DKC – Chapter 805

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Chapter 805 – Dark Forest (4)

At this moment, the Golden Crowned Snake King’s pair of ice-cold silver eyes stared rigidly at Su Luo. A vicious light exploded forth from its eyes.

Su Luo did not show any weakness as she welcomed its gaze. The corner of her mouth raised into a vicious smile.

The Golden Crowned Snake King was twenty meters long and at fourth rank. Its attack strength was slightly weak, but it was highly toxic. With regards to its growing speed, its crest could be used for medicine.

From a certain written record that had appeared in Su Luo’s mind.

In this more than half a year on Cloud Mist Peak, besides refining medicine, Su Luo was also memorizing books by heart.

Grandmaster Rong Yun had inspected Su Luo’s memorization of books everyday. Those books in his outer study room, whether they were useful or not, he had told Su Luo to memorize all of them.

A Golden Crowned Snake, a king at the fourth rank, right? The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised into a sneer.

A magical beast’s strength, in normal situations, was stronger than humans of the same rank in a fight.

In other words, a fourth rank Golden Crowned Snake was nearly equal in strength to a human at the fifth rank.


Su Luo, with Nothingness of Space, within the same rank, her existence was one without equal. As a result, Su Luo was very confident in herself.

The Golden Crowned Snake simply did not give Su Luo a chance to react. It swayed its massive body, but with nimble movements, it charged towards Su Luo!

Flying through mid-air, it opened its huge, ferocious mouth. A thick, three-colored smoke directly sprayed towards Su Luo.

The three-colored smoke was highly toxic and also possessed a corrosive nature.

If she was hit, then her life would be forfeit.

A sneer flashed across Su Luo’s eyes

Just as the three-colored thick smoke was sprayed forth, Su Luo waved her hands and Nothingness of Space seamlessly covered her body.

The Nothingness of Space seemed to be a protective barrier, protecting Su Luo completely.

Su luo moved the Nothingness of Space, with her toe tapping the ground, her figure flew into the air.

Grab the snake by grabbing its spine!

Su Luo’s hands held that deeply cold dagger ‘Yan Hua’. She raised it high and suddenly slashed down towards the Golden Crowned Snake King’s spine!

However, at this moment, the Golden Crowned Snake King’s very agile tail whipped towards Su Luo’s body!

However, Su Luo unexpectedly did not dodge.

“Bang——” A loud sound echoed.

The massive tail whipped against Su Luo’s protective cover.

The protective cover swayed a little, but did not have any trace of shattering into pieces.

Just when the cover was being shaken!

Su Luo’s eyes flashed with a cold light, afterwards, her hand lifted and the dagger came down!

The dagger ruthlessly pierced into the Golden Crowned Snake’s spine area.

At the same time, Su Luo still held the dagger and mixed around inside its body.

The spine was pierced through, and the massive body of the Golden Crowned Snake King became slightly stiff.

The dagger was too short, whereas his body was too huge. As a result, even though this thrust injured it, but it was not fatal.

Immediately, the Golden Crowned Snake King became enraged.

It turned around its snake head. All the scales on its body stuck up and suddenly rushed in the direction Su Luo stood to knock her down!

Seeing the thunderous attack that carried the weight of one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms ramming her head-on, a cold sneer appeared in the depths of Su Luo’s eyes.

With a wave of her hands. Nothingness of Space protective cover once again encased her body. She stood motionlessly in her original place, waiting for the Golden Crowned Snake King to ram her!


Thirty meters, twenty one meters, fifteen meters, nine meters, three meters….

Just when the Golden Crowned Snake King was on the verge of ramming into Su Luo’s body——

One could only hear a whooshing sound…

The Golden Crowned Snake King actually brushed past Su Luo and its body didn’t stop and continuously charged forward!

“Pretense!” Su Luo was jolted slightly and immediately returned to her senses.

Hunted for a sparrow all day long, and actually was pecked in the eye by the sparrow.

How could she have imagined that this violent Golden Crowned Snake King was actually this two-faced.

It was actually making a feint and not a real attack on her. Rather, its intent was to flee.

And she was actually so idiotic as to let it escape.

Only at this moment did Su Luo truly realize the painstaking effort of the beautiful teacher’s heart.

Even though her promotion speed was very fast, but her battle experience was really too little. Now, she was actually played by the Golden Crowned Snake King that lacked intelligence.

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