DKC – Chapter 724

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Chapter 724 – Second round of the match (1)

Even though Su Luo had an extra one hundred days of time, but with regards to her, it was still not enough time.

After all, when these knowledge were stacked together, they were as tall as her.

It’s also not like reading a novel that could be read very quickly.

These books, each and every one of them, with regards to Su Luo, this greenhorn who just entered apothecary studies, was too obscure to understand.

But, no matter what, what needed to be memorized still needed to be memorized. What needed to be comprehended, still needed to be comprehended.

Su Luo picked up a book, and discovered it was 《The analysis and prescription of hundreds of types of herbal medicinal plants》.

Inside, there was a drawing of every kind of herbal medicinal plants. It seemed intuitive and clear, on the side, was also a long paragraph of introduction in small letters.

Since Su Luo had already entered the competition, then she would absolutely not be easily defeated.

Need to memorize it, then she’ll just memorize it.

A really thick book with more than one hundred pages. With regards to Su Luo, this kind of person that lacked a good foundation, a child merely depending on memorization, so to speak, was still very difficult.

Moreover, not only did Su Luo need to skim it and recite it, she still needed to master the subject and its surrounding areas.

In just such a short time of ten days, she needed to finish walking the path that other people took ten years to complete.

The difficulties within was simply too hard to imagine.

Even with Su Luo’s highly retentive memory that wouldn’t forget, memorizing things very quickly, she still had to work hard for an entire night. To stubbornly memorize the entire book, word by word of 《The analysis and prescribing of hundreds types of herbal medicinal plants》

The second day, Su Luo, with two black circles around her eyes, once again began to memorize the second book 《The methods to enter the doorway to be an Intermediate Apothecary》.

The third day, the drowsy Su Luo tried to shake her head and mind to memorize the third book《The analysis of regions with uncommon medicinal plants》

The fourth day….

Even though Su Luo was extremely tired, but everyday, she would memorize a book no matter what happened.

Through several tens of days of memorization, Su Luo’s brain had already turned into paste….so dizzy and confused, as if at anytime, her brain would explode.

Memorizing later on, Su Luo vomited from memorizing.

But she continued memorized while vomiting, Su Luo was absorbing each and every one of those books completely.

In the wake of the books piling up by her feet becoming more and more, the books that were originally put in her space became less and less.

Su Luo, since the beginning, had tossed the book aside after memorizing it….until later when Su Luo was buried in an ocean of books.

Until the last day, when Su Luo wobbled memorized the last sentence. Her entire body was so tired as to be paralyzed in her space and she directly lost consciousness, going to sleep.

Tired, too tired.

It must be made aware that these books were not just any ordinary books. Every one of them was as thick as the ocean, all were densely packed with words…Also, fortunately, after Su Luo used the strength of her space, the regions of her brain opened up. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to complete this task.

Everyone believed that Su Luo’s theoretical knowledge had stayed at the Elementary Apothecary level. In fact, Su Luo’s theoretical knowledge, right now, had completely turned over a new leaf.

Outside, she merely endured ten days, but Su Luo, in her space, had already passed one hundred days.

During these one hundred days, besides Su Luo memorizing, she still memorized. She stubbornly stuffed those one hundred books into her head, stuffed until it was completely full. It was as if just one extra word would make her brain overflow.

Now, who dared to say the word book in front of her, she would absolutely spit out blood that would cover his entire face.

Because she really felt injured from memorizing…Her entire brain had become paste. Her pupils looked like a hypnotic spiral.

In the throne room, Grandmaster Rong Yun was dressed in an elegant robe. On the Chinese-style robe was embroidered several light and pure bamboos with silver thread. He was graceful, pure and cold with jet-black eyes that were shining with obsidian-like light. He looked down with a profoundly mysterious gaze.

He sat high up in the master position. Even though he didn’t speak nor move, but his entire body issued an exceptionally lofty, sharp aura. It made other people who saw him feel inferior.

The Jade Lake’s Li family, like always, were separated from others, standing in their place firmly.

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