DKC – Chapter 718

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Chapter 718 – Rong Yun’s Bias (5)

Li Yaoyao’s pair of beautiful eyes ignited with a raging inferno, itching to burn Su Luo until not even ashes were left.


She originally thought that this time, her victory was assured. However, who would have known that halfway through, Su Luo, that busybody, jumped out unexpectedly to disrupt her plans. If Grandmaster Rong Yun was a person who would love Su Luo because of the little divine dragon, then her position would be in danger!

Jade Lake’s fairy could not endure it anymore and took a step forward. She bowed to make her salutations to Grandmaster Rong Yun: “What Great Master said is naturally correct. However… how will the outcome of this match be determined now?”

That’s right, there was no definite proof of how many pieces of crystal stones the little divine dragon had grabbed.

From the start till she presented the items, only the Jade Lake’s Li family knew how many pieces were inside, others could not have known of this.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression remained unperturbed: “Then, let’s regard this as you having submitted seven pieces.”

These words, when heard, sounded uncomfortable ah…. What do you mean by just regard as …. It was obviously seven. Now, it seemed as if she had been given and took huge advantages… Li Yaoyao became so depressed that she nearly vomited out blood.

She just knew that running into this accursed little divine dragon, nothing good ever happened.

However, because she knew Grandmaster Rong Yun liked the little divine dragon, therefore, the corner of Li Yaoyao’s mouth squeezed out a smile.

Since she already received his words, the Jade Lake’s fairy naturally would not foolishly argue over this. Her eyes carried a smile, and with a nod, she stepped down.

Since Grandmaster had said she submitted seven pieces, then now, it’s time to see what Su Luo, this slut, has.
If she could not submit seven pieces, even if her little spirit pet was clever, so what? Wasn’t it still a loss?

At this moment, everybody’s gaze was concentrated on Su Luo’s body.

Yet, Su Luo’s expression really was somewhat enigmatic.

Ten minutes had passed, the little Amethyst Fish in her space finally started to spit out bubbles.

Su Luo watched with rapt attention.

It’s coming out, coming out…..

Su Luo secretly encouraged the little Amethyst Fish in her heart. Hoping that it could, at the most crucial point and by all means, strive for the purple-colored crystal stone.

However….the matter that made her depressed still ended up happening.

During this most critical moment, the little Amethyst Fish actually spat out ——a red-colored crystal stone!

Su Luo was itching to pick it up on the spot and spank its bottom.

This child was truly too disappointing. At the most crucial moment, it screwed up.

Even if it was not a purple-colored crystal stone, shouldn’t it at least be a blue-colored crystal stone? But no, it directly spat out the lowest ranked red-colored crystal stone. Su Luo didn’t even want to speak to it.

The Jade Lake’s fairy saw Su Luo’s face become disappointed, the corner of her mouth then raised into a smile that was not a smile: “Miss Su, time is already up. Even if you were to continue to delay, Beichen Ying still would not arrive.”

Su Luo’s eyes flashed with a cold thought.
If Beichen Ying had rushed towards the imperial palace, then it means that he had already found a purple-colored crystal stone. However, the Jade Lake’s Li family had already arranged for strong experts to block the road he must take.

They could not harm Beichen Ying excessively, after all, he was still a member of the Beichen Palace. However, blocking him and not letting him enter the Imperial Palace, this was already enough.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s indifferent gaze shot towards Su Luo, the meaning in his eyes was very clear.

Just at this extremely urgent juncture, Su Luo felt that her own palm had an extra crystal stone. The thick spiritual energy was clearly that of a purple-colored crystal stone!

Su Luo took a furtive glance and saw the little divine dragon covering his little mouth, laughing.

Seeing Su Luo looking over, the little divine dragon shyly covered his little face. He turned around and proceeded to roll into Su Luo’s sleeves, rolling about and acting bashful.

Clenching that purple-colored crystal stone, Su Luo’s heart simply burst with joy.


Because the little divine dragon could not bring out a purple-colored crystal stone from out of nowhere. Then, this crystal stone was definitely the one from the Jade Lake’s Li Family.

Everybody had already walked into a misconception.

They had all thought the little divine dragon had already swallowed that purple-colored crystal stone.

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