DKC – Chapter 728

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Chapter 728 – The competition continues (1)

Don’t even mention solving the problem, very likely, just seeing the question, she won’t be able to understand it.

Jade Lake’s fairy cast a disdainful glance at Su Luo. She sneered secretly inside her heart, then lowered her head to answer the questions.

She quickly wrote the words with swift brush strokes, in order to cause more psychological pressure for Su Luo.

At this time, Su Luo really did feel somewhat pressured.

From top to bottom, Su Luo specifically picked out the topics she could answer and did those first. After that, looking at the last three topics, she was stunned.

She was a little bit familiar with these questions.

Dragon tongue grass, Wishful fragrant orchid and twenty-one other similar types of herbal medicine mixed together. After simmering and by boiling for four hours, place it in….

What was it placed in?

This was clearly in the category of Advanced Apothecary knowledge.

Su Luo still remembered that the previous night, she even memorized this. Only, at that time, she was too tired, with her entire brain swelling up. So, what she remembered was somewhat fuzzy.

Out of the corner of Su Luo’s eye. she looked towards the Jade Lake’s fairy.

At this time, she was writing at a tremendously fast speed.

The examination paper before her, that was originally blank and white, was now densely-packed with finely written work in small, regular script. It appeared exceedingly refined.

What to do? Could it be that she was really going to lose to her?

Su Luo grabbed at her hair in distress.

At this time, the Jade Lake’s fairy just so happened to raise her head and look towards Su Luo. Seeing Su Luo’s tagging-ear-and-scratching-cheek appearance, traces of a cynical look flashed through her eyes.

Too obscure! She, Su Luo, was actually looked down upon!

Su Luo came across the Jade Lake’s fairy disdainful gaze and her thoughts suddenly got fired up.

She definitely would not be looked down by that woman.

In the throne room, there was a distance of two metres between Su Luo’s and the Jade Lake’s fairy’s two tables.

With them in the center, the surrounding five metres were all cleared out.

Now, the people standing outside the five meter range were full of interest as they watched the two people answering questions.

The Jade Lake’s fairy was completely concentrating on writing at a tremendous speed. She was in glowing spirits and her face was full of self-confidence.

In contrast, Su Luo was tagging her ear one minute, then scratching her cheek another minute. Then, another moment, she was looking to the east and then west of her. At one glance, one could tell that this child could not answer the question.

Seeing Su Luo looking like this, the corner of Li Aoqiong’s mouth raised to form a sneer. He laughed coldly, “The ugly duckling actually dares to compete with a swan? Simply overestimating one’s abilities.”

Seeing Su Luo like this, Beichen Ying really wanted to fly up there to take her place. Now, hearing the mockery in what Li Aoqiong said, immediately, he became furious.

His long arm fished around and grabbed hold of Li Aoqiong’s collar, lifting him off the ground: “Who is the ugly duckling and who is the white swan? If you don’t know how to talk, then just shut your mouth!”

Finished speaking, he threw Li Aoqiong to the side in passing.

That agile movement, and that cold, imposing manner, was simply too cool!

Li Aoqiong, who was so casually picked up then randomly cast aside, almost fell down.

Originally, he was not this weak.

It was more accurate to say, that originally, among the younger generation, he was either number one or number two. Therefore, he usually considered himself to be an important person who led.

Yet, right now, he was actually lifted up and cast aside by Beichen family’s loathsome boy?

He had just lost a lot of face.

At this time, many people used strange gazes to look at the staggering Li Aoqiong. The surroundings were quiet and silent.

In this noiseless silence, the many pairs of eyes with strange expressions nearly made Li Aoqiong go insane.

“What are you looking at! Careful or I’ll dig all of your eyes out!” Li Aoqiong bellowed from being flustered.

The crowd of civil and military officials all silently turned their faces away. But their hearts, with regards to this young master from the Jade Lake’s Li family who usually showed off his military strength, observed that he had certainly dropped a level.

At this moment, Li Aoqiong’s eyes were shooting flames as he glared at Beichen Ying. However, Beichen, this child, had his face lifted in silent provocation.

“What? Want to fight?” The current Li Aoqiong was so weak that he could deal with him with just a fingertip.

Li Aoqiong gritted his back teeth. The veins on his forehead were protruding, ready to explode. The hands at his side were clenched tightly into fists. But ultimately, he still turned his face away in indignation.

Li Yaoxiang had originally wanted to vent Li Aoqiong’s anger for him.

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