DKC – Chapter 723

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Chapter 723 Rong Yun’s bias (10)

In the end, Anye Ming summed it up in one sentence: “All the books are here. Sister-in-law, you must make a hasty last-minute effort to quickly memorize these books.”

“We are going now!”

Just as he finished speaking, they immediately dispersed in a confusing manner and disappeared with incomparable speed.

Seeing them come and disappear without a trace, Su Luo suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry.

After Su Luo had opened the three sacks and stacked the books up on top of each other, she was simply about to cry…..

What the heck do you call this….

So many books…..

When these damned books were stacked up, they actually were the same height as her!!!

To ask her to finish reading all these books within ten days? She would also need to memorize it? Might as well take a knife to directly kill her to forget about it.

No wonder Beichen Ying and the three of them slipped away faster than a rabbit. It seemed that they also knew this was forcing her to do something extremely difficult.

“Awooo, awooo——” The little divine dragon cutely laid at Su Luo’s feet.

As if he felt Su Luo’s gloomy mood, at this moment, he seemed especially cute.

Afterwards, he meekly took out a crystal stone from the brocade pouch around his neck and gave it to Su Luo.

This was a piece of purple-colored crystal stone.

He had always especially treasured it. Now, he actually specifically took it out to give it to Su Luo.

How considerate of him, her treasured darling. Su Luo, with one move, hugged the little divine dragon to her and rubbed his little head.

“Awoo, awoo——” The little divine dragon insisted on giving Su Luo the purple-colored crystal stone.

Su Luo declined a few times without success. However, right now, she also did not have a use for the purple-colored crystal stone. As a result, she placed it inside her space.

Su Luo, holding the little divine dragon, was resigned to her fate. She was about to pick up a book to read, when suddenly, Su Luo felt her brain aching from whiplash.

In the beginning, it was only a slight throbbing pain.

Afterwards, it slowly intensified, and sharply intensified…..

Until the end, even Su Luo’s type of strong perseverance nearly crumbled.

Su Luo felt a burst of darkness come from an attack, and she sunk into darkness that was like a pool of mud…..

When Su Luo woke up, it was already the early morning of the second day.

When her drowsy eyes opened, Su Luo realized that something was different about her body.

When she probed her space, unexpectedly, she discovered that her space had undergone a huge transformation!

It was not merely that her space had become bigger.

Rather, it was time that changed!!!

Su Luo discovered that the time in her space was faster than time in reality by tenfold.

This astonishing discovery simply made her wild with joy.

What did she lack the most right now? It was time!

Ask her to finish reading that pile of books as tall as her in ten days, it was absolutely impossible.

However, after the time in her space had sped up, she actually had an equivalent to a hundred days of time. She believed that based on her ability to remember and not forget, plus hard work, there was still a glimmer of hope for her to finish reading these books.

Only, this space didn’t get upgraded earlier or later. Why did it get upgraded at a time when she urgently needed it the most?

Suddenly, Su Luo’s eyes lit up.

She remembered!

Before, because the little divine dragon had given her the purple-colored crystal stone, and she, in passing, placed it in her space. Just because of this, the characteristics of her space had transformed.

Thinking up to here, Su Luo couldn’t help but to start to laugh heartily.

That piece of crystal stone was actually the one obtained from the Li family.

At that time, the little divine dragon simply did not swallow it. It was because he knew that right now, he could not bear the frantic surge of the spirit energy from a purple-colored crystal stone.

So, at that time he had tossed in a green-colored crystal stone that Su Luo had given him as a backup and not the purple-colored crystal stone.

If Li Yaoyao knew that her family’s purple-colored crystal stone actually was such a huge help to Su Luo, don’t know if she would fall down after being angered until she went insane.

Su Luo happily lifted up the little divine dragon and kissed him.

“Good child, quickly go back inside the space to cultivate.” The time inside her space was effective for Su Luo, naturally, it was also effective for the little divine dragon. Moreover, the cultivation speed inside was much faster.

Probably, very quickly, the master and servant duo would become strong!

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