DKC – Chapter 764

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Chapter 764 – Cultivation breakthrough (2)

Beichen Ying looked at this piece of spirit stone, silently, he turned his face away….Weren’t the heavens too favoring of one and discriminating of others too much?

Being borrowed by Beichen Ying to use, the little rotten child inside the spirit stone only snorted twice. It didn’t produce another sound again. As a result, he came out to say that the bit of flames that Beichen Ying absorbed was like a drop in the ocean.

In order to get out earlier, to make the timeline before the ten days, Su Luo cultivated with unprecedented seriousness.

Only the fusion of the space rules and the Great Dimensional Imprint could produce Nothingness of Space.

Su Luo sat cross-legged, both hands folded in front of her stomach, forming one complicated hand seal after another.

Ever since the tiny Nothingness of Space had appeared, afterwards, she faintly felt that there were a countless number of threads criss-crossing between her space and the Great Dimensional Imprint.

These threads were thin and there were also lots of them. It seemed to be not there and there also didn’t seem to be any rules. As a result, Su Luo had always ignored them.

Now, she calmed her heart to slowly cultivate. She then discovered that these threads, every one of them seemed to be stirring.

“Extremely stupid! Make these threads form one from two. As long as you fuse them, then it will succeeded! You had already cultivated it, now you just lacking the final step to enter. And you actually still hesitated over there!”

An arrogant voice rang out in Su Luo’s head.

Daring to talk like this to Su Luo, besides that little rotten child who had bad luck, who else could it be?

However, to fuse these threads from two to one? How could it be done?

Both of Su Luo’s eyes seemed to be at a loss.

“Compress them ah! You try to compress two threads into one!” The little rotten child saw that Su Luo was slow to move, and he paced back and forth irascibly in the spirit stone.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Su Luo’s eyes were tightly closed as she allowed her mind to become as tranquil as the ocean.

In that fast region of her mind, every thread criss-crossed, and each were flickerng with light.

Su Luo chose two threads at the fringe of this area, then she released the powers of her space. She condensed all the spirit powers in her body and intentionally commanded them to fuse them together.

Close, close, again closer….

Su Luo personally saw that under her own mind’s urging, those two silver threads that were closest to each other unexpectedly really fused together slowly.

Afterwards, they slowly completed the joining of two into one!

During this process, it was quite costly for her mind.

Just these two short threads cost Su Luo two hours of time.

However, after fusing these two threads, Su Luo could really clearly sense that the tiny Nothingness of Space had grown a bit bigger.

Su Luo counted some, in her head, there were actually one thousand and twenty-four strings of silver threads!

“That’s right, you need to fuse these one thousand and twenty-four strings of threads into five hundred and twelve strings. Only then will the Nothingness of Space be big enough to send you guys out.” The rotten little child indifferently tossed out this sentence.

Su Luo counted the time using her fingers.

According to the time she used just now for fusion to calculate, at two hours to complete one fusion, then, in one day, at most, she could complete twelve fusions.

There was only five days left to Grandmaster accepting a disciple, within these five days, she couldn’t even complete one hundred fusions!

“Extremely stupid! Isn’t the time in your space at a ratio of one to a ten compared to real time?” The little rotten child bellowed to remind Su Luo.

Su Luo somewhat speechlessly scratched her hair. She really did forget it.

“What do you have to be so fierce about? If you are fierce again, then I won’t set you free later.” Su Luo humphed twice.

“Wait for you to release me, this little grandpa? I’m better off looking forward to recovering from my own injuries and letting myself out!” The little rotten child disdainfully curled his lips.

“You would look down so much on me? Am I really that lacking?” Su Luo gave a heavy snort. If she was really to argue, she was also very gifted oh.

The little rotten child sent a gloomy glance at Su Luo. Disagreeably turning his face away, he muttered to himself: “Still much weaker when compared to that person before.”

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