DKC – Chapter 778

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Chapter 778 – Last disciple of a master (7)

“In fact, I had known earlier that I am not your, Su Zian’s, daughter.”

“Originally, I was still tangled on how I could break away from Su Manor. I didn’t expect that you would actually wordlessly and silently act.”

“Frankly speaking, this action of yours, I really like. Because it lessened a lot of troublesome things for me.”

For every sentence Su Luo said, Su Zian’s face would darken a bit.

Until when Su Luo finished speaking, Su Zian’s face could be compared on equal terms to the darkness of night.

Su Luo stood up and smoothed out the non-existent wrinkles in her dress. Afterwards, she turned around and left.

It really was with one wave of the sleeves it dispersed, leaving without taking a bit of clouds.

The high officials and ministers with their gazes normally so high, including emperor Jing, all watched as Su Luo left.


Who would have imagined that the daughter of a concubine who was determined to be an idiot good-for-nothing, would mature to this degree in a short time frame of less than one year.

Everyone shook their heads for lack of better option.

After leaving the imperial palace, Su Luo exhaled out a deep breath.

Having been busy for so long, and concentrating at such a high degree that her mind was stretched taut. Now, it appeared that this matter had finally come to an end.

It was merely that…Su Luo could feel faintly that Fairy Yan Xia was not this simple.

In the future, they would certainly meet again.

“What are you thinking about?” Under the sunlight, an out-of-the-ordinary, handsome and bright youth lifted his hand to pat Su Luo on the shoulder.

When Su Luo turned around, she immediately saw Beichen Ying’s mouthful of pearly white teeth. That bright and cheerful smiling expression was like sunshine.

“Thinking about…where to stay tonight.” Su Luo spread out her hands.

She was expelled from the family by Su Zian, naturally, she could not go back to Su Manor.

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming came and circled around her. Lan Xuan was the first to speak: “How about stay at my place?”

Beichen Ying slanted a glance at him: “If you want to stay somewhere, it should be at my place.”

Lan Xuan was unconvinced and said: “That maid, I had taken in on Sister-in-Law’s behalf.”

“Are you talking about Lu Luo?” Su Luo frowned slightly.

After she heard she was expelled from Su Manor by Su Zian, her first worry was about Lu Luo.

This girl was faithful and devoted to her, how could Su Zian let her off easily?

“Little basket (1), this time, I need to give many thanks to you.” Su Luo said sincerely.

Lan Xuan, being so seriously thanked by her, was somewhat embarrassed at being thanked: “Sister-in-Law, you are being too much of a stranger, when Second Brother left, he especially warned us for Sister-in-law to not suffer even a bit of hardship.”

This Nangong Liuyun! Why was it that he left words to so many people!

However, recalling how arrogant and pampered he was, telling each and every one of these people, a sweet feeling bubbled up from Su Luo’s heart.

However the second day.

Before Su Luo could go look for Apothecary Leng, the latter had voluntarily come to call on her.

“Junior sister apprentice, you have stayed really calm.” Once he saw Su Luo, Apothecary Leng’s anti-social, rigid face unexpectedly perked up into a smile.

It could clearly be seen that he was in a very good mood.

“Aren’t we going to see the master three days later?” Su Luo’s face had a bewildered expression.

Apothecary glared at her in annoyance: “Your temper how is it that it’s neither fast nor slow? Do you know where Master lives?”

“Where?” Su Luo really didn’t know.

“Cloud Mist Peak!” Apothecary Leng directly glared at her, “Where Cloud Mist Peak is, you ought to know, right!”

Su Luo was immediately struck dumb.

Cloud Mist Peak, that was the number one highest peak within the borders of Western Ling. The distance from the imperial capital in a horse carriage would require three days’ time.

Apothecary Leng almost rolled his eyes: “You didn’t think our teacher would live in the capital, right? How is this possible!”

Su Luo recalled the first time she saw Grandmaster Rong Yun.

That time, he easily and calmly walked down from the clouds as if walking down steps, as if the entire sky was within his control.

That’s right, this kind of him, how could he reside in a place like the bustling imperial capital?

After exchanging greetings with Beichen Ying and them, Su Luo then jumped up on the Dragon Scaled Horse, leaving together with Apothecary Leng.


1) Little basket refers to Lan Xuan. Because, when you take Lan Xuan’s name ‘Lan’ and add the Chinese ‘child’, you get Little basket… Same idea with Beichen Ying. Little Ying is translated as little shadows.

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  1. Lala says:

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    Or well, itz juz her excuse cuz they caught her deep in thought. Hmm…

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