DKC – Chapter 804

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Chapter 804 – Dark Forest (3)

“It’s here.” Su Luo quietly shouted and prepared for battle.

Not long after, a countless number of Golden Crowned Snakes that hid the sky and covered the earth exploded out to rush towards Su Luo.

Those densely-packed Golden Crowned Snakes, every one of them was as thick as the opening of a bowl. Spitting out a scarlet red tongue as they sinisterly encircled towards Su Luo.

At the same time, a bucket thick Golden Crowned Snake king appeared in front of Su Luo.

One could only see that it was about twenty meters in length. On top of its head was an alluring scarlet crest, a pair of silver eyes that was cold as ice stared at Su Luo without any regard.

With one glance, Su Luo could see that this snake was the king of the Golden Crowned Snakes.

And because of her carelessness, she had stepped into an area where the Golden Crowned Snakes were active.

Thus having the unique scent of the Golden Crowned Snakes stuck on her. Now, even if she wanted to leave, it was impossible.

As a result, a fight could happen at any moment.

The countless number of Golden Crowned Snakes that hid the sky and covered the earth rushed towards Su Luo.

All around, it was slippery, and a sickening scent pervaded in the surroundings.

Learn through experience, this was learning through experience!

Su Luo condensed the spirit energy from her whole body. In a split second, countless fireballs exploded forth in a flash.

The densely-packed fireballs, even though they were small, but their power was astonishing.

How could these small Golden Crowned Snakes and the snake king be on par with her? At most, they were no more than second or third rank.

And how could the fireballs that Su Luo condense out now be the same as those in the past?

One fireball for one Golden Crowned Snake.

Those small fireballs very accurately smashed into the Golden Crowned Snakes’ wide open mouths that were spitting out their tongue.

Immediately, the surroundings let out burst after burst of sizzling sounds and the fragrance of roasted snakes

The small Golden Crowned Snakes that had been smashed by the fireballs were rolling on the ground, holding their bellies. Black smoke continuously emitted from their mouths, it seemed very funny and interesting.

However, there really were too many Golden Crowned Snakes.

After one wave had fallen, immediately, another wave would quickly rush up from behind.

They advanced dauntlessly wave after wave, like this, endlessly. They were like Chinese chives that would grow back after cutting off a portion.

If it was someone else, they would have already died from anxiety.

However, this was Su Luo.

Su Luo’s trump card was something others would find hard to reach.

That piece of strange spirit stone could provide her an endless stream of the fire element.

Inside Su Luo’s space were a pile of bottles after bottles of advanced grade Spirit Restoration Pills that could help her recover her spirit energy.

In this past more than half a year, how many times she had refined medicines would be hard to estimate. And the pills she had refined were never consumed, consequently, she had accumulated a huge pile.

As a result, Su Luo swallowed an advanced grade Spirit Restoration Pill and absorbed the fire element from inside the spirit stone.

“Bang, bang bang ——”

Once again, countless densely-packed little fireballs attacked towards the surroundings without distinction.

The Golden Crowned Snake King was not at all foolish. Seeing Su Luo once again launch the small fireballs, it quickly emitted a sharp sound.

This was the distinctive language of the Golden Crowned Snakes.

As a result, all the small Golden Crowned Snakes closed their mouths to prevent the small fireballs from smashing into their mouths.

But, so what?

The fireballs Su Luo attacked again with then were enlarged countless-fold in size. The targets were their heads.

Also, her fireballs had come out of the blue.

The sky raining down with fire was truly a spectacle under the heavens.

“Thump, thump, thump——”

The countless fireballs containing endless strength, with matchless accuracy, smashed towards the small Golden Crowned Snakes’ heads.


The whole ground full of small Golden Crowned Snakes held their heads and fled in all directions. Unfortunately, they were all smashed into roasted snakes.

It must be told that normally, Su Luo would ask the little divine dragon whether he had things to do or not, to spit out a few flames into the spirit stone.

Over time, the flames inside the spirit stone had upgraded by a lot. The degree it burned naturally also increased sharply.

Those small snakes that had been baptized by Su Luo’s fireballs withdrew to the side from fear and trepidation, no matter how much the Golden Crowned Snake King yelled at them. They did not dare attack Su Luo again.

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