DKC – Chapter 779

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Chapter 779 – Cloud Mist Peak (1)

The mountain peak was very straight and precipitous, with steep rock faces and sheer cliffs, an average person would absolutely not be able to go up.

They left the horse at the foot of Cloud Mist Peak. Su Luo and Apothecary Leng, dressed lightly without baggage, directly flew up the precipice.

Worthy of being called Western Ling empire’s number one peak.

By a visual estimate, it was at least ten thousand meters or higher.

On top of that, the peak was precipitous and slippery without a foothold, there were several times when Su Luo narrowly fell down.

With Su Luo’s strength at the fifth rank, it was still very difficult to climb up Cloud Mist Peak. Clearly, normally, no one would go up to disturb Grandmaster Rong Yun.

Just merely this mountain peak, had already cut off the overwhelming majority of people seeking medical treatment and asking for medicine.

Finally, in the early morning of the second day, when the sun rose in the east above the sea and the morning lights pierced through the clouds, filling the sky with hues of dawn, Su Luo finally climbed to the peak.

So cold, she had just sucked in a breath when Su Luo felt her lungs nearly freeze.

Cloud Mist Peak was quite high above sea level, therefore, the mountaintop was covered in snow. It was bitterly cold and frozen all year round.

As far as the eye could see, it was a nice-looking white area.

The sky was white, the ground was white, even the green plants were all covered with a thick layer of white snow.

“Let’s go, Master lives just over there.” Apothecary Leng pointed up ahead, at that magnificently built manor.

The manor was located in an open area on the mountain peak. The area it covered was very huge, at one glance, you couldn’t see the end of it.

Apothecary Leng familiarly pushed open the door, while he walked inside, he also said to Su Luo at the same time: “Master has a natural disposition of liking tranquility. He dislikes being disturbed by other people, therefore, only Master and two chamberlains live here all year round.”

“When master teaches, he often teaches it only once.”

“Master doesn’t like people talking back and interrupting.”


While Su Luo was observing the surroundings, she also silently stored what Apothecary Leng was saying in her heart.

Soon afterwards, Apothecary Leng introduced Su Luo to the person in the study.

Grandmaster Rong Yun calmly sat on a circular red sandalwood chair, behind a long table with his back to Su Luo.


Before Apothecary Leng could finish speaking, Grandmaster Rong Yun had raised his right hand.

Immediately, Apothecary Leng became silent.

“You go out first.” A hint of coldness faintly penetrated through Grandmaster Rong Yun’s voice.

It seemed that Master’s mood today was not so good, Apothecary Leng looked at Su Luo with sympathy. Then, he obediently walked out and even quietly closed the thick wooden door behind him.

After Apothecary Leng left, there was a moment of silence in the study.

Grandmaster Rong Yun was dressed in a wide white brocade gown, a light headband binding up his soft, silky hair. His entire person gave off an enigmatic and cold noble aura.

Su Luo could not guess Grandmaster Rong Yun’s age, if she was to judge based on looks, he was just a bit older than Nangong Liuyun and nothing more.

Just when Su Luo was letting her imagination run wild, suddenly, Grandmaster Rong Yun turned his chair around.

His pair of meaningful deep clear eyes, were coldly staring at Su Luo. His sword-like eyebrows were pinched up, seeming to be displeased.

Su Luo was secretly puzzled in her heart, she should not have offended him anywhere, right?

Why would he be staring at her with such a disdainful gaze?

“Master being above, disciple pays her respects.”

Finished talking, Su Luo was just about to make her salutations.

However, Grandmaster Rong Yun frowned and raised his hands to prevent her from such action.

“This title, I dare not accept.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s voice was ice-cold like frost, “I haven’t formally accepted you as my disciple.”

A thread of doubt and puzzlement flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

What did Grandmaster Rong Yun mean? Obviously, that very day in the throne room, he personally said he would accept her as his disciple. Why didn’t he acknowledge it now? Moreover, he treated her with a deliberate alienation……

According to Su Luo’s original temperament, how could she let other people admonish her while pointing at her nose?

However, facing this expert, Su Luo didn’t dare to be rash, he was worth her humbling her attitude: “Great Master……”

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  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    “I have not yet accepted you as my disciple.” Lol you will be choking on those words in a couple of days when you realize just how talented she is.

    Though he did say “formally” so maybe there is some ceremony she has to go through first.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. Dahksahna says:

    Why do I have a feeling that either he knows her real parents or he is her father/relative of some sort

  3. polkadot says:

    It’s great she has finally left that demented Su household, and it’s even better she ruined them all before hand : ).
    Thank you for the chapter : )

  4. Anon says:

    Yay!! Its only been a few hours or so and another update comes!! This definitely made my day 🙂 thanks for the update!!
    She’s not “formally” his disciple because maybe sge needs to do some challenges or tasks or a ceremony or something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, if Su Luo is indeed the daughter of the woman Master Rong is in love with, that would mean she is also the daughter of the man who stole that woman away. I wouldn’t be surprised that, should this be the case, Master Rong has more than a few conflicted feelings.

    • June says:

      Yep and Rong Yun is not the only powerful guy in this world that loves Su Luo’s mom…Even Su Luo herself commented that her mom is a player 😉

  6. FanChan says:

    wtf is with these last 2 chapters i get it its her master but i swear totally out of character her kissing as skill is like a 10 not like her at all even if it was her master she would show respect but she wouldn’t by metaphorically kissing his ass

  7. Nanika says:

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    Seem like Grand master’s hinding something, or he might know SL background, or curious of SL being space mage.

    OMG! There’re tons os possible ideas toward this situation

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  9. Luna says:

    Ahhh, this guy is so unpredictable!!! Does he like her or not!?!?! The signs were definitely showing that he didn’t like that other girl who was always following him(sorry I’m really bad at remembering names)and he was clearly showing interest in Su Luo…

  10. 路飞 says:

    A mountain peak high above sealevel, always coverd in snow… “The sky was white, the ground was white, even the green plants were all covered with a thick layer of white snow.”
    What green plants would even grow there?

  11. nu says:

    oh man cant wait to see SL’s mother. this fiction seems to have no the end lol

    @June, thank you so much for translation. it will be alot better if u can post more than 2 chapters a day. Im addicted to it. T_T

  12. midori says:

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    aw, leng yan cares a lot for su luo, it reminds me of an uncle and his niece! ahahaha! it’s purely my own opinion, ok!

    well, rong yun is being so cold—-? why—? we’ll find out soon!

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