DKC – Chapter 776

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Chapter 776 – Last disciple of a master (5)

Su Luo was not at all stupid.

With regards to Fairy Yan Xia’s temper of ‘I’m the only one that should be worshipped’, naturally, she would view her ego to be more important than anything else. What she hated the most was when other people disobeyed her.

Moreover, this female devil’s temperament was unpredictable, going from overcast to clear. She was also a bloodthirsty murderer who killed people as if she was cutting grass, God knows if in the next second, she would take a killing action?

Therefore, when Anye Ming was about to speak again, Su Luo tugged at his sleeves.

A smiling expression appeared on Su Luo’s face: “To sincerely comply with Fairy Yan Xia’s wish, this junior from the younger generation has no objection.”

She believed that the more magnanimous she acted, the more difficult Li Yaoyao’s days would be.

Fairy Yan Xia gave a cold snort, she only wished to take Li Yaoyao and leave.

However, at this time, Li Yaoyao turned her head back. A strange sneer appeared on that face disfigured with scars.

“Su Luo, I want to challenge you!”

Li Yaoyao’s tone was dark, fierce and vicious. It carried an indescribable kind of evil intent.

Seeing Su Luo frown, a murderous cold light flashed through the depths of Li Yaoyao’s eyes: “The battle competition between the four countries, with my hand, I will personally kill you!”

Finished speaking this sentence, Li Yaoyao took a step forward and walked out without looking back.

Only a long time after Fairy Yan Xia and Li Yaoyao had left, did everyone return to their senses.

Now, everyone’s gazes had inevitably centered on Su Luo’s body.

Grandmaster indicated that Su Luo should step forward.

“You were able to come out from the Demon Cave, it can be seen that your aptitude is not that bad.” He seemed somewhat grudging, “Li Yaoyao…a pity. Since it’s like this, then this apothecary will accept you as a disciple.”

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s tone, seemed to be rather reluctant.

Su Luo immediately froze and stared, somewhat dazed.

Just now, Lan Xuan had already, in a low tone, whispered to Su Luo’s ear of the things that had happened before.

First, Li Yaoyao was accepted as the Grandmaster’s disciple, but who would have known that the situation would soon be reversed. She was snached up by Fairy Yan Xia and finally, unexpectedly, Su Luo conveniently got the winning prize.

This matter of becoming a formal apprentice really was full of many twists and turns, with a lot of up and downs.

Su Luo’s heart was naturally very happy, she kneeled on both knees. She conducted a neat and proper ceremony to formally become apprentice to a master.

Grandmaster expression was tranquil and calm, his clear and cold voice only said: “Get up, three days from now, come with your senior brother to find me.”

He icily left this sentence and immediately departed.

Nobody noticed that after Grandmaster Rong Yun had left, a figure on the roof also left subsequently, with a speed that was like flashing light.

Even though Grandmaster Rong Yun didn’t seem to care too much about Su Luo, but the fact that she was his apprentice could not be changed.

At every turn, it would change, circling back until finally, it was Su Luo who paid her respects to be Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple.

Su Luo actually became Grandmaster Rong Yun’s last little disciple.

Now, everyone’s gazes when looking at Su Luo carried a somewhat strange expression.

The Jade Lake’s fairy, along the whole journey, had proclaimed her progress. The result was to be snatched away by Fairy Yan Xia, that female devil.

And Su Luo crawled out of the Demon Cave alive, even though she didn’t have many Fire Source Stones, but still ultimately became Grandmaster Rong Yun’s last disciple through a series of freak accidents.

Should it be said that the Jade Lake’s fairy’s luck was too lacking or that Su Luo’s luck was too good?

Still, it was that sentence that said it best, with fate, sometimes there were still endings that there were no times to importune what’s fated.

Everything about the Jade Lake’s fairy was good, but luck, no matter what, in the end, she could not compare to Su Luo.

Everyone, without exception, was shaking their heads and sighing. At the same time, they used another kind of new and odd gaze to look at Su Luo.

Among the crowd, there was one person whose complexion was extremely ugly.

This person was not a stranger, rather, it was Su Zian.

Now, he used a very complicated gaze to stare fixedly at Su Luo.

Everyone took notice of Su Zian’s abnormality …was also somewhat taking joy in others’ misfortune.

“My old pal Su, congratulations oh.”

Now, among them, was a minister that was smiling with deep meanings, and who had caught hold of Su Zian’s shoulder.

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