DKC – Chapter 924

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Chapter 924 – Encountering Yun Qi (5)

Truth be told, this face and the one from before still had six points of resemblance.

It’s just that, after having Yan Xia that old witch’s, ointment applied on, it seemed to have made some adjustments to her previous facial features.

Just as if she had surgery to fine tune it a bit, touching up her original seven points into a ten!

At this time, Su Luo’s facial features were simply the pinnacle of perfection!

Looking at this face, Su Luo almost couldn’t recognize herself…

This princess knew how to make the best use of everything. After Su Luo agreed to her condition, on the second day, she sent someone to call Su Luo over.

When Su Luo arrived, this little princess was just sitting at the side of the table, playing.

One could only see her powdery little face that was like cuts of jade become taut, her right hand held a dagger while her left hand was tightly clenched into a fist. She only kept the middle finger that were as fair as jade out.

At this moment, she was deadly earnestness, scraping away at the that middle finger extended from her left hand.

She turned that finger and scraped off thin as American ginseng slices, area by area.

Seeing Su Luo come over, she raised her head and revealed a pink and delicate little face. It’s just that there was a bloodstain hanging at the corner of her mouth, making her appear bloody and sinister.

“Sit.” The little princess placed the finger she had scrapped and picked at with a dagger into her mouth, then commanded at Su Luo as she wished.

At this time, this little princes looked like a sinister little demon.

“Do you want to eat?” The little princess raised her bleeding finger and offered it to Su Luo.

Su Luo’s expression didn’t change, the corner of her mouth had an indifferent, shallow smile: “Princess should save it for yourself to enjoy. This servant has already eaten.”

Since she needed to act as a palace maid, Su Luo naturally did as the natives did, calling herself “servant”.

Only that, hearing this word “servant”, the little princess frowned slightly: “In the future, don’t call yourself servant. Hearing it makes me uncomfortable.”

These words matched Su Luo’s the intention, so, she nodded her head and promised.

“Are you not afraid?” The little princess slanted a glance at Su Luo.

She had even sliced away at her finger, yet this person wasn’t afraid? Earlier, she had eaten a very rare steak. The remnant bloodstain at the corner of her mouth hadn’t even been wiped off. This person didn’t even have a bit of reaction?

Su Luo smiled indifferently: “Does the princess want to hear the truth?”

“Of course, if you dare to tell a lie, this princess, will immediately command people to throw you into the river to feed the fishes!” The little princess pushed her neck out and arrogantly threatened.

Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled, since this girl allowed her to tell the truth, then what good was it for her to conceal it?

“Does the princess think radish tastes good?” Su Luo asked softly with an earnest expression on her face.

The little princess was immediately angered. She threw down the dagger with a “bang” sound and glared at Su Luo fiercely, “What kind of eyesight is that? Why did it grow so perceptive? Annoying!”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth parted slightly. This little girl was sometimes shockingly mature, yet at other times, unreasonably childish.

“Then… just take it as if I never said it?”

“Do you take this princess as deaf?” The little princess scowled as she glared. Knitting her eyebrows while looking at Su Luo angrily, “Just exactly how did you see though it?”

She had been playing this little trick for quite a long time. Clearly, even the father the emperor had not seen through the trick. In the entire imperial palace, only third elder brother knew. How did the person before her see through it?

Su Luo smiled: “That’s not that I saw through it, rather when I was young, I also played this trick before.”

When the little princess heard that, her eyes immediately lit up: “You’ve played it before? I was just saying! How could you have seen through the trick with just one glance?! Oh, that’s right, what are you called?”

Ever since Su Luo mentioned having played this trick before when she was young. The little princess had a kind of intimate feeling towards Su Luo, and felt that she had gotten a lot closer to her.

Called what… Su Luo muttered a few words to herself.

Yan Xia, that old witch, definitely wouldn’t let her go. So Su Luo, this name, couldn’t be used.

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