DKC – Chapter 775

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Chapter 775 – Last disciple of a master (4)

“Speaking of this, the Jade Lake’s fairy was really….alas, she seems gentle and warm, who would have known that her methods were so vicious.”

“That’s slander! Even if the Jade Lake’s fairy used a spirit pinball to smash Su Luo, so what? Their Jade Lake’s Li family has spirit pinballs, however they want to smash it, they can smash it, as long as they are happy!”

For a moment, everyone was discussing spiritedly.

The group that defended the Jade Lake’s family continuously issued all kinds of arguments to defend Li Yaoyao.

However, apart from the group that defended the Jade Lake’s family, there were always some who were clear-headed.

They, through watching a series of events, had already seen through the fact that Li Yaoyao’s outside appearance was very different from her real inner quality.

Merely that, for many years, Li Yaoyao’s reputation was shown off, so there were numerous admirers. Wanting to throw her off that pedestal was not a matter that could be done overnight.

Not speaking of how everyone reacted.

Just speaking of Li Yaoyao.

Ever since Anye Ming’s mouth had asked that sentence, Li Yaoyao’s complexion immediately became pale, without a trace of blood.

At that time, she really was one hundred percent certain that Su Luo had already died! Who would have known that she would once again strangely crawl back out?!

At this moment, the Jade Lake’s fairy wished she could slap herself in the face heavily.

“The Jade Lake’s fairy’s memory can’t be that bad, right?” Lan Xuan provocatively sneered out.

The corner of Anye Ming’s mouth hooked into a wicked smile: “It doesn’t matter if the Jade Lake’s fairy has forgotten. That day, everyone here was present, everyone has all helped her to remember it.”

The two people echoed each other, their coordination perfect. Immediately, it made Li Yaoyao’s mouth suffer bitterness, increasingly, it was hard for her to speak.

What could she say?

If she said she hadn’t, but that day, a lot of people were present at the scene, how could she even deny it?

But if she said she had, Anye Ming and them would definitely force her to commit suicide by slitting her throat!

What to do? What ought she do?

The Jade Lake’s fairy was so anxious that her heart was like an ant, bumping into things in confusion.

From childhood to grown up, so many years, she never had a day that was as thoroughly full of bad luck as today.

Just when Li Yaoyao was so anxious that fine lines of cold sweat was coming out of her forehead, Fairy Yan Xia frowned slightly.

“What’s going on?” She coldly snorted in displeasure.

Anye Ming cupped his hand in respect towards Fairy Yan Xia and briefly told the matter once through for her.

“There was also this kind of matter?” Fairy Yan Xia sent a disdainful glance towards Li Yaoyao.

Under thousands of staring eyes, how could this possibly still be denied?

Li Yaoyao’s pair of hands were nervously twisting together, and she anxiously nodded her head.

“Slap!” Fairy Yan Xia directly sent a hand to slap her, hitting Li Yaoyao until she tumbled down in place.

This clear echo of a slapping sound, immediately frightened everyone until their hearts had jumped into their throats.

Even though everyone knew that Fairy Yan Xia was a female devil, however, that was what they had heard, how could it be as shocking as seeing it in person today?

Li Yaoxiang’s throat moved a little, his hands at his sides were clenched tightly into fists. However, ultimately, he still did not stand out.

The Jade Lake’s fairy covered her right cheek with an incredulous expression as she lifted her face to look at Fairy Yan Xia.

Originally, how noble and refined was the Jade Lake’s fairy. But the her right now, with scars that crisscrossed her face, being beaten and scolded by Fairy Yan Xia at the slightest pretext…. It could even be said that in a split second, she had fallen from the clouds of heaven and into hell.

“What are you looking at! Idiot!” Fairy Yan Xia coldly snorted.

This kind of idiot, was she really the disciple Rong Yun favored? When did his eyesight become so bad?

If she was not snatched from Rong Yun’s hand, Fairy Yan Xia would have already discarded Li Yaoyao long ago.

Fairy Yan Xia gazed back, and she sent Su Luo an annoyed glance: “My, Yan Xia’s, disciple, who dares to force her to commit suicide by slitting her throat?”

Seeing Su Luo and the others were silent, Fairy Yan Xia gave a heavy snort: “At worst, in the future, I’ll spare you once from death. This matter of committing suicide through cutting one’s throat, just call it even and crossed off by a stroke of the pen.”

When she was saying these words, the surroundings were cold from a bitingly chill light, even the temperature had dropped to the freezing point.

Grandmaster Rong Yun used the corner of his eyes to shoot a glance at Su Luo, as if hinting that she shouldn’t say more.


Author’s words:

Continue to count the words….PS: Some readers shouldn’t assume that by right, that at a fixed time, it must be updated, okay? The author is not a robot! If the plot was written randomly, one day, twenty chapters, even I could write it! But is this the result you guys want?

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