DKC – Chapter 919

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Chapter 919 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (7)

Yan Xia reached out, with one hand grabbed Su Luo by the neck.

“Loathsome girl, things having reached this stage, you still want to run?!”

Seeing Su Luo stood there staring blankly, Fairy Yan Xia coldly laughed: “Rong Yun actually raised an apprentice like you who is afraid of death. Humph you being like this isn’t it throwing away your master’s good name? Since it’s already like this then this fairy dispose of you in his place, terminating this master and disciple relationship!”

Su Luo’s heart was extremely depressed.

“Loathsome girl, this fairy will send you down to hell, and let your mother see the ugly daughter she gave birth to! Ha ha ha——” Fairy Yan Xia frantically laughed, her hand suddenly used more strength.

How strong was her hand’s strength?

In a instant, cracking sound of bones breaking into pieces could be heard!

Su Luo was pinched until her face was purplish red, nearly unable to breathe.

Behind was the surging water of the river, if she could jump in, she still had a small chance. But now…. A touch of despair slipped through Su Luo’s eyes.

Was she really going to die in this old witch’s hand today?

Su Luo’s heart really couldn’t be reconciled…..

She came to this world, these past two years she had ran around continuously, getting chased to be killed, fleeing, cultivating…. Constantly growing stronger.

She had an amazing innate gifts blessed by heaven.

She possessed three elemental systems.

She was an Advanced Apothecary.

She was a rarely seen Space Mage.

She even cultivated out Nothingness of Space.

But now, on the road to becoming a strong expert, she still hadn’t finished walking it yet, and fell down just like this?

Really…..not very willing!

Nangong Liuyun, she didn’t know where he was now….in the future she will never be able to see him again.

Afterward what will he do being by himself?

Su Luo clenched her fists, momentarily, the rims of her eyes were somewhat moist.

Fairy Yan Xia’s hand tightened more and more, more and more.

Su Luo’s eyes turned over, almost about to faint in the next instant.

At this critical moment——

The little divine dragon rushed out flying from Su Luo’s sleeves. He gripped that stone tightly and very fiercely smashed it towards the old witch Yan Xia’s chest!

“Awoo, awoo, awoo!” Go die, go die, go die!

The little dragon panting with rage waved his fist and randomly smashed it about!

Had no choice but to say, this movement from the little divine dragon, really saved Su Luo’s life.

How could Fairy Yan Xia attach any importance to the little divine dragon? She casually waved her hand, and the little dragon was send flying away.

However, Fairy Yan Xia had underestimated that small stone.

When the small stone touched Fairy Yan Xia’s chest area——

Suddenly, a flame soared up filling the entire sky!

Deep crimson flames violently rushed toward Fairy Yan Xia’s most susceptible chest area!

“Ah——” Fairy Yan Xia completely didn’t expect, a chunk of regular stone could explode out such a powerful force!

This powerful force, was not inferior to her own strength!

This was simply, unimaginable!

At this moment, Fairy Yan Xia was seriously injured in the chest area!

That deep red flame started to spread on Fairy Yan Xia’s body!

It’s speed was very fast!

Now how could Fairy Yan Xia still attend to Su Luo? She conveniently tossed Su Luo out!

And outside of the steep cliff, was a surging river!

“Quickly go!” Inside the stone, Little Sky shouted loudly.

You could hear, his voice sounded very anxious.

After those two words, that transparent and fluorescent stone, unexpectedly suddenly lost its vigor, and restored to the appearance when Su Luo first saw it.

At this moment, the little dragon also sensed the danger, he picked up the small stone, and jumped into the river without saying anything else!

On top of the cliff.

Fairy Yan Xia’s chest now had gotten burned very seriously.

Although the she had the flames under control now, but that badly mangled chest surrounded by flames and smoke…..

Fairy Yan Xia now was so furious that her complexion was ashen, her teeth making grinding noises. She itching to peel Su Luo’s skin off, pull out her tendon eat her flesh, and drink her blood!

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