DKC – Chapter 847

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Chapter 847 – Moment between life and death (3)

Su Luo couldn’t help but look at Luo Haochen.

Under the forceful pressure the Diamond Ape King was exerting as it got closer step by step, Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi, the two siblings, retreated step by step.

In front of the enormous Diamond Ape King, those two siblings were simply like ants, so insignificant as to be negligible and disregarded.

Suddenly, the Diamond Ape King extended its heavy, huge, palm leaf and fan-like hands, and slapped towards the two siblings.

This palm was like one thousand and fifty kilograms of thunder, as if it contained an endless amount of strength.

Under this palm strike, would the two siblings die just like this?

Su Luo’s eyes squinted slightly. Suddenly, her heart had a sympathetic feeling for a person in similar distress…

Just at this tense moment!


A face appeared in the sky.

A face that was around sixty years old, with features that somewhat resembled Luo Haochen.

This face seemed to be gentle, but it gave people a feeling of strong deterrence.

Ever since seeing that face, Su Luo felt her soul shuddering, as if she couldn’t help but to kneel down and worship it!

Just like the first time when she saw Beautiful Teacher, that kind of feeling.

Su Luo secretly guessed in her heart, this person’s cultivation state ought to be on par with Beautiful Teacher, right?

That face suddenly appeared, but was still unable to stop the crazed Diamond Ape King!

That palm ultimately still slapped down!

However, that face suddenly became furious: “Diamond Ape, you dare!”

Before his voice could fade, his figure suddenly appeared.

Wearing a light gray robe, an elderly man with an icy, arrogant expression appeared in front of everyone.

One could only see his pair of hands form seals and shoot towards the Diamond Ape King. He had saved the siblings from this dangerous situation.

“Grandfather!” Luo Dieyi cried out,having been pleasantly surprised.

Oh heavens! Grandfather had come! Grandfather had personally come! Luo Dieyi was so emotionally moved that she nearly shrieked!

Luo Haochen gave a sigh from finally being relieved of a burden. Grandfather was here, than their little lives were saved.

“This is the Luo Family’s Esteemed Elder, Luo Shengtian.” Zi Yan muttered in a low voice by Su Luo’s ear, “He is worthy of being called the great shield of the Luo family. Luo Haochen definitely had a Cry for Help Stone. In a life-and-death situation, he summoned his grandfather.”

Elder Luo’s gaze swept Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi a glance. Soon after, his ice-cold gaze swept Su Luo and Zi Yan a glance. His eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

However, at this moment, the Diamond Ape King had already started to launch an attack at Elder Luo. As a result, he did not have the time to ask and take notice of anything else.

The Diamond Ape King also knew that if he did not kill this damned old man today, then it would be the one that died.

At this moment, Elder Luo and the Diamond Ape King had already begun to battle.

The two exceptional experts fighting simply split the heavens and earth apart, making the earth quake and mountains shake.

Rumbling sounds echoed in the surroundings.

Full of a desperate and harsh air.

The two exceptional experts exchanging blows was similar to a real, windy thunderous storm, resonating through heaven and earth.

The palm chopped towards the mountain top, like being crushed by the blue dome of heaven. It also appeared to surge up violently like a tsunami.

For a moment, rubble swirled in the air, yellow earth filling the whole sky. Their line of sight became fuzzy.

They could only see in the distant horizon, two black dots intertwining and fighting as they passed. They only knew that their might was so strong as to be incomparable. The rest they were unable to understand from watching.

Su Luo and the others, in front of these exceptional experts, were simply too weak.

This was simply not a battle that they could participate in right now.

These several people, one after another, tried finding a place for cover, in order to avoid being dragged into this disaster.

Just at this moment, the little divine dragon suddenly jumped out from Su Luo’s arms. His tiny body leapt forward like lightning!

Su Luo’s expression immediately changed slightly. She lifted her hands but was unable to catch the little divine dragon. As a result, she whispered: “Little Foolish Dragon, come back!”

However, this time, the little divine dragon only glanced back briefly at Su Luo. He only gritted his teeth and dashed forward.

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