DKC – Chapter 957

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Chapter 957 – Behind was a force that chased after her (6)

Su Luo started to recall Yun Qi’s habits from the previous life.

In the previous life, they needed to use codes frequently. However, they rarely used number codes because they were too simple.

861111 was Yun Qi’s birthday.

Su Luo prodded the little gears and aligned the number code in the same direction.

“Didn’t work.” Su Luo shook her head; this code was wrong.

Su Luo’s little head thought about it for a while again and her hand movements was also constant.

She had tried all the number codes that had something to do with Yun Qi from her previous life. But what made her helpless was that, in spite of everything, she still couldn’t find the correct combination.

Zi Yan tilted her head to the side and thought for a while: “Did you steal this from the Western Jin’s old emperor’s hands?”

While Su Luo was busy moving her hands, she also shook her head: “The old emperor had passed it on to his son.”

“Then it’s Ouyang Yunqi’s?” Zi Yan had clearly also heard of Yunqi’s name before. She nodded, “This Ouyang Yunqi is indeed a character. These few years, his cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds, such quick progress truly makes people speechless.”

Suddenly, she stopped still for a while, with her eyes shining brightly: “You stole this box from Ouyang Yunqi’s hands? You’re really incredible!”

Zi Yan’s words made Su Luo recall what happened before dawn in Yun Qi’s resting palace.

That was a memory she painstakingly wanted to forget.

Su Luo hurriedly changed the topic: “We are better off thinking about how to break the code.”

Zi Yan was completely unaware of Su Luo and Yun Qi’s past. She suddenly thought of something: “Say, you think, could Ouyang Yunqi’s code be related to someone else?”

Su Luo’s heart was startled slightly.

Zi Yan tilted her head, automatically continuing the thought: “There are very few people who have relations with Ouyang Yunqi. Excluding the old emperor, his mother is already dead… Say, could that code have something to do with his beloved woman?”

Zi Yan simply touched a sore spot.

The softest place near Su Luo’s heart was fiercely obstructed, her expression becoming rigid.

“What’s wrong with you? Did you think of something?” When Zi Yan saw that Su Luo’s expression had changed entirely, she immediately sat up straight. Her pair of sparkling eyes watched Su Luo attentively, full of expectations.

“Cough, cough. ” Su Luo cleared her throat and said firmly: “Who knows whether he has a beloved woman or not? Do you know?”

“How would I know?” Zi Yan spread out her hands helplessly, “Then forget it, how about you just continue to try random numbers? When you can’t take it anymore, switch with me. I still want to try my luck and see whether it is good or not.”

Su Luo took a glance at her, then lowered her head to look at that red sandalwood box.

Although Zi Yan had just been chattering nonsense, but… should Su Luo listen to Zi Yan’s words and give it a try?

Su Luo’s heart went ‘ba-thump, ba-thump’, jumping about violently. There was no reason for it, but unexpectedly, she was somewhat nervous.

She tightened her hands and resolutely decided to give it a try.

Seeing Su Luo’s ‘afraid she was about to die’ expression, Zi Yan’s face couldn’t help but be full of bewilderment.

Wasn’t it merely trying a code and nothing more, why did it seem as if Su Luo was going to the execution ground.

Su Luo’s birthday was 901101.

When she rotated the little gears in different directions onto these numbers, and just when she turned that final number to face the arrow symbol——

Su Luo could only feel that her palm sweating.


A light sound echoed and the red sandalwood box opened in response.

Not to mention Su Luo, even Zi Yan was given a fright.

For a moment, the surroundings became noiseless.

There was only the sound of wind blowing.

The two people’s four eyes met, looking at each other in dismay.

Zi Yan licked her dry lips and pointed at that red sandalwood box and said a line blankly, “It opened…”

Su Luo nodded blankly: “Indeed, it opened…”

“Then, how did you open it just like that?” Zi Yan looked towards Su Luo with disbelief and then repeated the sentence, “How did you open it just like that?”

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