DKC – Chapter 806

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Chapter 806 – Dark Forest (5)

“Want to escape? It’s not that easy!” Su Luo darkly snorted, without turning her head, she immediately chased in the direction of that two-faced, cunning Golden Crowned Snake King with all her might!

Just recalling that she was actually deceived by a snake, Su Luo wished she could just grab her own head.

The Golden Crowned Snakes inherently excelled in speed, the snake king’s speed was even faster.

With lightning speed, it was already more than a hundred meters away.

Its huge body seemed bloated, but that didn’t hinder its movements whatsoever.

Su Luo put her Spirit Dance Steps to full use and madly chased after it at full speed.

If she was truly to let an insignificant Golden Crowned Snake King escape, where would she still have any face left?

Just like the Golden Crowned Snake King, Su Luo also excelled in speed.

As a result, one person chased and one snake fled in the endless Dark Forest.

Only, this time, the person trying to escape being chased, was not Su Luo.

Unconsciously, the sun gradually moved to the west.

And the distance between Su Luo and the Golden Crowned Snake King had also already been reduced to within fifty meters.

Fifty meters, very good!

The corners of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a sinister sneer.

Her feet still continued their fast movements, but both of her hands, as fast as lightning, formed complicated hand seals, one after another.

At last, the hand seals came together to create a huge palmprint, noiselessly appearing above the Golden Crowned Snake King’s head.

“Smash it for me!” Su Luo shouted out loudly.

The Great Dimensional Imprint descended from the sky.


It issued out a violent sound of impact.

The Golden Crowned Snake King’s head wasn’t hit at all.

Its perception of danger was very sharp, therefore, when the Great Dimensional Imprint emerged, it shot out at the quickest speed.

However, even if used all of its strength, it was still only at the fourth rank ah, how fast could its speed go up by?

Therefore, even though its head had escaped a calamity, however, its long tail couldn’t escape at all ah.

Thus, the Great Dimensional Imprint firmly smashed down on the Golden Crowned Snake King’s tail.

Just as the Golden Crowned Snake King had the thought of being a brave warrior that broke their own wrist, and suffer the pain of cutting off its tail, Su Luo finally caught up from behind.

Su Luo jumped high, as she dropped down, nimble as a leopard cat, her figure flew onto the body of the Golden Crowned Snake King.

This time, Su Luo had learned from experience.

The very small dagger, when faced with the enormous Golden Crowned Snake King, clearly couldn’t display its full strength.

Therefore, Su Luo, facing that spine area where she had gouged out a hole, immediately shot in a fireball containing endless power.


The fireball exploded inside the Golden Crowned Snake King’s body and issued out a burst of a smothered exploding sound.

The Golden Crowned Snake King’s body violently rocked, evidently in extreme pain.

The spine was destroyed, the spirit power in its body left in an instant.

Adding in that one-third of it’s tail had been cut off a moment ago, it had already lost the majority of its strength.

Therefore, at the moment, the Golden Crowned Snake King was already on the verge of death.

Ultimately, its enormous body couldn’t keep it up and directly turned over, falling to the ground.

Its body whipped about, until finally, it motionlessly stiffened in place.

The Golden Crowned Snake King that originally was cruel and couldn’t be tamed, had finally died in the end.

Su Luo took the crested meat on the head of the Golden Crowned Snake King and conveniently put it into her space’s storehouse.

Suddenly, she recalled another matter.

She remembered from the book she had memorized, that it had once mentioned, magical beasts of fourth rank and higher would automatically condense out a crystal stone.

Generally speaking, a fourth rank magical beast would condense out a red-colored crystal stone, a fifth rank magical beast would condense out an orange-colored crystal stone, a sixth rank magical beast would condense out a yellow-colored crystal stone…… And so on.

Then, a tenth rank magical beast, could condense out a purple-colored crystal stone!

It was said that in the center of the magical beast’s forest, there were tenth-ranked magical beasts living there.

However, so what? A tenth rank magical beast, how could a human at the tenth rank even beat it?

Therefore, thinking about it was thoughts wasted in vain.

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