DKC – Chapter 729

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Chapter 729 – The competition continues (2)

But, seeing the beaming Elder Beichen standing by Beichen Ying’s side, his complexion became ashen, and just like Li Aoqiong, he turned his face away.

With skill not as good as theirs, what could they do?!

Li Aoqiong glared at Su Luo with a raging inferno burning in his eyes. He wished he could rush up to skin her alive and pull out all of her tendons!

If it wasn’t for this loathsome girl, how could he have ended up in his current disgraceful state!

As if at this moment, Su Luo had the time to care if Li Aoqiong was angry?

She was biting on her brush. She’d thought for quite a while but still could not recall the answers to the last three questions.

She remembered that at that time, she was memorizing until it became hazy. Finally exhausted, she fell asleep…


Managing to catch the insight that flashed through her brain, Su Luo’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She remembered that time when she was memorizing the books, she had put away all of them. Now, they were all lying quietly and still inside her space.

Her soul could enter her space oh!

Was there a more open method of cheating than this? This definitely was the most awesome way to cheat on earth!

Those that depended on mobile phones to pass the answers around or what not were simply pathetic. Come on, you can’t deny it!

Saying to do it, then just do it!

Su Luo used one hand to support her forehead and pretended to doze off. Her soul had long since run into her space and was busily opening books.

Fortunately, she had already flipped through all of these books. Very quickly, Su Luo found the answer she wanted.

Consequently, Su Luo, who had found the answer, lowered her head and wrote at a tremendous speed. With swishing swift brush strokes, she started to write.

With a wave of her brush, she continued.

Then again, in passing, her brush stopped.

One question was completed.

When the Jade Lake’s fairy, who had been paying close attention to Su Luo since the start, saw her finish one question so quickly, she couldn’t help but to be somewhat distracted.

Just a moment ago, she had clearly seen this loathsome girl dozing off. In her heart, she was feeling disdainful. Then unexpectedly, Su Luo sat up and filled the entire empty space for that question.

She must have concocted a cock-and-bull story! For sure!

The Jade Lake’s fairy thought like this in her heart.

However, what made her depressed was that, after she was finished answering the question, Su Luo, that loathsome girl, actually supported her forehead with one hand and started to doze off again.

After dozing for a moment, she would suddenly sit up again and begin to write with swift brush sounds at a tremendous speed.

It was like, when she was dozing off, an extremely strong expert would give her the correct answer in her dream.

At this time, it was not just Jade Lake’s fairy, even the spectators in the surrounding circle were all confounded by Su Luo’s cramping-like actions.

However, how could they possibly know that Su Luo was actually a space system mage? Furthermore, that she would so openly plagiarise in front of everyone?

At this time, the Jade Lake’s fairy only had one final question left.

But, this question was actually extremely difficult. It could be said that only an Elite Apothecary had a grasp on this knowledge.

As an Advanced Apothecary, she felt this was a strenuous question that was to be expected.

But, she was also secretly rejoicing in her heart.

At first, in order to get close to Grandmaster Rong Yun, she had memorized countless volumes of uninteresting and cryptic books on Apothecary theory and knowledge.

Although at that time, she did not get to use it. Now, she this just so happened to be in a favourable position to use her skills.

However… Su Luo, that insignificant lowly Elementary Apothecary, how could she possibly understand an Elite Apothecary’s theoretical knowledge? This time, she was going to win for sure!

The Jade Lake’s fairy swept a disdainful glance at Su Luo. Afterwards, she lowered her head and began to write.

At this time, Su Luo similarly also had one huge question left.

This question involved many points of knowledge. From drug theory, medicinal herbs to the techniques of refining medicines. The control of heat using fire required all kinds of accuracy and data.

Under the attentive gazes of so many pairs of eyes, Su Luo was running in and out of her space. While flipping through the books, she would place them side by side, to master the subject by thoroughly comprehending the surrounding areas…

In the end, the Jade Lake’s fairy had written voluminously, filling up more than half a page. When she happily arrived at an answer——

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