DKC – Chapter 920

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Chapter 920 – Encountering Yun Qi (1)

The veins on Fairy Yan Xia’s forehead throbbed violently.

She knew Su Luo had jumped into the river to escape.

But now, her vitality was greatly injured, and was not suitable to chase after her to kill her.

In fact, coming into contact with Su Luo, Fairy Yan Xia was also very unlucky.

Before, when they were underneath the lake, she was wounded by Su Luo’s spirit pinball.

When deploying and collecting the Underwater Heavenly Thunder Wave, once again, a lot of her spirit strength was consumed.

Now, she was once again injured by that rotten stone to this degree…Even when she was encircled and attacked by the ten powerful families, she was never this seriously injured.

Just when Fairy Yan Xia was hating until her teeth started to tightly grind together, her subordinate had already quickly rushed over.

“Master!” The black-clothed person kneeled on the ground.

“Chase! I order you to give chase! Whoever chases Su Luo, that little slut, and kills her! This fairy will teach that person the Supreme Martial Arts!” Fairy Yan Xia was so stirred up that the muscles at the edge of her lips kept twitching non-stop.

The leader of the black-clothed people was somewhat nonplussed.

Supreme Martial arts…it actually was the Supreme Martial Arts…

At this moment, Fairy Yan Xia was simply in a towering rage: “Still here, quickly go!”

Only now did the leader of the black-clothed people return to his senses from his beautiful fantasy, so excited that it was hard to control himself. He took a deep breath and pressed down the excitement in his heart, but still couldn’t cover up the happiness at the corner of his lips.

“Subordinate will go now to do this!”

Finished speaking, a group of black-clothed people, one after another, plunged into the river water!

Speaking of Su Luo.

Since she jumped into the river water, afterwards, she met up with the little divine dragon.

Now, time was very precious.

They, without saying anything further, directly shot forward with flying speed.

The waves of the river water we continuous and never-ending.

When the black-clothed people would overtake Su Luo, she would take out her trump card and kill the opponents without leaving a single one alive.

Fortunately, very few black-clothed people had the speed to catch up to her, as for that old witch Yan Xia, now, she was seriously wounded, so she wouldn’t personally come to chase after her.

Su Luo didn’t know how long she swam in the river.

She only knew to directly swim ahead, swim ahead, swim ahead——

The darkest period of the dawn had passed.

The color of the sky gradually brightened, the white color of daybreak appearing in the east.

She had endured the first half of the night’s hair-raising hiding, and the draining fleeing in the later half of the night, on top of being injured by that old witch Yan Xia. Now, Su Luo had a dispirited expression, her body was really exhausted.

In the very end, she really couldn’t persevere on. Her eyelids flipped over and she passed out.

However, fortunately, her Nothingness of Space was still on, protecting her very well.

On the river’s surface, Su Luo was like a piece of floating driftwood, her figure submerged but floating, drifting with the waves.

Suddenly, a small, gorgeous luxurious yacht unhurriedly sailed through the cold river. It traveled eastwards at the lowest speed.

In the middle of the wide yacht, was a large room about one hundred square meters.

Inside, it was decorated magnificently, refined and luxurious. At one glance, you could tell it was not something a common rich family could have.

Inside, a very young lady was just standing in front of the window.

One could only see her clothed in a decorated-in-butterflies, made-of-gold-thread, immortal fairy dress. Her little face was moist and white like jade, with bright red lips, looking extremely cute.

Such a young age, but with a pair of pitch-black as ink eyes, quick-witted and astute, with lights of wisdom that shone through their depths.

The sunlight from outside the window shone upon her body, making her whole person seem lazy, giving off a languidness that was inconsistent with her age.

Suddenly, the little girl’s gaze flashed slightly.

“Cui Yu, you look, what is that?” Western Jin’s most pampered little princess, Ouyang Yulin, pointed to the figure floating and submerged on the river’s surface. Her faced revealed an extremely amazed expression.

“Princess, that seems to be a ….dead person.” Cui Yu looked for quite a while, saying in a practical tone.

“I just knew you were dumb!” Ouyang Yulin’s brows and eyes curved, giving Cui Yu a disdainful glance.

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