DKC – Chapter 747

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Chapter 747 – The final match (2)

Su Luo cast her a glance: “Regardless of what tricks I used, being able to beat you is good enough.”

“Want to beat me? Dream on!” The Jade Lake’s fairy angrily snorted.

Didn’t know why, traces of a black aura was rotating around her body. The black rays of light rapidly rotated around her body, gathering into a formidable force.

Very clearly, this was one of her trump cards.

“Mind control!” A sinister sneer flashed across the Jade Lake’s fairy’s eyes.

A scarlet tint appeared in her eyes, when she stared at Su Luo, her eyes were glowing like fire!

Suddenly, Su Luo felt as if her head was hit by someone with a rod, like she was being smothered!

She was dazed from the pain, and her vision was blurred and hazy. She was also very dizzy.

Just when Su Luo appeared to be swaying and staggering as if drunk, the corner of the Jade Lake’s fairy’s mouth raised into a treacherous sneer.

Su Luo, next year, today, will be the anniversary of your death!

Seeing Su Luo looking like this, a satisfied smile appeared in the Jade Lake’s fairy’s eyes, then, her smiling expression suddenly tightened.

One could only see her two fists suddenly clench, stream after stream of the black light flashing through her skin.

Suddenly, a mountain peak-like black object appeared above Su Luo’s head, giving people the kind of pressure of a mountain pressing down, a feeling of reverence!

Jade Lake’s fairy held up this huge matchless black object, and ruthlessly smashed it towards Su Luo!

And Su Luo, at this moment, was being mind-controlled by Li Yaoyao, therefore, her entire person was in a daze, staggering about.

If she was smashed like this, then Su Luo would definitely be smashed into a meat patty!

Just at this extremely thrilling moment——

Su Luo subconsciously felt danger approaching, as a result, she, who was in a daze, finally opened the door to her space.

The already extremely worried little divine dragon suddenly leaped out!

One could only see the furious little divine dragon launch like a missile towards that black object!

The little divine dragon’s defense was simple so strong as to defy nature.

He directly passed through that black object which was deep as the sea and harder than mysterious black iron!

When he was penetrating through it, the little divine dragon extended his two paws and violently slapped at it!

The originally black object that was frighteningly hard was now no better than a wooden block. It directly became dust, falling and sprinkling the ground.

The Jade Lake’s fairy’s pair of eyes suddenly opened wide!

She had already anticipated that this little dragon would be difficult to deal with, but she never imagined that the dragon would be difficult to deal with to this degree!

As a result, she stared somewhat blankly for a split second.

Just when she was distracted, the little divine dragon had already shot towards her body. He extended his two sharp little paws.

He directly struck at her delicate, fair and matchless beautiful face with more than ten slaps!

The little divine dragon’s claws were incomparably sharp, and his strength was tyrannical. They could not be compared to the slaps by a human hand.

“Slap, slap, slap——”

A succession of slaps made the Jade Lake’s fairy fall back non-stop.

She tried to resist, but from the beginning, the little divine dragon had broken both of her hands. Afterwards, both of his feet stood on her chest imposingly as he slapped her without pause.

This position was comical and hilarious at the same time.

However, the strength the little divine dragon used to slap her was not a bit weak.

The wind from a slap flew by and would bring about a bloody mist.

After throwing more than ten slapps in a row, he had directly scratched the Jade Lake’s fairy’s extremely-beautiful-to-be-otherworldly face to become full of bloody scars. An appealing sight of devastation.

Finally, the little divine dragon very fiercely kicked her in the chest, using that momentum to do a flip in the air, and flew to Su Luo’s shoulder.

Due to the Jade Lake’s fairy being thrashed by the little divine dragon, therefore, she didn’t have the energy to control Su Luo. As a result, now, Su Luo was already clear-headed.

Su Luo shook her head, and gladly let go of a deep breath.

She reached out to rub the little divine dragon’s soft little head. This time, at the critical moment, if it was not for his help, she would have already become a meat patty by now.

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