DKC – Chapter 845

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Chapter 845 – Moment between life and death (1)

In front of him was Zi Yan’s pair of people, whom he had a life-and-death enmity with. Behind him was the Diamond Ape King that pursued closely, unwilling to let go…

In fact, Luo Haochen really wanted to smash the spirit pinball in his hands towards Zi Yan and Su Luo pair.

“Brother, Brother…” Luo Die Yi ran all the way in the back, being pursued by the Diamond Ape King without letting go.

“Letting you guys off lightly!” Luo Haochen’s gloomy and cold gaze glared at the two people up front. Then, he coldly snorted in his heart.

If it were not for the Diamond Ape King chasing them from behind, he was itching to smash the two people in front of him to death!

Seeing that the Diamond Ape King was about to grab Luo Die Yi’s back…

A touch of a fierce, severe expression flashed through Luo Haochen’s eyes. The spirit pinball in his hand suddenly smashed towards the Diamond Ape King!

“Go die!’

Luo Haochen angrily roared.

Su Luo and Zi Yan’s heart were jolted. When they turned their head around, they were in time to see the spirit pinball being tossed towards the Diamond Ape King’s chest!

The Diamond Ape King’s body was cumbersome and not nimble enough, thus, he was smashed by it. Basically, it was unable to hide nor avoid it.


A loud sound echoed and rolled like an air wave!

Luo Haochen was wrapped up high by the air waves and flung far away.

At this moment, who knew where Luo Die Yi was already flung to.

Even the Su Luo pair of people were also carried by the rushing air waves to knock their heads against a rock.

When Luo Haochen smashed the spirit pinball, the place he chose was too timely, it was actually under a cave.

For a moment, the earth quaked and the mountains shook.

The entire mountain top violently shook. A countless number of boulders collapsed downwards like a landslide.

The entire mountain top seemed to have been split in half.

Su Luo crawled up and shook her head.

Her eyes stared fixedly at the center of the blaze.

Because she had smashed people two times, both times, she had smashed the opponent into a higher rank, helping her opponent skyrocket by forty-five thousand kilometers.

As a result, Su Luo, with regards to using the spirit pinball in smashing others, didn’t have a lot of self-confidence.

Her pair of eyes stared intensely at the place where the blaze was ignited.

Not long after, sure enough–

The Diamond Ape King stood up.

Although only one of its two heads remained, it still tenaciously stood up.

Very clearly, this ninth-ranked spirit pinball did not kill it with the explosion.

However, it seemed that it also didn’t smash it to the next rank.

From this, it could be seen that the Diamond Ape King’s strength was far beyond the ninth rank.

“It… stood up…” A trace of astonishment flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

If you said that the Diamond Ape King was furious before, then now, it could only be described as crazy.

Its pair of eyes became bloodshot like an ignited flame, making people’s souls shudder and bodies stiffen.

Its surroundings was filled with frightening fluctuations.

At this moment, the Diamond Ape King was thoroughly enraged!

Its furious pair of eyes glared rigidly at a place not far off.

There, Luo Haochen was lying in the original spot, neither dead nor alive…

Seeing the main culprit that cut off one of its heads, the Diamond Ape King was exceptionally furious!

“AOAOAO!!!” It angrily charged. Its palm leaf, fan-like claws attacked towards Luo Haochen!

Just at this moment, the corner of Luo Haochen’s mouth hooked up into a fierce sneer.

Another dark spirit pinball appeared in his hand!

That’s right, it was another spirit pinball!

“Tenth-ranked spirit pinball! Explode!” Luo Haochen shouted out loud. The spirit pinball directly smashed towards the Diamond Ape King!

Along with the spirit pinball’s approaching attack, a frightening aura shrouded the Diamond Ape King. A trace of alarm actually flashed through its pair of crazed eyes.

However, it was too late!

The tenth-ranked spirit pinball directly exploded on the Diamond Ape King’s body!!!

“BOOM, BOOM–” It was another violent sound that made the earth quake and the mountains shake.

A loud sound that frightened the skies, like waves of claps of thunder.

At this moment, everyone’s mind was violently jolted, their bodies swaying non-stop.

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  1. Riger says:

    And now they get to deal with a level 10 monster?

  2. Arkeus says:

    Ah, Spirit Balls. Su Luo’s most loyal friends.

  3. Leafyeyes417 says:

    If I were Su Luo I would get Zi Yan and run. Don’t even care about what happens, just run. Then when Zi Yan goes, “I don’t know why we are leaving. That Ape is dead for sure.” Su Luo will say, “Unlike the rest of you, I’ve never trusted in Spirit Pinballs. Both times I used them they upgraded my enemy into the next rank. SO RUN.”

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Ichii says:

    Here I am reading about spirit pinballs again.
    Are they really rare? = ^ =”)

    Sounds like everyone can just find it sitting on the shelves of their houses.

    • XD says:

      I feel the same. Author should have either timed them far from each other in the story OR used some other trick.

      • 4crosses says:

        i don´t think so. He´s writing about the upper echelon of the mondeybags in that world. WHERE, when not there, are all the spirit pinballs and what if not the ultimate lottery ahndgranade would be best as a lifesaving treasure?
        Think about the places those things came from xD
        Secret burried treasure in fish palace, secret treasure stack of a kindom, family heirloom of the richest families 1 and 2.
        It still makes sense, if you try to argue about the spirit pinballs you should rather argue aabout, how she gets into a situation that needs the use of those things every 10 chapters xD

    • WirlWind says:

      Actually, it makes sense that they’re more common in high-ranking cultivation families. I’d imagine many elders who are coming to the end of their lives would happily leave it behind to strengthen the family and have a meaningful death.

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    There’s too many spirit pinballs in this novel…

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    Geez these spirit pinballs are as unreliable as scooby doo. I haven’t seen a single one do it’s job yet. It’s like making a wish with satan, get what you wish for but it’s twisted and more trouble than worth.

  7. Kirito @[email protected] says:

    Its lucky that our mc not the one who do thay.

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