DKC – Chapter 846

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Chapter 846 – Moment between life and death (2)

The other half of the mountain peak was also heavily split into two.

At this moment, within the mountain peak that had been leveled flat, a bright divine light suddenly shot towards the skies!

The divine light was like a pillar of light bursting out, linking heaven and earth together.

Afterwards, this divine light suddenly exploded!

All kinds of brilliant rays of light were dazzling like fireworks. An endless amount of spirit force rushed to attack in all directions!

The center of the divine light was like the eye of a hurricane, so tranquil that there wasn’t even a breeze.

However, the surroundings where the divine light exploded with huge energy, pushed the waves of air, overflowing to the sky. A countless number of mountain ranges were instantly leveled flat!

A countless number of birds and beasts were turned into ashes and bones!

A countless number of millennium old trees were burned until nothing was left!

The only undisturbed place was the mountain peak that had been leveled flat, where Su Luo and the others were.

A saffron yellow color appeared in the distant sky, as far as the eye could see. It even rendered people’s figures in a hazy, light yellow color.

In the end, what happened? It was simply too mystical.

Su Luo looked on with a stupefied expression at the scene in front of her…

At this moment, Luo Haochen also slowly crawled up.

He had searched for a long time and finally found Luo Dieyi’s figure. With one move, he had lifted her up from among the ashes.

“Brother…” Luo Dieyi, who was covered in grime from head to toe, opened her eyes with great difficulty. She raised her eyes and saw Luo Haochen’s worried expression.

Luo Haochen patted away the dust on her body. The dust on her face made her look like a striped cat.

Zi Yan walked to Su Luo’s side, and the corner of her mouth slightly pursed: “That Diamond Ape King would die just like this?”

“Perhaps.” Su Luo’s gaze looked to the place where the divine light was bursting out. Her eyes were profoundly mysterious.

Zi Yan said with some regret: “This was a magical beast at the peak of ninth rank. At the very least, we could have dug out a blue-colored crystal stone. A pity that the Luo family’s brat would pick up this small advantage.”

“Don’t you feel it’s strange?” Su Luo frowned slightly, “Just now, Luo Haochen had used two spirit pinballs in a row.”

Zi Yan was usually smart, just a hint was all she needed: “That’s right, if he had a spirit pinball since the beginning, he couldn’t have been chased until this point and still not used it.”

“If it was just one, then it would explain why he would save it to conserve his strength, but there were two…” Su Luo muttered to herself…

Where did Luo Haochen get the second spirit pinball?


Just at this moment, in that pile of raging flames, a sinister magical beast crawled out.

“Heavens..oh heavens!” Zi Yan was very stunned as she pointed at the slowly wiggling thing. She almost choked on her own saliva.

Su Luo’s eyes also narrowed instantly.

“Diamond Ape King!” Luo Haochen cried out in alarm. His body couldn’t help but to fall back.

That pitch-black body with nearly one third of it chopped off, was standing up like an iron tower. If it wasn’t the Diamond Ape King, then who else could it have been?

Su Luo swallowed her saliva with great difficulty.

Although half of the Diamond Ape King’s body had been destroyed at this time, but very clearly, its strength was stronger than before!

Its vicious nature as a magical beast, under Luo Haochen’s provocations time and time again, it was thoroughly aroused!


The Diamond Ape King was in a rage, it roared and shouted——

Step by step, it walked towards Luo Haochen!

Fortunately, it was looking for Luo Haochen.

Su Luo and Zi Yan, seeing that the situation was not good, immediately turned around and wanted to run.

However, they tragically discovered——

This area’s heaven and earth seemed to have been sealed by something. Unexpectedly, she could not run out at all.

“Domain!” Zi Yan had a startled expression, “Damned Luo Haochen. He actually smashed the Diamond Ape King into the tenth rank. Now that it can erect and control a domain, we are completely doomed!”

Su Luo’s expression also followed by changing slightly.

If they couldn’t escape, would they have to obediently wait until the opponent came to kill them?

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