DKC – Chapter 746

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Chapter 746 – The final match (1)

Then, to chop off her head, and finally, slice off her flesh, piece by piece. Death by a thousand cuts!

Thinking this way, the arc at the corner of the Jade Lake’s fairy’s mouth increasingly rose.

However, just at the moment when that third creeper vine was about to whip Su Luo’s face.

“I order you to break!” Su Luo shouted explosively.

A deeply cold dagger suddenly burst out of her sleeve.

And Su Luo used mental spirit power to control this dagger from top to bottom. It cut down directly towards those coarse and thick creeper vines.

This dagger’s name was ‘Yan Hua’, she had gotten it from the imperial palace’s treasure storage pavillion.

Ever since she got it, Su Luo never actually had the opportunity to use it. Now was actually her first time using it.

It truly was worthy of being considered a most precious treasure by the Nangong imperial family. The dagger was incomparably sharp, slicing through the tough and durable creeper vines as if slicing tofu.


There was a distinct noise. Those tough and durable creeper vines split apart with a sound echoing from top to bottom, leaving a clean gash behind.

The dagger, ‘Yan Hua’, was incomparably sharp.

Su Luo quietly floated down from mid-air. Smiling a smile that wasn’t a smile, she cast a glance at the Jade Lake’s fairy: “Your wood element is also merely like this.”

A trace of rage from being humiliated emerged from the Jade Lake’s fairy’s absolutely beautiful appearance: “You’re courting death!”

During the moment the Jade Lake’s fairy was shouting this line explosively, her whole body’s spiritual strength burst out and rushed forth.

Tide-like spiritual energy moved in a wave motion around her.

The Jade Lake’s fairy’s hands trembled violently. A deeply cold, long double-edged sword, similar to a clear expanse of water, appeared in her palm.

This was a flexible double-edged sword. It was originally tied at her waist. The fairy suddenly turned the double-edged sword into an attacking weapon.

“Su Luo! Go die!” The Jade Lake’s fairy shouted explosively. Pouring spirit strength into the flexible double-edged sword in her hands, she jumped up suddenly, aggressively and viciously cutting down towards Su Luo.

It seemed as if she was bringing about a strength of fifteen thousand kilograms. In a split second, the air erupted with a sizzling noise, as if even space was shaken until it split open.

Confronted with this thunderous and violent offensive as heavy as one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms, Su Luo’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Li Yaoyao, this time, I will personally fight with you. Let’s see whether there really is an insurmountably wide gap between a beginning fifth rank and someone at the summit of the sixth rank.

The little divine dragon wanted to engage in this battle. However, earlier, Su Luo had already stuffed him back into her space and also told him to stay there nicely.

Confronted with such a strong offensive, not only did Su Luo not retreat, instead, she stepped forward half a step.

At this time, endless spirit strength was rotating and condensing within her body, then finally, surged out from her palm!

“Great Dimensional Imprint, second layer!” Su Luo’s complexion was cold and one of concentration. Her hands produced a complicated seal, finally, it suddenly exploded towards the Jade Lake’s fairy!


Su Luo’s hands produced the Great Dimensional Imprint. With incomparable accuracy, she maneuvered the Jade Lake’s fairy’s double-edged sword, that had arrived so explosively, to a stop. Her evolved Nothingness of Space stopped it in place.

At this time, that long double-edged sword was very close to Su Luo, almost piercing the space between her eyebrows.

The sharp edge was only ten centimeters away from the space between her eyebrows.

However, that double-edged sword appeared to have been fixed in place by someone, forever unable to advance even one centimeter.

Because inside that tiny piece of space in front of Su Luo, the gravity had been controlled by her.

At this time, she could only control such a tiny piece of Nothingness of Space.

It could be imagined that in the future, when her strength became formidable, she would be able to control an even larger piece of Nothingness of Space.

Every single person she saw that she didn’t like, she’d throw them into the Nothingness of Space. Only like this would it be called truly powerful!

Unfortunately, at this time, she was still too far away, unable to reach such a powerful degree.

The Jade Lake’s fairy, who was flying in mid-air, added more strength into her hands, condensing all of her spirit strength, trying to pierce through the space between Su Luo’s eyebrows with the sharp point.

However, what made her feel somewhat inconceivable was that she nearly lost control over that flexible double-edged sword.

Pierce, pierce, pierce again!

Yet, no matter what, it just could not pierce in!

The Jade Lake’s fairy’s complexion started to twitch. Her eyebrows knotted furiously: “Just what kind of tricks are you up to?”

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