Luo was bending over pretending to search for it, but she furtively pulled out the dagger.

Seeing that Nen Lu’s whole attention was focused on searching through the《Primeval Pill Recipes》, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into an ice-cold, unrestrained, demonic and sly smile.

No sooner said than done ——

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