DKC – Chapter 923

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Chapter 923 – Encountering Yun Qi (4)

Seeing her pretending to be mature, Su Luo subconsciously didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Thus, she smiled at the young girl.

The young girl in front of Su Luo was not just someone, she was the little Princess Yulin that the emperor of Western Jin doted on the most.

Ever since the princess saved Su Luo, afterwards, her heart had too many doubts, so she had already come by several times.

Several times before when she came, Su Luo was unconscious, and her whole body seemed to be surrounded by a mysterious protective layer. Other people simply were unable to get near her. It made the little princess so anxious that she could only watch helplessly.

Only, this time, coincidentally, she just so happened to wake up when she came.

The little princess wasn’t won over by just a smile from Su Luo.

She raised her hand in an imposing manner, and a maid eagerly moved a seat over.

After the maid had rubbed it clean from top to bottom, only then did this beautiful little princess casually sit down.

Su Luo unconsciously laughed. This young girl’s airs didn’t seem to be very small.

The little princess cast a sidelong glance at Su Luo.

If it was someone else, their first sentence certainly would be to inquire about Su Luo’s origin, but not this little princess. She would always say something that shocked people.

“I saved you.” The little princess’s pitch-black as ink eyes shone brilliantly as she looked towards Su Luo, concisely saying it.

Su Luo nodded her head.

This was the truth.

The little princess’s eyes narrowed slightly, then she coldly asked again: “How are you prepared to repay me?”

Her words were direct and efficient, without a bit of hidden meaning.

Su Luo lightly smiled: “What do you want?”

The little princess’s remote and cold gaze was fixed on Su Luo’s face: “Your looks are actually pretty good, since it is like this, then stay at this princess’s side as a palace maid.”

Her tone was very condescendingly arrogant.

However, Su Luo didn’t get angry.

This girl called herself a princess…… Naturally, she couldn’t be Eastern Ling’s princess, could she be……

“Western Jin’s princess?” Su Luo’s eyes brightened.

She had gone westward this whole journey, precisely with the hope to run into the imperial palace to steal the spirit dance steps. Now, the little princess wanted her to become a palace maid, wasn’t it like wanting to sleep and being given a pillow, just right?

Su Luo’s heart was joyous, but her face remained calm and collected. She even revealed a trace of anxiety.

Seeing Su Luo was not too happy, the little princess was even more pleased with herself.

She coldly snorted: “I saved you, you need to repay me!”

Su Luo seemed somewhat unwilling: “Repaying you doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a palace maid ah……”

“Who told you to be a palace maid forever? Even if you want to this princess doesn’t want it. Humph, at most for three months, do you agree or not!” The little princess, with emphasis, threatened Su Luo, “If you don’t agree, this princess will immediately order someone to throw you in the river to feed the fishes!”

Su Luo was secretly happy in her heart, but she appeared to hesitate for a long time. Finally, looking at her with reluctance, “Agree, I’ll be a palace maid for three months only.”

“Humph, even if you want to be one for four months, this princess also wouldn’t be willing.” The little princess arrogantly raised her chin, “All right, you should properly recuperate. Later this princess will have someone deliver some beautiful clothes over.”

The little princess naturally wasn’t a bit stingy towards her own people.

After the little princess left, only then did Su Luo give voice to soft laugher.

But, just a now, didn’t the little princess praised her for being beautiful? What was this all about? Could it be she hadn’t seen her panda eyes?

Su Luo reached out to feel that pair of panda eyes that made her depressed to the point of spitting out blood. However, the next instant her hand stiffened in mid-air.

“Ah——” Her skin was smooth as jade to the touch, completely lacking that coarse feeling from before?

Su Luo suddenly had a premonition in her heart.

She ran to the front of a table, and looked at herself in the mirror.

At this moment, an absolutely stunning face reflected back from the mirror.

Seeing that face in the mirror, Su Luo was practically dumbfounded.

Was this really her?

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