DKC – Chapter 719

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Chapter 719 – Rong Yun’s bias (6)

As a result, Li Yaoxiang did not even mention the matter of searching for it.

Who could have imagined that the little divine dragon had only swallowed one blue-colored crystal stone and that the purple-colored crystal stone still remained in his paw. Now, it just so happened to resolve Su Luo’s worry.

A cold smile streaked across Su Luo’s heart.

Didn’t Li Yaoyao use every possible means to stop Beichen Ying from delivering the purple crystal stone?

Now, it could be considered that the Jade Lake’s Li Family’s purple-colored crystal stone had actually helped her out greatly.

Su Luo took out the brocade sack she had already prepared earlier. She took advantage of the moment when people were not paying attention to slip the purple-colored crystal stone into the brocade sack.

Apothecary Leng personally came down to take the brocade sack. Afterwards, he personally passed it into Grandmaster Rong Yun’s hands.

Apothecary Leng retreated a step and mockingly cast Li Yaoxiang a glance.

What evil idea this person had, who wouldn’t know? Who to learn from, why must he learn from that family’s little divine dragon? Thought of intercepting halfway? He was already at such an age and still not afraid of losing face.

However, Apothecary Leng had personally come down to receive it, so Li Yaoxiang did not have an opportunity to act.

Seeing this, Li Yaoxiang hatefully glared at Apothecary Leng and then turned his face away.

However, he was not worried, in any case, Su Luo, that loathsome girl, could not bring out a purple-colored crystal stone.

Grandmaster Rong Yun opened the brocade sack and lightly swept a glance. If you looked carefully, you would have noticed his eyebrows wrinkle slightly for a split second.

He raised his head, his deep eyes shooting towards Su Luo. The meaning in its depths, others could not understood, but Su Luo clearly understood.

Su Luo’s eyes contained a smile, her expression was unperturbed and at ease. She calmly welcomed Grandmaster Rong Yun’s gaze that examined her.

Even though her strength was lacking, she still had a lot of self-confidence.

Grandmaster Rong Yun sized up Su Luo with a glance, then moved his gaze away.

“Crash——” Grandmaster Rong Yun picked up the brocade sack and poured out the pile of crystal stones inside.

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple!

Unexpectedly, it was seven pieces and seven colors!

She was even able to find the most precious purple-colored crystal stone!

Everybody stared in a daze at the pile of crystal stones on the table, so excited that they almost trembled.

What was wrong with this world?

Even this kind of insignificant daughter of a concubine from Su family could conveniently bring out a purple-colored crystal stone?

This was absolutely, absolutely impossible!

Could it be that the Su family had another treasure storage?

At this moment, in the minds of many people, a different thought was secretly born.

At this moment, Emperor Jing was dumbfoundedly looking at that piece of purple-colored crystal stone. For a long time, he could not return to reality……

He looked at that piece of purple-colored crystal stone, and then looked at Su Luo again. The words Nangong Liuyun said before he left resurfaced in his mind.

He said: No matter what incredible things happen on Su Luo’s body, you should not be too amazed….

The decrepit Emperor Jing dropped back on the Imperial Throne. At this moment, he actually was slightly rejoicing that he had not gone to the Jade Lake’s Li Family to conclude the marriage.

“This is wrong. That piece of purple-colored crystal stone…..” Li Aoqiong’s words hadn’t finished.

But the little divine dragon, who was already guarding by the side of the table, was then seen with his paw as quick as lightning, grabbing that purple-colored crystal stone and stuffing it into his mouth.

He even accompanied it with a ‘gulp’ sound, as he swallowed the crystal stone into his stomach.

As everyone knows, this move was called destroying the corpse and wiping out all traces.

Originally, Li Aoqiong’s words were too subtle and unclear, nobody could understand it. However, matching it with the little divine dragon’s covering up action, that made it more obvious…..

Everybody all recalled the matter from before when the little divine dragon grabbed the crystal stones.

As a result, everybody all nodded their heads, having clearly understood.

That’s right, how could Su Manor be able to bring out a purple-colored crystal stone. This purple crystal stone was clearly the one from the Jade Lake’s Li family…..

Li Aoqiong was so angry that his face became black: “Great Master, that piece of purple-colored crystal stone clearly was the one from Jade Lake’s Li family’s! She cheated!”

Li Aoqiong pointed at Su Luo with a sinister and fierce gaze, wishing he could choke Su Luo to death.

Su Luo’s expression was calm like unperturbed water as she cast him a glance: “Do you have evidence?”

Even if what you said was correct, if you do not have any evidence, then it would be of no use.

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