DKC – Chapter 711

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Chapter 711 – The matter of accepting a disciple (11)

Each and every one of them were well-known apothecaries in Eastern Ling Empire. The lowest level among them was an Intermediate Apothecary, but now, they had lost to an Elementary Apothecary. How could you ask them to endure this?

Even more so, they basically didn’t understand, why did Grandmaster Rong Yun allow that girl to pass the qualifying round?

Compared to other people, Emperor Jing was even more shocked.

Now, his entire body sat stiffly on the dragon throne, his expression when looking at Su Luo was extremely complex.

At this moment, the words Nangong Liuyun said to him before leaving appeared in his mind.

He said that on Su Luo’s body, you should not be astonished at anything that was impossible occurring with regards to Su Luo. It was because she just happened to have that kind of good luck. If he dared to make it difficult for Su Luo, wait until he came back, he would tear the entire empire into pieces. These were the exact words Nangong Liuyun said.

Emperor Jing also remembered that when Nangong Liuyun said these words, inside the room, it was enveloped in icy frost, the temperature had dropped below freezing point. It gave him the illusion of being able to see the Grim Ripper.

Emperor Jing continued to look at Su Luo with a foolish expression, with great difficulty, he swallowed some saliva.

So many Intermediate Apothecaries and Advanced Apothecaries were all looked down by Grandmaster Rong Yun to such a degree. But Su Luo, this tiny, lowly Elementary Apothecary, actually….made it past the qualifying round?

If this wasn’t luck, then what was it?

“Your Majesty, do you want to go to the Jade Lake’s Li family….” The head court eunuch secretly suggested to Emperor Jing.

Just a moment ago, Emperor Jing had already instructed people to prepare the betrothal gift. Now, the betrothal gift had been prepared properly, it was time to send the betrothal gifts.

This kind of matter needed to be done early, it was inadvisable for it to be delayed.

At this moment, Emperor Jing’s mind was in chaos, very much tangled up. Momentarily, he didn’t know what to do that would be best.

He thought about it, and he still decided to stay put. Wait until Grandmaster Rong Yun had picked the real disciple, then discuss it. In this way, he wouldn’t be wrong again.

At that time, sending the betrothal gifts to Jade Lake’s Li family, surely Nangong Liuyun would understand.

“Had better….wait again.” Waiting until the results were out was bound to be the safest.

Emperor Jing did not believe Su Luo could win, rather it was because he trusted in Nangong Liuyun’s vision.

This kind of news always spread very quickly.

Before Su Luo even returned to the manor, this news were like a virus spreading to and within Su Manor.

Originally, Su Zian had believed that Su Luo going to the throne room would become a laughingstock. Currently, he was extremely worried about this, but suddenly, he heard such good news spreading from outside. Immediately, he was completely stupefied.

What? Su Luo actually made it past the qualifying round?

And also, she was chosen after Grandmaster Rong Yun had looked down on many Intermediate and Advanced Apothecaries. Moreover, Su Luo did all this in a situation where she arrived late. She could even pass this way? Why would the heavens be this generous to her!

In the end, just how many secrets had this girl concealed from him?

First, she hid her light under a bushel to secretly cultivate.

Afterwards, she firmly concealed her identity as an Apothecary.

If it was not for Grandmaster Rong Yun accepting a disciple at this time, very likely, he, as her father, wouldn’t even know until the next lifetime that his daughter was actually an Apothecary.

Watching for Su Luo to return to the manor, Su Zian originally wanted to immediately go up and welcome her.

However, he thought a bit and felt that way would lose too much of his dignity and airs as a father. As a result, he gave a slight cough and sat properly in the great hall, waiting for Su Luo to pay her respects to him.

However, he waited left and right, and still could not see Su Luo returning after all the waiting.

Didn’t the servants say that this loathsome girl had returned to the manor? For more than half a day, even if she had crawled, she would still have been able to crawl from the gate to this great hall.

Su Zian held back his expression and glared at the steward who had arrived in a hurry: “Where is the Fourth Miss? Why is it that I still haven’t seen her come over?”

An awkward expression flashed across the steward’s eyes: “ Fourth, Fourth Miss directly returned to her Wisteria courtyard…”

In other words, Su Zian sitting here waiting was his own wishful thinking?

Su Zian’s complexion immediately dropped and became gloomy.

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